Episodes – 15
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Typesetting – ANE (Modified qIIq)
Dialogue – Koharubi (1-12, Re-styled, Modified), pem (13-15, Re-styled, Heavily Modified)
Commentary – R1 (Modified)
Outside Sources – CoalMayoi (Various TS, 4.5-15, Nyaaification 11-15)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

The full changelog can be found here.

637 Responses to Bakemonogatari

  1. Anonymouse writes:

    @mtm: Thank you very much. So it IS optional. I’ll keep it in mind.

  2. coalgirl writes:

    Sorry for the hold up, there was some TS issues in episode 5 that took a while to get fixed. 3-5 should be out Saturday or Sunday.

  3. Tyler writes:

    > lot of things need to be done in ANE

    • coalgirl writes:

      Many times, there was shaking typesetting. ANE did not do this in their original. They started work on a v2 with the shaking, but only did so for episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 1/2 of 5. I am attempting to get a version with full shakes for every sign, but it all depends on the typesetter, not me.

  4. NKB writes:

    Is this going to be better than ANE’s version? Are you re-re-encoding it currently or is it just typsetting issues?

  5. Tyler writes:

    Also, do look at Eva’s comments once.

  6. Tyler writes:

    Are you re-re-encoding this or something or are you just fixing the subs?
    Also, will it be better than ANE?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yes, I am re-re-encoding it and fixing the subs. Better than ANE, if the typesetter comes through, yes definitely. If not, it’s up to you to decide.

  7. Cont3mpo writes:

    Coalgirl, when compress FLAC, do you use level 0, the default (5), or level 8?

  8. coldhell writes:
    Video is not fixed…. What is the point in re-encoding then?

    • coalgirl writes:

      The aliasing problem is more of a marker that this show is not really 1080p. However, in Nise I found that removing the aliasing tended to destroy more than it fixed, and was best left alone.

  9. Dhruv writes:

    I don’t like Kanbaru as well. Highfive.

  10. coldhell writes:

    No, not exactly aliasing, it is just bad NearestNeighbour algorithm (the zooming in the anime, not the BD)… even simple “your version->900p->1080p” fixes the problem (light AA+WS are optional) , with BD source it should be probably even better. It is not big problem since it can be filtered on playback like I did with v1/2, but it still hurts alot :<

    • coalgirl writes:

      Resizing to 900p and back to 1080p is not an acceptable solution. If you do that, any chance that the anime is native 1080p is lost, and you’re better off releasing it at 900p.

  11. AAA writes:

    I’m confused. What’s the difference with the new ones that are still ongoing and the old ones?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Better typesetting, consistency with my Neko/Nise, various error fixes, patch style commentary, commentary subs. It’s all around a better release and you should get it if you want to archive my release.

  12. IZEROII writes:

    ANE died a while ago right? Every once and a while I plug in their old URL but it be dead. I think I will update to this version at batch time for the sake of the tweaked subs that ANE never finished unfortunately.

  13. NKB writes:

    Who is the typesetter anyway? I thought Coalgirls = ChrisK+Kristen+Cyrus+Tenshi

  14. Sayer writes:

    ZERO! Haven’t seen that username pop up in ages man, do you still visit AP?

    I’m in the same boat about ANE, they’re definitely dead. Too bad they couldn’t just announce it.

  15. mtm writes:

    kanbaru w/ long hair owns!
    what ever are you talking about, sir willis?

  16. IZEROII writes:

    Sayer! I remember you as well!. I unfortunately don’t stomp around AP anymore. I’m sure the community is still doing well. Good times. Catch me on MAL however

  17. K writes:

    I have to disagree with you. Kanbaru is not ugly and plus she also has her own charm..

  18. NisemonogatariBD writes:

    yeah because girls with a monkeypaw are so damn sexy :E

  19. Dhruv writes:

    “Oops, did I just leak that?” should come in the next line.

  20. ferg writes:

    doing S2 GREAT

  21. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    Whose subs are you using for Oreimo s2?

  22. fake-tp7 writes:

    To everyone who are claiming ANE is dead. The answer is No. We are doing Nekomonogatari and Nichijou. Though I have to say, you can give up hopes on Bakemono v2 subs.

  23. Rigatuso writes:

    Thank you for your hard work. I really like your releases. Once again, thanks.

  24. jindo90 writes:

    Typos @ ep6, ED, 22:57
    “vampire/ioiita” => “vampire loli” ?
    I guess this is a mistake from the localized sub?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yeah, commentary OCR error I didn’t catch. As I said in the original post, commentaries are presented as is unless there is a major error, so it’s not going to be fixed.

  25. Richard writes:

    5 reasons to always choose Coalgirls:

    *Realistic size/quality ratio
    *Always japanese audio with the best available english subs
    *FLAC, for those of us old enough to remember when music wasn’t played in 128kbit
    *720p or 1080p versions whenever they’re justified
    *Play-all functions with and/or without OPED

  26. Anon writes:

    >FLAC, for those of us old enough to remember when music wasn’t played in 128kbit
    ~192+ kbps vorbis/ACC is transparent for the vast majority of audio, but yeah FLAC is better for achival purposes, people won’t hear any real difference though

  27. IZEROII writes:

    fake-tp7 what is your url if that’s legit

  28. Kuroneko-Sama writes:

    I Wanna ask, What the Different Between the Old and the New Torrent?

