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Everything is encoded from Blu-ray with FLAC audio.

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  1. alex writes:

    I haven’t been following coalgirls for all that long so I could be wrong, but I heard that once upon a time you were doing Baka to Test? Did that get dropped? Not that you’re not allowed to drop things (do whatever the heck you want; it’s your time after all) but I just wanted to know what the status is/was.

    • ChrisK writes:

      That was anon-chan, and since anon-chan is dead (or lost, I don’t know) and no one has plans to pick it up, it’s dropped.

  2. Mikun writes:

    Hey ChrisK
    i would like to help out with Baka to Test if u can help me to find the BDMV’s. I would love to encode those BDMV’s since i love the manga… and there is still no group who has finished it from BD :D.

    i’m on the irc call me if u are intrested 🙂


  3. Iron Sand-G writes:

    ^Tamashii finished it,maybe you should look out for the new season and do that one 🙂

  4. mascthemoney writes:

    any plans to do macross frontier – sayonara?

  5. mascthemoney writes:

    ^ the movie i mean, didn’t mean to overly abbreviate.

  6. ??? writes:

    Can You Show Me How Do you Encode ?

  7. daniel writes:

    Hey, ChrisK, are you going to do Psycho-Pass BDs?

  8. Momoe writes:

    ChrisK-san, please continue Guilty Crown!

  9. Nichijou Fanboy writes:

    Are you planning to continue Nichijou at all?

  10. Ore_Wa_Gundam writes:

    Thanks for the Haruhi movie. I really do appreciate it. I really do. I really really do.

  11. xikarra writes:

    Thanks a bunch for your mpv builds Chris!

  12. Black_Frost writes:

    So umm.. pokes with stick —> you alive bro?

  13. BloodyGaikotsu writes:

    Kara no Kyoukai got a 2013 movie….so are you going to do it??

  14. chicki31 writes:


  15. red_x writes:

    when will u post To Aru Kagaku no Railgun(2009)