To Aru Majutsu no Index

Episodes – 24
Video – 1280×720 @ 1400 kbps, 1920×1080 @ 2800 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Eclipse

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

41 Responses to To Aru Majutsu no Index

  1. Chronos02 writes:

    This may have been posted in the old website, but it seems chapter 8 has some audio problems, the audio track is several seconds advanced to the video, I’ve tried to delay it with SMPlayer, Mplayer and MPC, but the delay is too big.
    And it seems that the Video is lacking the preview part, and I gess that is the root of the problem, as the audio does include that part.
    Hope a fix can be done once there is some time, thanks.

  2. Satanas writes:

    You have the old episode 8. Redownload it, the v2 fixes these issues.

  3. zaockle writes:


  4. Maldark writes:

    Any chance of getting the Index-tan specials as well? I know they were released on the DVDs, I can’t imagine them not being on the blu-rays as well.

  5. Aqua writes:

    Is there also going to be a 720p DDL for this series? I would love to download the blu-ray, but the torrent is very slow…

    Thanks in advance =)

  6. ChaelMi writes:

    same thing to ask, any link to ddl?

  7. senility writes:

    agreed with above post, i would KILL for a DDL. any chance of one in the future? (hope so, cause i would prefer HQ subs over speedsub) =D

  8. ChaelMi writes:

    720p DDL Links please! anyone!

  9. senility writes:

    thanks for the great show. finally got all of it the other day… (could only download at certain times), anyway. quality is great and i love the show so far. keep up the good work =)

  10. ss writes:

    To anyone who has finished, please seed this series. Thanks in advance. (This happens when you’ve just found out that this show is interesting)

  11. ss writes:

    It seems that on episode 19, around 16.37 – 16.41, the video is distorted. Anyone encountered this?

  12. starydust writes:

    i’m looking forward for the second season. also thought u might do Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

  13. bankaikon writes:

    some MU links please for the 720 vercion

  14. Mhuy writes:

    Could u pls link some MU links for the 1080 P Episodes? pls and thanks 😀

  15. sharing writes:

    Here’s a FS folder for 1080p

  16. dane writes:

    Hey guys,

    Was just wondering whether the 1080p version is just an upscaled version of 720p or 1080i?

  17. Anon writes:

    lol thoras 720p got 3.5k bitrate but your 1080p only 2k. crap :/

  18. dj writes:

    XD On 94% and there’s no seeders for the 720p. Don’t spose someone could seed for a bit so I can then take over seeding for future people?

  19. tormaid writes:

    Wish you gave your 720p more bitrate and just didn’t bother with the 1080p, it actually looks worse. J.C. Staff BD’s don’t deserve 1080p, ever. I still think you should do Railgun XD

  20. Jazcha writes:

    Any FS folder link for 720p?

  21. TrekonBT writes:


  22. Anon writes:

    what about s2?

  23. GAME writes:

    seed this please ….

  24. reply-kun writes:

    yep. railgun, w/o the huge fonts. xD

  25. Blackbeard writes:

    Coalgirls, thank you so much for this great sub! You all brought me some excellent entertainment at work. Did the series justice for sure. <3

  26. Tsuyoshi writes:

    I noticed that there’s a missing line near the end of episode 7 when Stiyl says, 「これはただの死体だよ。」 Which means, “This is just a corpse.” in English. It doesn’t really hinder the experience (Especially since he says it once more in the episode 8 prologue chapter and it’s subtitled there.) but I felt I should point it out. In any case, thank you for the high quality release.

  27. Cloudstrife192 writes:

    I looked into the episode’s subtitle file and found that the line was there, but the timing was off. This is an older release, but for any new people downloading it that want to fix the subtitles all you have to do is extract the sub file and change the first timing before the comma two seconds back. That should fix it. I checked as best as I could with a video editor and I think miliseconds was changed too, but I can’t remember to what.

  28. Cloudstrife192 writes:

    It also happens in episode 12 where the start and endtime are the same.

  29. Jim Boner writes:

    1st, awesome quality of H264, someone who knows their shit.

    But maybe you should go over 3rd party subs and do an engrish/grammar check first. Example:
    “You wouldn’t be able of doing that” -ep4

  30. Sandy writes:

    Pretty sure that’s grammatically correct though.

    Great torrent in any case, will seed.

  31. Garrett writes:

    It makes sense, but would be better off as “You wouldn’t be capable of doing that.” It may make more sense the way it is depending on context.

    Also, keep seeding please…

  32. Forum Policer writes:

    @Jim Boner:
    No offense dude, but your sentences also make no sense.

    “awesome quality of H264”
    Of h264???

    “and do an engrish/grammar check first”
    Think you meant English…

    I’m not saying that the subtitles are right. Some DO need a look, I can tell you that.

  33. addiel writes:

    every one up there just shut the fuck up , oH you dont fucking like it Well Get The Fuck Out Of Here or buy the damm thing if not just Shut Up i mean this guy do this for you and thats how you pay them tsss .GODSPEED COALGIRLS AND MAY THIS PAGE STAY UP TILL I HAVE GRANDCHILDRENS

  34. Maike writes:

    Seed this please. 🙁

  35. Level 6 writes:

    Could someone PLEASE seed this?

  36. Grumpy writes:

    This is a great series, but the current seed rate is terrible. So, for everyone’s benefit, once it finally finishes downloading, I’ll keep seeding and transfer it over to a faster connection. 5 days is way too long to wait for anime goodness. 🙂

  37. FRNZLove writes:

    Please tell me you kept the legendary Biribiri TL note in.

  38. ichigo writes:

    Thank you~

  39. KSER writes:

    can someone upload the eclipse sub files?

  40. Kamijou Touma writes:

    I should mention that in the first few eps kamijou’s name is spelled kamijyo in several spots.
    This is VERY wrong.
    Please fix this if you have time @coalgirls

  41. Redpanda writes:

    Thank you very much for this 🙂