We are were a group dedicated to creating HD Blu-ray re-encodes with English subtitles. We may occasionally also encode from TV or Web rips or do SD DVD encodes.

We will not:

  1. Encode a series we are not interested in (which is most likely one you are).
  2. Release a v2 outside of a batch unless it is something really major (Example: Video plays in reverse).
  3. Create patches. We’d rather waste your bandwidth than our time.
  4. Release SD versions of HD encodes.
  5. Release resolutions larger than the source.
  6. Encode from pre-encoded raws.
  7. Encode lossless Blu-ray audio to anything other than FLAC.
  8. Use R1 (Retail) subs when there is a good fansub.

We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion.
(unless we ask for it)

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