Tokyo Ghoul

Kamishiro Rize

Type: Series
Video: 1920×1080
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: DameDesuYo
Torrent: 1080p

127 Responses to Tokyo Ghoul

  1. Memester writes:

    I downloaded this and when i play it’s only audio.

  2. Zohan21 writes:

    Excellent quality. Besides Cyras how much time does it take to encode in x265. I did some experimenting on my own but cancelled it in the mid when I saw very low fps 🙂

  3. Lokman writes:

    Please 720p Please 🙁

  4. Kreygasm writes:

    At first I was worried because it’s only 1080p meaning like 40 GB, because this is CG we’re talking about

    But the whole torrent is only 6.35GB.
    Both impressed and worried.

    Was it at the cost of quality?

  5. Zohan21 writes:

    @Kreygasm , you should download and watch it, and believe me, the video quality is flawless

  6. Kreygasm writes:

    @CoalGirls; hey, I got a bit of a problem with Media Player Classic and this particular release.

    MPC sees your release as audio file for some reason or whatever.

    As you can see, video part is greyed out as if it doesn’t exist. This is only the second time I’ve experienced this.

    Is there anything I can do (except updating or using other player)?

    I’m using VLC for the time being.

  7. Zohan21 writes:

    @Kreygasm use mpv or kawaii codec pack

  8. nks writes:

    Cyras, where have you gone?

  9. Xerxes writes:

    This release is awesome, such quality in a 720p file size.

  10. Kirad writes:

    Please 720p

  11. ArcAngelRyse writes:

    kinda blows how the Openings and endings weren’t in the episodes but were removed.

  12. Jeanne writes:

    Anyone has any idea when the season 3 is coming out?

  13. Uncen writes:

    is it full uncensored?