Episodes – 24
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~2300 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1400 kbps, 704×480 @ 175 MB
Audio – 5.1 FLAC, (DVD @ 160 kbps AAC)
Subs – SS-Eclipse

DVD – Torrent
720p – Torrent
1080p – Torrent

456 Responses to Clannad

  1. alex writes:

    You know, I never knew the 720p was your video. Have you ever tried to get that fixed or have you just kind of left it? I know that if it was my video, I would fight to get it fixed. You deserve some recognition for your hard work! Thanks

  2. Sayer writes:

    Wow, quality to size ratio is actually amazing, I’ll be archiving this soon, well done!

  3. redcero writes:

    what is the difference that in the haali it says edition 1 and edition 2.

  4. xgraphy writes:

    Where exactly is the 720p upload mislabelled?
    I can see here you are credited in the description for your encode and in the file names.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Torrent name is [MII][SS-Eclipse][THORA]​_Clannad​_(1280×720).torrent.

  5. TomoyaX writes:

    I can clearly see that on CG release the texture of the walls is a little fainter:

    On this one the difference is even more subtle, but I still can see some minor difference on the walls.

    And GC is FLAC(imo a good thing)

    Thanks for this, I’ll be waiting for your After Story BD encode!

  6. bobdoe writes:

    8:40 of the first episode “All the people I knew graduated, and the everyone left are strangers to me.”

    Is that supposed to be like that?

  7. Buu writes:

    O, now it’s up for DDL. Thanks a lot. =)

  8. wyvernblue writes:

    are there different version 720p. in torrent and DDL ?
    DDL –> [Coalgirls]_Clannad_01_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[AA6A9954].mkv =479.17 MB
    torr.–> [Coalgirls]_Clannad_01_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[9F7B016E].mkv = 771MB

  9. Curtis writes:

    Now that the Clannad ~After Story~ BD encode has been released I’ve been treating myself to a run through of the entire series. When I hit Clannad episode 10 I noticed an issue with the chapters of the 1080p version from the new encode batch. It has 2 editions, the first edition has incorrect timings with the OP playing in the middle of the prologue, while the second edition has the correct timings, but the wrong ChapterSegmentUIDs for the OP and ED thus not linking them in at all. It was a simple enough fix for me to merge edition 1’s ChapterSegmentUIDs with edition 2’s timings leaving only a single edition, but I thought others might want to be aware of this problem as well.

    An earlier episode (episode 2 I think) had a similar timing issue, but it was nowhere near as pronounced as it was only a ~0.5 second blip cutting back to the prologue after the end of the OP. It seems the first 10 episode each have 2 editions , the second edition of each using the wrong ChapterSegmentUIDs. The remaining episodes only have one edition. Aside from episode 2 (I believe) and episode 10 I don’t think any others have timing issues, but I’ll look more carefully and if I notice anything I’ll be sure to report it.

  10. miracles writes:

    I dont’ know it’s a problem or not i play the file the audio it’s too small to listen
    My loudspeaker 2.1 system only but i play bakemonogatari 1080p it’s loud not like clannad 1080p, volume loudspeaker 1 set the highest and mpc-hc volume full too but it’s too small
    Anyone have same problem like me,any advice


  11. Nettosama writes:

    Clannad is 5.1 audio Bakemonogatari is 2.0, somewhere in your config ur messing up downsampling 5.1 to 2.0.

  12. miracles writes:

    Can you tell me where can i set the audio if i messing up the audio downsampling

    I usually don’t have this problem,new in use cccp 😀 😀 😀

  13. miracles writes:

    Ohhh i have question my loudspeaker only 2.1 system can i use 5.1???

    Thank’s for reply

  14. Nettosama writes:

    Yes you can play a 5.1 audio stream using a 2.1 or 2.0 system, you just need to configure it correctly, just look in ffdshow’s options, u can downmix to your setup there.

  15. miracles writes:

    Can you more specific teach me how to set up my audio correctly in ffdshow step by step

    My audio system 2.1

  16. Curtis writes:

    Open your CCCP Settings and choose the FFDShow Audio Settings that match your setup. The computer I’m on at the moment has only stereo speakers and no subwoofer, so I have it configured as 2/0/0 – stereo 2.0. In your case you would choose 2/0/0+LFE 2.1 stereo.

    CCCP Settings

  17. miracles writes:

    Thank’s curtis for you advice, i test you advice :D:D:D

  18. miracles writes:

    Nettosama says:

    Clannad is 5.1 audio Bakemonogatari is 2.0

    It’s clannad audio is 5.1 in my case i download clannad Coalgirls 1080p size 13Gb it’s only 2.0

  19. miracles writes:

    It’s description about clannad audio it’s right 5.1??

