Strike Witches – Operation Victory Arrow


Type: OVA (3 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 16-bit – Japanese
Subs: Eila (Minor Edits)

Been meaning to get this done. Enjoy.

1080 ep 3, now fixed with slight script fixes and corrections for the encoding bugs.

720p Torrent – 1080p Torrent

36 Responses to Strike Witches – Operation Victory Arrow

  1. Ravenlock17 writes:

    Thanks So Much!

  2. anony writes:

    Minor edits only? Thanks.

  3. ichigo writes:

    Thank you! =D

  4. Carlos writes:

    You’re the man!

  5. Nomad writes:

    What a nice start into 2016.
    Thanks a lot. ^^

  6. Eluchal writes:

    Awesome thanks been waiting for this ;).

  7. pin writes:

    I pray for the weeaboo gods to give you and your waifu health and happiness for 2016 and onward the same way you give amazing animu to all.
    Thank you.

  8. fewqa writes:

    wow didnt know there was another Strike Witches

  9. rude writes:

    Thanks, been waiting on a 720p for this.

  10. pin writes:

    1080p EP3 @9.44 “You’re sister is a good child.” should be “Your sister is a good child.”
    I doubt a patch will be needed unless more stuff is found.

  11. drakexkanye writes:

    tenshi.. pls save yahari s2

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Sadly FFF didn’t continue their release of that series. And Commie subs need a fair amount of editing, I will likely pass on that project.

  12. drakexkanye writes:

    FFF said that they didn’t drop the show tho.. pls considered it again

  13. Hessi writes:

    Thanks a lot for this release, very much appreciated. Does anyone else have slight picture errors (both in VLC and MPC with CCCP) in Ep 3 of the 1080p version at around minute 27:16? Nothing that really hurts imo, just asking if its only my players?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Confirmed, will reencode to fix as well as that minor spelling error.

  14. nono writes:

    Thank you very mucho

  15. anony writes:

    Another error in ep3 @ 5:30.

  16. Transmic writes:

    Thanks for the release 🙂

    For the re-encode there’s another spelling error at ~ 19.41:
    “He was definetly here.” (definitely?)

    Thanks again.

  17. Transmic writes:

    Sorry, forgot to mention the error below is for Episode 3 (1080p version).

    For the re-encode there’s another spelling error at ~ 19.41:
    “He was definetly here.” (definitely?)

  18. AoyolfO'Hila writes:

    is it fixet yet?

  19. Josh writes:

    v2 when?

  20. vong writes:

    Coalgirls gone MIA again huh?

  21. Gotrys writes:

    ^ Waiting for something?

  22. Jesse writes:

    Guessing I should wait on getting this until the update one is released.

  23. Solaristics writes:

    You got spelling errors in episode 1 as well.. 6:26-6:28. Capitalized ‘But’ after a comma and some weird phrasing.

  24. Josh writes:

    asked in chat,

    expected release date for v2 is mid-summer 2018

    according to some random guy

  25. no-table writes:

    just posted on Nyaa with 2 eps 2, no ep 3

    (slight typo)

  26. Koby writes:

    New torrent has 2 episode 2’s but no episode 3 or it’s just named incorrectly.

  27. no-table writes:

    Because of your ep3 typo, your 2nd torrent has now been re-classified as a remake of your 1st torrent…

    Just kidding, but I’m tired of this remake bullplop.

    Tsundere-Subs has given up on Nyaa because of the remakes crap:

  28. anony writes:

    Nyaa drama again?


  29. pin writes:

    Thanks for the fix.

  30. Khendon writes:

    I remember reading a comment here somewhere that Cyras is MIA, is that true? :S

  31. Colly writes:

    Pls do more project tenshi

  32. idowhatiwant writes:

    cud u scrubs seed?

  33. Hatzu writes:

    Wanted to watch these again and thought I’d buy them, but looks like it’s only Japanese release and it’s terribly expensive editions, am I wrong?
    Well anyway, thanks once again for giving me an option to see these Coalgirls! 😀