Episodes – 178
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Mezashite

720p – Episode 001-152

1080p – Episode 001-152

Disc 5+6 (153-178) – July Never.

Note: Due to the lack of NCED on disc 5, and due to the nature of the preview being in the ED, we will have to delay the rest of the series until box 6 comes out.

65 Responses to Aikatsu!

  1. lucio writes:

    Waiting for july XD.

  2. Armisael writes:

    Plz july come fast T_T

  3. Kurz writes:

    It’s finally JULY!

  4. Cat's Eye writes:

    Now it’s August.

  5. ChibiNyra writes:

    We know that the July was when you were going to purchase them and now the real hard work begins!
    Thank you thank you and thanks again =o)
    Are you sure I cannot throw money as we are indebted to you for buying these for us out of your own pocket money?

  6. F writes:

    Still waiting for July.

  7. Kurz writes:

    so, which July are we waiting for?

  8. ChibiNyra writes:

    I’m as excited as the next, but folks, be nice! I have looked all over for a place to donate and either I completely fail (please provide link) or this is an absolutely extreme labour of love that you just mind guzzle in 30 minutes and done. If they want to take till 2020 while they chase rabbits in the back yard you wait patiently and say thank you when it is released, till then, I am checking weekly like the rest of you =oP
    Thank you again CoalGirls! And Cheers

  9. unflun writes:

    Mezashite released a batch with all the episodes, I’d really like to know if they changed the scripts or anything.

  10. A writes:

    a-any day now lads

  11. Mesu writes:

    I hope you will finish this. Plz

  12. lumier writes:

    Can i ask how are going the translations of ep 153-178 ? any ideo when it could posibly be done?