To Aru Majutsu no Index II

Episodes – 24
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Mazui-UTW (Re-styled)


90 Responses to To Aru Majutsu no Index II

  1. Marchen writes:

    @nazarein: I just find it easier creating a white list allowing the ip ( for cgi in this case) to pass through in applications like peerblock/guardian rather than just manually disabling the program every time.

  2. Tatsujin writes:

    7 days, no update … -hair grows white- …

    • coalgirl writes:

      Update? For what? The series is done and downloadable if you follow our instructions.

  3. asfgsfghd writes:

    >k-on banner
    >no coalgirls k-on

    am i predicting future events or is this some massive tease

  4. No.1 writes:

    Am I the only person who has artefacts and rainbows? I’ts like the encoding has gone wrong.

  5. asfgsfghd writes:


    update your shit. this is 10bit

  6. lupis writes:

    ugh more Hi10P bullshit. CG pretty much doomed themselves by switching over without leaving 8-bit for new releases too. enjoy your pointless OCD encode bandwagoning and 90% drop in fan base.

  7. Stephen writes:

    I’m pretty sure the drop in fan base — specifically, the idiots who can’t download the new CCCP — will not keep Kristen up at night. Good try though.

  8. Rai writes:

    @lupis whats the wrong in moving with technology?

  9. akiba-kei writes:

    Hahaha! @Lupis…
    Coalgirls is moving to the future…

  10. Tatsujin writes:

    @ coalgirl – site update, not Index II update. That’s what I was referring to.

  11. No.1 writes:


    Thanks. It works with the latest ffdshow rev. 3996

  12. Gipple writes:

    Why Iadded this torrent to the download list almost a week ago and I’m still only at 15% even if there are a lot of seeds? Am I the only one with a download speed of 1 kb/s maximum (not a line problem because I’ve download Yuru Yuri in parallel and it went a lot faster)?

  13. IZEROII writes:

    Marai Nikki BDs in the fuuuuuutre 🙂

  14. IZEROII writes:

    and by Marai I meant Mirai of course :p

  15. Chigworth writes:

    Yo, are CG doing Railgun to complete the set or do I just keep the version of it I have already?

    Thanks for the releases nontheless!

  16. lol writes:

    @lupis Change is inevitable in the technology world. Deal with it, or gtfo.

  17. reply-kun writes:

    I wonder why the fonts in 720p are always gigantic..

  18. reply-kun writes:

    Also, any chance of re-doing Index S1 in Hi10p as well?

  19. nightmoonilght writes:

    Coal Girls, Do u have any plan to release Bluray Disc version 1080p ? I always want to get the highest quality !! hope u will release this !! Thanks and please reply my comment if u can. (If u don’t reply, it means i must download ver BD 720p T__T)

  20. Aaaa writes:


  21. Reason writes:

    Making a Hi10P release without tagging it as such is actually pretty stupid. Many players don’t even have support for that yet, or take a lot of time to configure to get it working. Some notable examples being XBMC and KMPlayer. Not even to mention those with dedicated hardware….

    Not everybody watches movies on a computer screen…

  22. Rai writes:

    @nightmoonilght JC Staff BDs are 720p by coalgirl’s policy, as I’ve heard, their BDs are very, very blurry. Just look at Elysium who did Railgun, they left 1080p in 8bit and pushed 10bit for the 720p, obviously one would take the 10bit 720p

  23. Linkmstr writes:

    Hi! On some episodes of Index II, I see those weird blocks popping out for some reason… I have the 10bit thing all set up… I just see weird blocks popping in some scenes (like the part where Misaka tries to shock Touma on Episode 18 because she thought he was “flirting” with her “Sister”) Can you reply back and tell me how to fix this? =(

  24. Super-Buu-5 writes:

    Thanks for the release! I was getting tired of waiting for UTW to finish this

  25. JrrMaster writes:

    Thanks for Blu-ray release, I sill download it till now 🙂

  26. driguest writes:

    This is a 10 bits version?

  27. hbyrd101 writes:

    Hey, I would like the 1080p version, please edit a raw and add subs for me, alot of people are waiting on someone to add subs to a 1080p version! Come on! Ill even pay youll!

  28. Kami-yan writes:

    A seed would be appreciated C:

    I’ll seed when I’ve downloaded it myself.

  29. tryanne writes:

    torrent says private torrent on DHT network. does that affect my speed? stuck at 58.8% for weeks now.

  30. Cammy writes:

    Anyone else having an issue with playback freezing on the openings and endings.

  31. Maike writes:


  32. Anonymous writes:

    Does this has 1080p ?

  33. ichigo writes:

    Thank you~

  34. Meme Master writes:

    I downloaded Yousi-raws’ 1080p version and tried muxing UTW-Mazui’s subs with them, but the timing would be off, at times it’d be delayed and it times it’d be rushed, I’m a noob at those stuff, anyone can help me?

  35. linh writes:

    i can’t download this anime, it stalled. i use qbittorrent 3.2.1, pls help me (english isn’t my native language, feel free with my mistakes, thanks)

  36. ArcAngelRyse writes:

    I need the subtitles with the Openings and Endings included because I actually watch the Openings and Endings for all the episodes and well to do the retiming will be a pain-in-the-azz…. 😛 Subtitles please, thank you, in advanced!

  37. Marco writes:

    Are you not going to realease a 1080 version ?

  38. Kanade1111 writes:

    Why isn’t there a 1080p version of it? Can someone upload it please?