Type: Series (22 Episodes + OVA)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
Subs: Mazui
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

After 11 months, we are finally done. Enjoy. Minor fixes to ep1, 12, 14, 18. Reupload for the 1080 Torrent. Seems the script fixes for ep1 didn’t make it in.

184 Responses to Hyouka

  1. Dhruv writes:

    Ohh i see. Thank you for the speedy response then. ^_^

  2. Kentrei writes:

    Why are the patches needed? What is the problem exactly?

  3. Axil writes:

    I’m getting some screen artifacts at ep22 at 43sec to 47sec. It’s only happening at 1/4 left bottom of the screen.
    Anyone else getting this?

  4. Axil writes:

    I re-downloaded and it’s not happening anymore.

  5. ikari18473 writes:

    are patches necessary for the 720 batch even though the 1080 was the only one to get a re-upload? i see someone has already provided them…

  6. yo writes:


    Nothing changed with the 720

  7. bonnybig writes:

    this is 10bits or 8bits..?

  8. bonnybig writes:

    oh sorry thats 10 bits.. 🙂

  9. king writes:

    episode 3 was missing some dialoged between 8:28 to 8:32 not sure if it is the player I use or not is not much but I just wonder what the sister tells kotaru

  10. king writes:

    sorry my bad I meant to write all of the dialoged spoken by the main guy sisters doesn’t have subs

  11. AnonyMOUSE writes:

    In Episode 2 3:24 minutes into the anime, Kindergarten is misspelled as kinderkarten. I don’t know if this is intentional or not.

  12. AnonyMOUSE writes:

    And… also a typo on episode 2, 7:26: the word “time” has been shown twice in the same sentence.
    “You have time plenty of time to remember.”

  13. nananananakham writes:

    somehow the subtitles didn’t appear, may i ask what is wrong?

  14. Jacx Kuok writes:

    About the OP&ED 1… is quite lag on started… mean my pc performance had problem?

  15. Chortos‑2 writes:

    AnonyMOUSE means episode 3, not episode 2. (In both cases.)

  16. MagniFtw writes:

    In the files, I can only see eps 1-20 nothing else. kowai :c

  17. Alex Sleeper writes:

    So I dont have subtitles whats up with that? Is it the player, the file, or something else?

  18. Guest writes:

    well, so many kanji sign in ep.2 that didn’t get any translation…
    missing so many important information…

  19. Guest writes:

    just telling, ep.8 in the transition, it is not geshi but 処暑 shosho. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_term

  20. Dani writes:

    I do not know if it is my computer, but it tells me that the file was damaged, I would like them to check to see if it can be fixed; Is 1080p, thanks for your attention (^.^)

  21. Sam writes:

    Used to love this anime for it’s quaintness adn charm.