Kiss x Sis

Comparison – TVBDTV (Censored)BD (Uncensored)

Episodes – 12
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~6000 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~2000 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs – Ryuumaru (Restyled, modified)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

144 Responses to Kiss x Sis

  1. S.J. writes:

    ChrisK: Don’t post DDL-links if there are official DDLs.

  2. Safarudin4 writes:

    There is no change in the CRC file, but the ED2 is not work in ep 7 – 9.

  3. Safarudin4 writes:

    edit: it works

  4. ano writes:


    how did you get ed2 working? whats the correct “filename”?

    i get the ed1 + op with linked chapters but no 2nd ED.

  5. Nemo writes:

    It’s only the creditless + full motion suminoe sisters ED1 and ED2

  6. BtotheO writes:

    Thanks for the DDL!!!
    Those torrents are lame as hell… 🙁

  7. Perl writes:

    @ano: I’d like to know the same thing 🙁

  8. Fyl writes:

    1.0 Mbps AUDIO for a 720p/1.9Mbps video SFX-free ecchi series?


  9. blah writes:

    are all these downloads uncensored?

  10. Grave writes:

    Anyone else having an issue with subs not appearing in ep 2 from the 1080p torrent? Subs appearing in mkvinfo, but not showing in MPC-HC, and no options to select subtitle track

  11. Grave writes:

    edit: jumped the gun; Had to set haali media splitter to match subtitle track name to audio in order to work

  12. MQB writes:

    I have problems playing opening parts of the 720p release… btw I have the latest CCCP (2010-10-10) installed, disabled FFDshow FLAC codec, set haali media splitter input MERGE ALL SEGMENTS=yes but to no avail..I still get gfx glitches and slown downs at the ending of the openings…is there any way to fix this without skipping the opening part…I googled the problem but using other flac codecs or other methods didn’t seem to work. other than that its a very good release

  13. ghost_zero writes:

    Just wondering: Aren’t there some specials too?
    Will you also sub them?

  14. mehrun writes:

    can anyone upload 10,11,12 720p in megaupload?
    FS doesnt have resume!!
    thank you!!!

  15. ValKyRieS writes:

    Strange, when I skipping OP without using CoreAVC it goes shitty, with CoreAVC it’s fine though. Anyone know what’d I do wrong?

    BTW, when run the OP seperately it’s playing normally.

  16. kelly writes:

    Why is the OP missing from every episode, but the ED is left in?

  17. hemivision writes:

    Thanx for the up!

  18. TheProdigy writes:

    Any chance that you guys have or can sub the OVA’s also?

    that would be great.

  19. oFaNg writes:

    Please seed!! Both 720p as well as 1080p. Ofcourse I am downloading the 1080p version.

  20. BobShnider writes:

    Idk if it’s just me, but episode 2 subs don’t work for 1080p ver.

  21. Endless Love writes:

    Hello every body, I’m Endless Love from VNFS team of site, and I’m here to ask you give me a permission to use your sub of Kiss x Sis to translate it into our language Vietnamese. So, can I have your permission, please?

  22. Kippers writes:

    Will the OVAs be done?

  23. ClamPie writes:

    @Kippers, they already did the OVA’s

  24. Raph95 writes:

    Am I the only one that can’t play the sound? It’s like NOIIIIIIIZEEEEEEE only, no matter which audio render I choose.This happened only once before, with CoalGirls’ Seitokai Yakuindomo, but I was too lazy to sort out stuff so I deleted it 😛 I dl’ed 720p btw.

  25. Selveen75 writes:

    Thx alot you own..Got the 1080p ver. looks great love this anime 🙂

  26. Kippers writes:


    No? I don’t see the OVAs here. I can get them off somewhere else, but they are low-res.

  27. sandoe41 writes:

    Can find OVAs on as torrent file.

  28. Mio-Akiyama writes:

    I LOVE YOU <3
    Best torrent I have ever downloaded
    Its even uncensored

  29. jc carsom writes:

    sooo confused i do not know anything about computers

  30. john smith writes:

    are the subs in english ?

  31. Laith M. Odhafa writes:

    Thanks …. Cool work
    no need to edit any thing just as it’s

  32. Jacob Lee writes:

    There is no audio on the 720p version under torrents! Why?

  33. jalen writes:

    how do i watch it? i downloaded the torrent and mpv. how do i watch it?

  34. nerd writes:

    Still no Bluray source for the OVA episodes?

  35. Kisuke writes:


  36. hgfdhfgh writes:

    Seed, please!

  37. umidorland writes:

    Excuse me! I have a question!

    I Would like to kindly ask to anyone who sees this post and is in possession of this anime’s 1080p version seed it for a while maybe? :$ I’m in need of seeders, that’s why, :/ I’ll notify you as soon as the download is done, I promise!

    Thank you very much in advance!!!

    Kind regards

  38. Chelly writes:

    My windows media player won’t play any of these. Can someone tell me what I can use to play these videos?

  39. bosama writes:

    Is this uncensored?

  40. cardinal writes:

    What about OVA’s in 1080p?

  41. desolate-master writes:

    have you done the OVA’s if so where can i find them

  42. kyel writes:

    hi, can you upload this in mp4 format? and maybe in a smaller size

  43. xZero writes:

    How can i download it?