Episodes – 178
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Mezashite

720p – Episode 001-152

1080p – Episode 001-152

Disc 5+6 (153-178) – July Never.

Note: Due to the lack of NCED on disc 5, and due to the nature of the preview being in the ED, we will have to delay the rest of the series until box 6 comes out.

65 Responses to Aikatsu!

  1. gar writes:


    YES. I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. CrimsonDX writes:

    Looks like I no longer have an excuse to put off rewatching this show >_>

    TY for the release 😀

  3. Kuromii writes:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! Was not expecting to ever see this released in BD! Thank you so much!

  4. DevilJhoe writes:

    whoa whoa whoa whoa what the fuck is this???!!!! almost gave me heart attack!!

  5. Nico writes:

    Oh my fucking God I love you.

  6. darkfawwaz writes:

    must get a new hdd
    Anyway super thanks

  7. allelujahhaptism writes:

    RIP my harddrive, thank you so much!

  8. ichigo writes:

    The CGI progression is astounding!

  9. firda_use writes:

    thanks based Coalgirl

  10. dan writes:

    Damn! What a pleasant surprise! Thanks!

  11. seung writes:

    I daisuki the fuck out of this

  12. fewqa writes:

    wow this what you been working on.

  13. Zohan21 writes:

    Completely unexpected

  14. Geogry writes:

    So this is the secret project right? ><

  15. p95cc writes:

    size 117gb
    disc space 2,3gb

    *sweating intensifies*

  16. Nico writes:

    Is OP 3 “Kiss of the Alice Blue” (episode 44 ED) or “Original Star☆彡” (episode 51-75 ED)?

  17. bret writes:

    good bye everyhoney, i’m not going to see the daylight in a long time
    Thanks based Coalgirls

  18. gar writes:

    @Nico: OP3 is KIRA☆Power.

    @coalgirl: Not to be that guy, but I think episode 114 doesn’t have the right font.

  19. gar writes:

    Nevermind about the fonts. Several episodes have the one 114 has, and it isn’t ugly or anything. It isn’t a big deal.

    • coalgirl writes:

      We knew that something was up with the fonts, specifically with mplayer, from episode 97 on, but couldn’t figure out what. I know VLC and MPC play it fine. It is just now that I realized what the issue is. Each episode, I overwrote the default style of Aikatsu with one of my own (It’s very minor, just changed padding or something). It used the same font as the Mezashite release.
      In episode 97, Mezashite switched from a full version of a font to a stripped version. I muxed in the Mezashite fonts each episode, and that included the stripped version. Most players recognize them as the same font and pull the glyphs, yet some don’t, leading to the issue.

      The issue will be fixed when I release a 1-152 batch next January. For now, please grab!cs8GDBaa!Sv2fcnFABWZ8O3bd2MIMtx8tJXqMi8nvH1lOHzM9MpE and install it to your computer and the issue will be fixed.

  20. Kah writes:

    aww… I was hoping Sunrise would retouch the CG models for the early episodes of the bluray version because some of the faces early on were hilariously bad.

  21. Nico writes:

    @gar I meant ED 3!

  22. gar writes:

    @Nico: ED3 is Original Star, like you said~

    @Coalgirl: Thanks for the response/link~

    @Kah: I’m guessing it would cost the studio too much to redo it it? Even episode 114 loooks better than 90. The show is always improving so they can’t keep going back and redoing it.

  23. Goshtic writes:

    Looks like the 5TB I have sitting around for a week now, will finally be made of some use.

    Thanks for this gigantic stealth release.

  24. Anonymous Catgirl writes:

    My gratitude to you knows no bounds. I wanted to watch this show in glorious BDrip right from the get go and now I can.

  25. Red writes:

    Why is every ED and OP a no-credit version except ED5.

    • coalgirl writes:

      ED5 hasn’t had its NC version released yet. That is why it has the v0 tag next to it.

  26. Dabor writes:

    Next disc… 7/2? That doesn’t sound like “2 hours of Akari a day” to me. 🙁

    Speaking of which, why isn’t best girl header?

  27. bob barker writes:

    Any chance CG will pick up Triage X now or BDs?

  28. darkfawwaz writes:

    pls seed this

  29. Miketsukami-kun writes:

    It might take a few days to download. Thanks for the release! ^^

    Luckily I just deleted a few shows from my hdd and have enough space after deleting the TV version.
    I should really consider buying an external hdd.

  30. 4D37+c0D3 writes:

    Gracias! Almost done downloading and I’ll be seeding this for as long as i can.

  31. shionaidle writes:

    How do you play the episode with OP/ED together?

  32. ars_y writes:

    i think we’re due for a new banner
    amagi brilliant park version when the batch is done?

  33. korol writes:

    Is there any chance of fixing some of the combing that still exists in the first season episodes?

  34. oblomov writes:

    Any possibility of doing Kaguya-hime monogatari? Sometimes substantial stuff is good for brain fluid

  35. gar writes:

    Is there not a NCOP with the Miyabi version (vs Juri)?

  36. gar writes:

    In the last line of the main episode in 125, it is double (like the same line is on top of the original).

  37. gar writes:

    Nevermind idk why it was doing it, it isn’t anymore!

  38. Jayson Dulay writes:

    please seed the 1st batch…

  39. Yin writes:

    hey guys can you please seed ep 1-114 720p? im not getting high download speed anymore T.T

  40. Charmy writes:

    Would you mind re-upping the download link for the font fix? My OCD just won’t let it go. x.x;

  41. bret writes:

    Best Christmas present ever
    Thanks you very much and Merry Christmas!

  42. kaitlin writes:

    I have the OP+EDs in the same folder as the episodes, but they’re not showing up when I go to watch an episode? I’m using VLC Player.

  43. HankMoody writes:

    The font of the subs seems to enlarge around episode 90ish, considerably larger than the earlier episodes

  44. AK91 writes:

    I too have this problem and I also use VLC Player. I have other anime with ordered chapters, also one of them is Suite Pretty Cure Blu Ray from Coalgirls, and the OP and ED show up well, so I don’t understand why Aikatsu has this problem instead. Is there a better player?

  45. Terox writes:

    Thanks, but i downlaod Aikatsu 1st episode to 114th episode it’s very very slow ( 9.17 kb/s ) no seeding for it ?

  46. Genjuu Mugon writes:

    Wow. Just wow.

  47. gar writes:

    Is there a patch for the font?

  48. xikarra writes:

    But now the true question is should I watch it?

  49. keebl44 writes:

    why is there no love for the 1080 release 🙁

    i’ve been at 20 kb/s for 3 days now

  50. ChibiNyra writes:

    Coalgirls is so “Love You!”
    Thank you,I love your taste, you are more go to when I need a new anime. Thank you and keep up the awesome work! And, most importantly, you are responsible for me loving Aikatsu!
    Keep bringing the smiles =o)