    I Read in some of You’re Previous Comment you say It’s just Improvement in Subs, But i Realise there’s about 200MB Different between the Old and the new ones.

    is The Video Improve too?

    if Not can i ask the file ASS. only?

    Sorry for My Bad English.^^

  29. BOB writes:

    If i don’t download the ending and preview will there be no ending or preview or opening on the vids?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Previews are optional. Endings aren’t. You need the ending files or it will just skip the ending.

  30. BOB writes:

    and if it is how do i put them in the vids?

  31. Michiri writes:

    It’s me or part one has no OP file?

  32. Mr Lover Lover writes:

    Any informations on when the last few episodes will be done? Would like to archive these and currently I’m checking this page every day ^^
    thank you so much for your great work

  33. ProfessorOak writes:

    Thank you for doing this. Also, I know I’m going to sound like an idiot, but how do you get the episodes to play with the commentaries?

    • coalgirl writes:

      You go to the commentary folder and double click on commentary.bat. Run the episode you want.

      Not hard.

  34. Kintrex writes:

    Holy Jesus Nadeko is so damn adorable.

  35. Me writes:

    Could i ask, why did you do Bakemonogatari?? As Thoranime have already released it, sometime ago, and their release was fine?

    • coalgirl writes:

      You mean their incomplete release that was only done in 1080p with lossy audio using qIIq for subs when I preferred Koharubi?

  36. yamyam writes:

    I appreciate your work for this series.
    With the release of 11-13, there is only one disc left, correct?

  37. ibot writes:

    Is the aliasing problem present in the 720p releases?

  38. ibot writes:

    I really love the Koharubi subs, btw. Only reason I hated the ANE release. qIIq lacked personality.

  39. dracolich101 writes:

    Hi folks. So i recently downloaded the show, watched through all of it and enjoyed it. So, now i’d like to watch it with commentaries, but i’m having trouble figuring out how it’s done. I did see Coalgirl’s response to a fellow above me, where it was said that you need to enter a commentary folder and launch the .bat file found there. Only problem is, there is no commentary folder, and everything related to the commentaries, which is a bunch of flac files, is placed in the same folder as the episodes themselves. So now i have two questions.
    1. How do i merge the visuals with the commentary?
    2. Where do i find the subs? I can’t for the love of me find the subs anywhere, not in the episodes themselves, not in the flac files, and not as separate files in the folder.

    I’m sorry if this has been asked a ton before, but i checked through all the comments several times, without finding a response which could help me.

  40. GGAtty writes:

    Each torrent has a subfolder, the name of which corresponds with that torrent.

    Each of those folders has a “commentary.bat” file.

  41. liteRed writes:

    I downloaded the first two episodes to check out how the commentary subs are, but for some reason the commentary episodes stop at a seemingly random point, and then skip right to the ending. I have not renamed or moved around any of the files, and I just ran the batch program. Should I just redownload, or is there a way to make them play properly?

  42. Blah writes:

    Anyone else getting the dialogue lines in episode 12 in Arial instead of the actual font?

  43. Risq writes:

    @Sal: Care to explain the difference to an average human being like myself?

  44. Sal writes:


    Coalgirls has banding (look at the hair, shadow under hair etc.) and more noise (look at any of the solid colors; shadow, eyes, skin) than the ANE release.

  45. coalgirl writes:

    Well, let me make a statement.

    I am not a targetter. What I mean by that is someone who looks at someone else’s release, and specifically works to make it better in some specific way. These type of people do exist. Revo is a very good example of one of these – he’ll re-encode a show 100 times to look better than another group. Commie did the same thing with Nekomonogatari. Their encode was perfectly fine, but they redid it for the simple reason that it looked worse than mine. Vivid is doing the same thing with The World God Only Knows – abandoning their localization principals to add in a second unlocalized track in order to try and steal downloads from Chihiro and/or CMS. Just a hint – any time you see a localized and unlocalized track, the group is either trying to make a statement, or is trying to steal downloads.

    My reason for redoing this is simple. Our original version was horrible, but we are the only consistent release out there. Is my encode better than my old one? By miles. Is it better than ANE? Eh, I guess ANE has a better encode, but you can’t really blame me. tp7 pretty much repaints frames.

    Then again, I guess you could ask – would you rather have that bit of banding you pointed out that is on screen for 0.2 seconds, or would you rather have typesettings that shakes with the signs, subbed commentary, and easily customizable playability options?

    Edit – Well, your follow up shows me the exact reason why I usually just hit ban on people like you. You aren’t interested in comparing or giving information, you’re just nothing more than a troll.

  46. Raggers writes:

    ANE has marginally better quality – whether you’d notice it during playback is questionable, and I’d also like to know if that single comparison is indicative of an entire release’s video quality. Since that was a single comparison I’d imagine it was the worst you could find in a few minutes flicking.

    Also, I’ve seen a few extracts from the commentary and would really like to watch it subbed, so this release wins by a mile on that front. Though I might remux them in using editions for archival (to keep it neat).

  47. chrstphr writes:

    Thank you for your work.

  48. Xyler writes:

    How do you make Play-all functions with and/or without OPED shorcuts? pls i want to learn how

  49. yamyam writes:

    just dropping by to say YOU CAN DO IT!
    eagerly awaiting the batch release!

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