There are a number of different methods available to achieve proper playback of our releases:


Not perfect quality and may fail in rare cases, but should work most of the time for most people.


These options require some command-line knowledge, manual reading and config-file tweaking.

I WANT MADVR / I’m too dumb for mpv

If you insist on having xyz-vs-sub-filter-mod-lol-wtf or MadVR …

  • Windows: Install the Kawaii Codec Pack. Make sure to follow the directions on their page.
  • Mac OS X & Linux: Nope.

Do not use under any circumstances

  • Windows: Windows Media Player
  • Linux: Anything that isn’t VLC, mpv or Kodi
  • Mac OS X: Perian (or anything else that tries to hack mkv support into QuickTime)

117 Responses to Playback

  1. Keitou writes:

    Add this to the FAQ, for android use MX Player. Download MX Player from the Google Play Store. Open up the setting and in the decoder section, scroll down to Software Decoder and set the color format to YUV (MAY NOT WORK on lower specs phone), set the number of core to the maximum number of core available (My Tab S 8.4 is 8 core) and then tick the ‘use speedup tricks’ option. All Coalgirls encode should work flawlessly now, except Tenshi’s encode (High 10 @ 5.1 Placebo preset @ CRF 13) occasional stuttering every 2-3 minutes on his encode. Tenshi doesn’t mind paying the electric bill. And don’t bother watching Anime in phone unless your phone display is Full HD or Quad HD. 1080p Anime in 1600p display is glorious!!

  2. aaa writes:

    Would be cool if you guys can provide a mpv.conf and input.conf since most people get weird out by the layout on MPV.

  3. lol writes:

    >and input.conf

  4. baracuda writes:

    Is VLC really worth to install? I use VLC back then but it has bug or something when decoding the ass tag, there are many sign/typesetting that have different position, clip, and color than it should be.
    Android user should use Kodi it’s better than MX Player.

  5. Mizuno writes:

    I use Media Player Classic – Home Cinema : for all my Videos, works flawlessly and dont use that buggy ffdshow codec, for android i use MX Player, its the best, all works 😀

  6. Mizuno writes:

    if you want another good player for Windows AND Linux, the best than i find until now its SMPlayer :

  7. 00SaS writes:

    What about android? MXPlayer…? Plays the sub and video fine, but not play all and chaptered.

  8. Grille writes:

    @Mizuno Yep, MPC-HC works just flawless. And there is MPC-HC BE, brach of MPC, where autor claims to improve performance even more. Well, just wait and see, or go and contribute, if you are a coder.

  9. Grille writes:

    Buy the way, what bugs me more. Isn’t it the time to switch to HEVC/x.256 coder?

  10. Scarlet writes:

    I got a question… How do I listen to the audio commentary on Monogatari second season?

  11. Sephy writes:

    “If you insist on having xyz-vs-sub-filter-mod-lol-wtf” ???

    Do you guys get high on tiping command-line stuff like retards, just to do things that Kawaii Codec Pack Black can do in a single click?

  12. Not Scream writes:

    Wow, rude

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