Sword Art Online


Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Dialogue: Evetaku (Modified)
Typesetting: Evetaku, UTWoots (Modified)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

205 Responses to Sword Art Online

  1. Eyrsynth writes:

    Risq: No need to tag “v2” when the CRC changes. It’s not hard to make sure you have the correct files.

  2. Doom44 writes:

    I see, thanks Chrisk-kun :]

  3. ANIKI writes:

    Finally I am getting this, my nephew has been bugging me since i have not seen it yet, so am grabbing, thanks for the batch and changes on SAO d(-_^) . I have not even watched the TV version cause I was waiting for CG to finish the BDs.

  4. Stephen writes:

    Do we still need to re-download episodes 2 and 14? Or do the patches handle those as well?

  5. kache writes:

    Does this release have “playall NCOP/ED”?

  6. Yamui writes:

    What about Sword Art Offline? :/

  7. ベックス writes:

    thanks for the batch 🙂

  8. Tyrone writes:

    how exactly do I patch the files? I placed everything in the old SAO folder but when I run the .bat it still says that it can’t find the files? Is there a tutorial on how to do this?

  9. Vwaldi writes:

    shit Tyrone, get it together

  10. Niel writes:

    RE: ep.07

    “For your information, had I the materials, I’d be able to make countless swords that could snap yours in two, no problem!”

    Should “had I the materials” be “if I had the materials”?

    I’m not an Anglophone so correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. Sqrill writes:

    Both mean pretty much the same. Your English could use some work :]

  12. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    “had I the materials” sounds more like its out of literary work, whereas “if I had the materials” is more common in everyday speech. Both are correct.

  13. Mere writes:

    FLAC because I love it!

    Thank you so much guys for releasing animes with FLAC audio tracks!

    The amount of awesomeness. I am barely able to measure it.

  14. John Smith writes:

    How does the 720 compare with the 1080? Is it worth over double the size?

  15. Nunya writes:

    @John Smith

    Since you had to ask that, I’m going to say that it’s probably not worth it for you.

  16. paolo writes:

    are you guys planning an re-releasing now that the dub is out?

  17. paolo writes:

    makes sense just thought I’d ask. thanks for the reply

  18. Hao writes:

    Will the opening and ending be included?

  19. Nae writes:

    Beautiful release. Dependable as always.

    …I watched without realizing the subtitles weren’t UTW/GotWoot’s; Did some inaccuracies cause this? I almost always prefer UTW, but I’m no complainer, though. Ever since Ben-To I’ve realized EveTaku is pretty good at being faithful in their translations.

  20. BLa7kCaT writes:

    hello, id love to know if the english audio will be added to this torrent? i would LOVE to be able to watch the coalgirls version AND have it in my own language, rather than choosing native or quality.

    is there any plan to add dual audio?

  21. BLa7kCaT writes:

    oh, i just saw what was replied to above by Cyras on adding the dub. thats cool, i completely understand wanting to keep something in its purest form.

    despite being a big collector, ive never put anything together myself, so can anyone tell me, is it possible to add an english audio file, and then be able to watch something with that languages audio? i know it works that way with subs. or was the dub release video’s timing altered the match the voicing?

    a quick response from anyone a little more knowledgeable would be awesome!

    keep it up Coalgirls!!

  22. Lakvatus writes:

    Hi, guys. I’ve just found out about Sword Art -Offline- specials and I wonder whether they were included into BD… Do you know anything about this? Maybe some advice on where I can get those in good quality?

  23. SageND writes:

    Will Coalgirls be doing Sword Art Online II?

  24. Tenshi fan writes:


    Link start!

  25. ali writes:

    guys what about opening and ending?
    and this is BD version or tv?

  26. Solrac writes:

    Will there be a SAO II here?
    I love your work =)

  27. kianoosh writes:

    when sword art online 2 is coming on bluray?

  28. abood writes:


  29. Souseiseki writes:

    Thank You

  30. Shadowzone writes:

    Is this hardsubs?

  31. tdm17mn writes:

    To answer some questions: yes, they are releasing SAO 2. (Look in Cyras’ projects)
    Does anyone know where I can get SAO Extra Edition? Thanks.

  32. tdm17mn writes:

    @Cyras sorry for double posting, but I have a font problem…
    The signs font is messed up. When I looked in the sub file, it just said, “SAO Sign” for the name. When I play this in any video player, the font is changed and messed up as a result. Could you please tell me the name of the font you used? I also couldn’t find “Bell Gothic Bold”…

    this is what it looks like in aegisub http://s30.postimg.org/uvi366141/Coalgirls_Sword_Art_Online_03_1920x1080_Blu_r.png

    in vlc

    Can you please help me out?

    Thank you very much!

  33. Ovus writes:

    Almost finished but it stucks, pls re-seed this 🙁

  34. Sfai writes:

    Please could you re-seed 720p ? Or upload it in mega ?

  35. andar writes:

    i currently downloading this torrent, but when i read comment this .bat patch needed??? where i can get that? thx

  36. sabre writes:

    someone please seed this SOA torrent.. please help..

  37. Whatever writes:

    someone please seed this

  38. akpmzero11 writes:

    reseed 720p pls