    In my case the audio only 2.1

  20. Baze writes:

    Where did you get the subs? They’re similar to SS-Eclipse, but there are changes here and there like in the first episode where Tomoya jokes to Sunohara about stabbing him.

  21. asfgsfghd writes:

    that would be because they are edited ss-eclipse subs

  22. splorg writes:

    Is this Hi10P/10-bit?

  23. Mesachie writes:

    The 720p version available from Nyaa and labeled as from you has some seriously amateurish problems, primarily with timing. If that is your work, you need to do it again. If it is not your work, you need to have it pulled. Leftover guide notes in the subtitles too .. {ep5} {ep7} and so forth. Long text passages showing up for a second or two, poor timing to the actual dialog. Very very substandard, not Korean substandard but not good.

  24. Arcturion writes:

    The URL for the DVD torrent has an extra h at the beginning, just letting you know.
    hhttp instead of http. Not a big deal, easy quick fix.

    While I’m at it, I want to say how great your subs are. I’ve even tried watching shows I hadn’t watched, just because you subbed them, and if you liked them enough to do the project they must be good, i.e., Strike Witches.

    Anyways, keep up the good work.

    Btw, is there an e-mail I should be e-mailing to notify you if I notice typos in your subs? Not that I have noticed many, but it happens occasionally. I have a LOT of time on my hand so I don’t mind helping out.

  25. ofislacker writes:

    Directly after the OP of episode 15, it replays the scene of 0:52 -1.27 (somewhere like that, making the episode 30 sec longer than Doki’s and Thora’s version, it seems that the part shouldn’t be there) Does anyone else have this problem or do I need to change my decoder and media player?

    Also, this there a way to know if a release is 8/10 bit?

  26. sschafi1 writes:

    This works really well on my computer. However, when I run it through Handbrake (to convert it to mp4 to run on my PS3) it doesn’t find an audio track or subtitle track. Is anyone familiar with Handbrake at all?

    It’s weird because it worked with Fate/Stay Night but not with Clannand or After Story.

  27. Kanae writes:

    Yep I got the same thing with HB I was going to encode it to a smaller size to conserve space but no Audio or Sub files are detected but they show up in MKVmerge and if you play the files.

  28. FormX writes:

    I have no idea what is wrong with the audio. The voices and SFX are normal, but the BGM is so soft it’s non existent. I’m using VCL player, so looking at prev comments I changed audio device to 5.1, and it gets a tiny bit better.

    No idea what my loudspeaker is and how I should configure it.
    Same goes for the After Story.

  29. raion writes:

    is it dub

  30. FormX writes:


    No, why even ask on a subbing site?
    And no, don’t watch dub anime.

  31. Rooke-san writes:

    Arigatou, coalgirl-sama.

  32. Gerald writes:


    Imho, the English voice actors did a very good job with Clannad and Afterstory, the voice fitted the scene emotionally and had sincere expression unlike other English dub-overs, I know you guys do what ever you want but perhaps considering adding an English dub would be nice (I reckon it suits it more than the Jap voices)

  33. Wouter writes:

    Trying to download the 1080 version to replace my old crappy whatever-it-is copy – could somebody please help me out and seed for a little while?

    Thanks a lot!

  34. TomTom writes:

    Downloaded 720p. Episode 15 gives me an extra 35~ seconds of 0:55-1:30 after the opening.
    Tried to download 4 times, the same thing happens every time.
    How can I download the NORMAL episode (without those, extra, 35~seconds)?

  35. Jonathan F writes:

    Oh, I was wondering if there was a way to turn off the setting that skips the intro song?

  36. LoRadeon writes:

    Need more seeders guys ;_;

  37. LoRadeon writes:

    1080p seeders needed

  38. 初音ミク writes:

    Need for seed, please…
    Thanks in advance.

  39. Maiku Komishiro writes:

    I normally don’t talk to people and I live my life enjoying solitude. There is one person who I’m interested in sharing ideas with. “Coalgirl”

    I own a lot of anime DVDs, you can say ( Even rare ones ). I have a whole bookshelf full of them. I’m interested in your way of subtitling. I’m pretty good at editing fonts and sizes of subtitles. I also understand how Japanese kanji works ( the reasons why they’ll spell an English word differently in English than we do ). I also understand that some anime would also be almost impossible to English sub because of Japanese jokes that you would only understand if you knew Japanese. Also, there are only a few cities which actually speak Japanese in Japan ( because of Japanese Dialect ). I know some Japanese words, but not a ton.

