Type: Series (24+2 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
FLAC 2.0 (English)
Subs: AnCo^2 (Main Dialogue)
gg, Ecliptic-BSS, Commie (Typesetting, Modified)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

69 Responses to Durarara!!

  1. Psychotech writes:

    English subbed, dual audio.

    I’m stuck at 99.9%. Half the files won’t play.

  2. kkkights writes:

    Hell yea! boy….. keep em comin till i shit my pants! right ya;ll

  3. yyy writes:

    i believe the 720 torrent is broken

  4. Cole writes:

    Just wondering, are there any differences, particularly any visual changes such as blood, between the Blu-ray and the TV version?

  5. Ryan writes:

    The 720p and 1080p versions both have pretty crappy artifacts. Mostly in the dark scenes or on hair. Doesn’t look very nice. Yes I have the latest CCCP. Your Madoka rip looks awesome though. Don’t know what’s up here.

  6. Hirito writes:

    lots of typo and no patches ? :/

  7. WastedMeerkat writes:

    For some reason, the 720p torrent was downloading dead slow, even though it had a ton of seeders. I was getting 2 KB/s max, would’ve taken 25 weeks or something stupid crazy to finish. The 1080p torrent seems to be doing just fine, though. No idea what’s going on there.

  8. Chimera writes:

    Frickin love you guys! Amazing job!
    I hope you will do Durarara X2 series too in the future, if you can. Good luck with your ongoing work Hunter X Hunter Blu-Rays, I hope you don’t have problems and on doing it.

  9. Souseiseki writes:

    Thank You

  10. joe writes:

    In episode 3 in the “[FOR DUB]” subtitles track, the English translation for the lines spoken in Russian is missing.

  11. PanicPaintbrush writes:

    This encode was excellent. Loved the show too. As Joe pointed out, there were some subs missing from the Dub subtitle track. Easily remuxed from the full english subs though. Thanks!

  12. xeli writes:

    will you do the new season of drrr?

  13. PanicPaintbrush writes:

    I’ve made styled subs for the intro to Durarara!!x2 Shou in a similar style to the subs from this version.
    They turned out pretty well.


  14. Soluna writes:

    I loved this series; thanks for the release!

  15. Shadow writes:

    There is a mistranslation in the opening theme. It says ‘muimi ja nai ano ito ga’ whereas it should have said muimi ja nai ano ashita. Just pointing it out.

  16. Shadow writes:

    sorry. Didnt realize the above was already answered in a previous comment. Thank you so very much for the BD rips..