To Aru Majutsu no Index II

Episodes – 24
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Mazui-UTW (Re-styled)


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  1. chronos02 writes:

    Good to see you’re doin’ this series too.

    Just to confirm, this isn’t 10bit right? The file size looks too big for 10bit… though I must say I’d like a 10bit release of this =/. Oh well, we can’t have all, can we?

    By the way, was the quality of the BD so bad 1080p wasn’t worth it? I did notice the TV version was kind of blurry on the lines and edges, but I thought they fixed that for the BD release.

    Still, thanks!

  2. Larnu writes:

    UTW didn’t either. The file sizes are immense for it. You can find their post for their first BD release here: It’s basically due to all the dark coloured scenes that appear through out the anime. It doesn’t surprise me that Coalgirls aren’t doing it in 1080p either, and it’s not a big loss.

  3. Haruya writes:

    @chronos02: It’s a J.C. Staff anime, so I highly doubt there’ll be any 1080p release from CGi. Also, the current filesize looks just as what I would expect from a 10-bit release, meaning you get almost the same size as 8-bit but with much more detail and quality, so I’m guessing it is. Although, if you think the filesize is too big, then perhaps you should take a look at Madoka’s filesizes.

    On a different topic, thanks for the release!

  4. DmonHiro writes:

    It depends if CG started encoding this a long time ago, or a month ago. Then again… she DID re-encode CCS in 10bit.

  5. Lelouchx14 writes:

    i was wondering if you guys would do this show. Thanks for the upload quality looks amazing!!!

  6. dymitr writes:

    Nice to see this being worked on, didn’t expect to be picked up though with UTW doing their own BD and all…I’m sticking to CGi though 😛

  7. Nettosama writes:

    MediaInfo reports this as 10-bit encodes.

  8. PurpleCross writes:

    Thanks for doing this release CG! 😀

  9. coalgirl writes:

    From this point on, if you see my name on something, assume it’s 10-bit.

  10. Swaps4 writes:

    I’m going to guess the quality of the BDs were bad, hence only 720p.

  11. someguy writes:

    thank you for doing this!!!

  12. coalgirl writes:

    JC Staff is 720p only by rule. They have very blurry BDs, and after the mess of Index I, decided never to do that again unless there was a major improvement. They did have one in Milky Holmes, but they have since reverted to their old ways.

  13. enion writes:

    i watched the first season and was planing on looking the second season, but never felt like doing it
    at the moment i download the first season form cg and after that the second one
    i will watch both, cause i watched the fist as TV version^^

    thx for this

  14. Shinku writes:

    YES! Looking forward to this, Coalgirl. 🙂

  15. 1Logic writes:

    thanks! i avoided UTW’s release because of the filesize. i’m happy that there’s a 10-bit release now because the dark scenes will definitely benefit from it.

  16. Hai writes:

    @ coalgirl

    Ever considered picking up Milky Holmes? Seems like your type of show! =P

  17. Petrushka writes:

    i thought that u’re not gonna do this one 😛

  18. coalgirl writes:


    Yes. Hence why I know what it looks like. But the series seems incredibly boring, and the filesizes were huge, so I decided it’d be best if I didn’t.

  19. Stephen writes:

    UTW is doing this, but it’ll be released in about twenty years.

  20. asd writes:

    Man what happened to doing what you want? You said you were gonna switch to 10 bit and suddenly because of the dumbasses bitching who cant spend 1 minute to update, yall switch back to shitty 8 bit.

  21. Stephen writes:

    @asd: It IS in 10-bit.

  22. luffy writes:

    what about Kami-memo?

  23. coalgirl writes:

    Kami-memo is done. If I can find some way to distribute it, I decided to do it as Chihiro. If I can’t, I’ll do it as a joint using CGi distro methods.

  24. 1Logic writes:

    wooooooo Kamimemo!

  25. AlexTo writes:

    Kamimemo you’re talking about the TV version or BD?

  26. luffy writes:

    BD ofcourse.

  27. dri writes:

    aw no milky holmes, but this is also nice

  28. ChrisK writes:

    Note: Despite the post-picture, this show does not include any actual Satens.

  29. jcons408 writes:

    Is there any chance you’ll be giving season 1 the 10bit treatment?

  30. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha writes:

    Thanks. I’ve waiting for a version of the last episodes to finally finish this great series (Damii had done the first 18 episodes).

    It’s a pity that the uber-kawaii Saten-san doesn’t appear the series…. A 2nd Railgun series would be very welcomed.

  31. tormaid writes:

    17-24 were the only ones worth watching anyway.

  32. Fear writes:

    Is Coalgirl doing R-15 bds? Sorry if you have already answered alsewere.

  33. wraithe writes:

    Yay! Thank you.

  34. Ridley writes:

    sigh….. another 10 bit release…. i am still trying to figure out why people take an 8 bit source (blu rays don’t support 10 bit) and re-ecode it to 10 bit. you can’t create a better image like some people think. TV source, sure why not, blu ray source, absolutely no benefit. hard drives are cheap.

  35. Rai writes:

    @Ridley, 10-bit removes banding issues you get from re-encoding into 8-bit. You may see no benefit to it, but its shiny new technology, when will people get a grip and just move with technology and not resist change, we’re not all conservatives are we?

  36. Fat writes:

    I never actually bothered to look at your 1080p release of Index 1, though I do have it, but I will go with your word and download this and the 720p version of the first season for consistency sake.

    Thanks for your hard work

  37. waleedtg writes:

    For some reason i am not getting any peers on the torrent.

    Can somebody confirm that this is working fine plz and thank you

  38. Sawa-chan writes:

    Torrent is working fine (and I’m currently seeding @~600 KB/s) => the issue should be on your side.
    Figure out what your problem is, then come and get it…

  39. miracles writes:

    JC Staff is 720p only by rule. They have very blurry BDs, and after the mess of Index I, decided never to do that again unless there was a major improvement.

    I’ve downloaded from your S1 1080p index, I have a problem with eps 8 video stops after the opening song but the sound remains the road.

    So the index S1 1080p is not worth downloading, I’ll re-download the S1 index 720p because I want to save the file with good quality and which do not have problems like eps 8 that I got in the 1080p version.

  40. Johny writes:

    Same here… somethings wrong with the torrent… no peers, no seeds…… i dunno how to fix this…

  41. waleedtg writes:

    All other coal girl torrents with the same tracker are working fine

    Only this torrent has issues the same as Johny mentioned

  42. Black Dalek writes:

    that’s right, only this torrent give some kind of problem, i’ve tested with two different isp with two pcs; making combos of pc/isp with the same result : no peer/no seeds.

  43. akiba-kei writes:

    same problems with this torrent…

  44. Seba writes:

    Me too, the torrent is not working anymore. It downloaded 10GB and then stopped.

  45. miracles writes:

    It’s this ordered chapter?

  46. Johny writes:

    has anybody found out what the problem with the torrent is and how to fix it?

  47. Marchen writes:

    There is nothing relatively wrong with the torrent per se, but unlike the other ones in cgi this one doesn’t accept DHT or peer exchange so it only falls back to the cgi tracker. If you are using peerblock it usually blocks the cgi tracker since it falls under OVH SAS ip range; though it could also be a firewall blocking the 3277 port as well.

  48. Johny writes:

    wow… “Idiots” … nice way of putting it to your fans ChrisK.

  49. nazarein writes:

    Marchen, i have the same problem as well, best way to handle is is to disable peerblock for a moment then update tracker then enable peerblock again. its like this with most torrents from this group

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