    I can already tell you, that some of your subtitles are a little off, but that isn’t the problem. It’s you’re subtitle sizing method. It doesn’t bother me that it’s in pink, it’s the small words and how it’s squished together. I always use a size 36 font if possible ( not a regular text font size, but a subtitle font size, which are 2 completely different sizes. A size 36 subtitle font isn’t as big as it seems, but it is much bigger than what you are currently using. It is perfect for the screen and makes it easy on the eyes ( especially for people who wear glasses ). Also, who’s bad idea was it to subtitle words in blotchy black letters on a black background! ( not this anime but a different one )….. If you’re having trouble subtitling anime, just extract the .mks subtitle file and convert it using a program called “Subtitle Edit” and then merge it back with the video, then upload it to a program called Idealshare Videogo and change the font to whatever style and size you want. Also, the “Subtitle Edit” program does a lot more than converting. It is also used to edit subtitles and it will check every line and let you know if anything is overlapping.

    *yawns* well, I don’t mind sharing ideas. I already own a lot of anime and have spent a lot of money on anime box sets in my lifetime. I own the original Fooly Cooly Box set that has the art books and stickers inside, and the box has a cap on top so you can open it and take out the dvds.

    Anyways, you can contact me or whatever and we can learn from one another. If I don’t hear back from you, then it’s really okay. I live in solitude because I get annoyed pretty easily. I like being alone, though I do live with my family. I’m almost as bad as the guy from “Welcome To The NHK” although I’m not afraid of people. It’s just, if you invite people over, then you lose quality anime or video game time and you have to entertain them because they are your guests. Today is Christmas day and it’s another anime day for me, hehe. You can call me Maiku Komishiro.

    Well, I appreciate the hard work that you’ve done in bettering yourself as a subtitle editor. You’re videos are superb, you just need to work on your subtitling. Japanese Kanji isn’t easy and sometimes they even throw in other dialect which can make it even more complex. So, just take one step at a time and maybe one day you’ll be working for a big anime industry.

  40. Maiku Komishiro ( again?... ) writes:

    I discovered an even better way for handling subtitles. I did my homework on this and it turns out there is a way to avoid using subtitle edit and not have to worry about losing quality ( by using converting programs ). Only use this if you don’t mind embedding subtitles ( basically a hardsub, but with good quality and you will still be able to read all the signs and Japanese lessons ). No more whiteout blotches or hard to read subtitles.

    For those that are using ConvertXtodvd, remember to use the subtitle tab ( it doesn’t matter if you’re using .ass or .srt, this will still work ). You will have to do this for each and every title though.

    First: click on the title that you want to be able to read subtitles on. Then click on the
    subtitle tab.

    Next: click on the subtitle that you would like to use and check the box that says show advanced.
    You will see a selection that says “embed this subtitle into video”. Check that box.

    Remember to do this for each and every title. At that point, it will look just like you were watching it directly from the mkv file that you originally had. If you happen to have an mp4 file and a subtitle file, just do the same thing except you will have to manually load the subtitle rather than just loading it directly from an mkv file.

    the subtitles should come out looking really good. If you are unhappy with that, then you will have to put some time into using a subtitle editor program ( like subtitle edit ). But, the only problem with that is, changing subtitle formats can damage the subtitle file, which is why most people wont convert .ass to .srt even though it can be done. You might end up overlapping other subtitles, or random numbers will appear on the screen rather than words from the Japanese signs.

    Editing subtitles can take a good amount of time to edit if you don’t plan on turning them into hardsubs. Either way I can guarantee that you will be happy with embedding subtitles with a program like ConvertXtodvd. If you would rather be able to switch subtitles on and off ( for learning reasons ), then you wont want to use ConvertXtodvd because that’s not really the best choice when it comes to softsubs, although it does a pretty good job at that for the most part, but some of the shows will still come up with blotchy subtitles, or whiteouts on the words. There should be no problem though with embedding subs to a video if you don’t plan on watching raw anime.

    Last but not least, you can still up your quality of both video and subtitles if you have Cyberlink Powerdvd on your computer. There is a tab for Truevideo HD. That tab works miracles for those of you having problems with shaky video or hard to read subtitles. That tab will up the quality ( like making a picture looking more sharp and using a proper upscale so you’re dvd watching experience becomes more enjoyable ). Only use that tab if you feel you really need to.

    Well, sorry for the long lesson, but I can guarantee it will help those who spend lots of money on burned discs and save money for those who constantly trash dvds because of making mistakes.

  41. Esharib Hashmi writes:

    well…the download speed is quite slow 🙁

  42. Tykee writes:

    there seems some mistakes in clannad EP 10, the OP should not be in 00:33 it should be in 2:03

  43. Thomas writes:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 snxdn

  44. thasinwasif writes:

    is this dubbed

  45. VeggyZ writes:

    For the thousandth time, they did NOT do a good job on the english dub for this anime. Or just about any anime ever. It just doesn’t happen . *barf*

    Thanks for not carrying that garbage, Coalgirls.

    Also, why would a fansubber release an english dub? lol… I think you guy are looking in the wrong place for that…

  46. Evan writes:

    Is there a possibility to implement the English 5.1 Audio? Also on After~Story?