Kiss x Sis

Comparison – TVBDTV (Censored)BD (Uncensored)

Episodes – 12
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~6000 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~2000 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs – Ryuumaru (Restyled, modified)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

144 Responses to Kiss x Sis

  1. huhu writes:

    “Pointing out trivial mistakes multiple times in no way lowers my motivation to continue this sucky project, so please, continue” lol, i said it looked like crap and you did some shitty butthurt response ,pick your shows better and stop doing every single bluray release going and you will get better encoding results and not have to post crappy shows

    You fail to understand. The show looks great. The content is crappy.

  2. asak writes:

    please 4-6 720p dll please

  3. mehrun writes:

    still waiting for 4-6…..

  4. mehrun writes:

    yeeeeeah,thank you so much CG and ChaelMi!!!

  5. Mr.X writes:

    please 1-3 720p dll please

  6. Otoya writes:


    Will you guys do a batch for 1-12 1080p once they are all release?



  7. puli writes:

    “Also, why does Riko wear a bandaid on her cheek?”

    Because it’s MOE!!!!111one …isn’t it?

  8. fakenamestar writes:

    Then don’t do the show if you don’t like it. You might quit at the last two anyway.

  9. philip writes:

    having a band aid on the cheek is quite fashionable

  10. ERock writes:

    Bandaids on cheeks prevents computer crashes. It’s true.

  11. asak writes:

    please 7-9 720p dll please

  12. Anonymous writes:

    Simple: Riko has a plaster on her cheek so that you can more easily tell her apart from her twin, Ako.

    It’s probably best not to read too deeply into something like this.

  13. Rei writes:

    >>>>>salival says:
    >>>>>July 29, 2010 at 8:41 am

    >>>>>The CRC in the filename of the 720p ep6 seems to be wrong.

    yeah. the CRC for ep 6 is [15E80171] (if I’m not mistaken), not [B1BBB0BA].
    [B1BBB0BA] —-> is just for ep 5

  14. Kanou writes:

    The ED2 in the 07-09 package is acutally 1080p, not 720p

  15. RandyEilte writes:

    will there be a Mega upload 720p version of episode 07-09 soon or do you need to get your computer fix first

  16. AppleIIGuy writes:

    Torrent link for 1080p 7-9?

  17. unap writes:

    Media Player Classic can not play OP in episode 4-9 at all.
    Is there a way to fix this problem?
    (other series like Kampfer, program not clash but picture is all ruined.)

  18. korg writes:

    Thank you for your hard work on this series (even if it’s not your favorite). Much appreciated.

  19. dakades writes:

    ED2 in 720p torrent is actually 1080p.

  20. mehrun writes:

    yeah,thank you CG!!!thank you so much!!
    thank you S.J. for MU links!

  21. 1337 writes:

    any news on the 1080p ver 7-9?

  22. outlaw writes:

    Episodes 7-9 in 1080p? Come on coalgirls, encode them!

  23. RickyC writes:

    ya’ll got a view on megaupload of ep 7-9 like the rest of the kissxsis blu-rays, my pc is having problems download them

  24. miracles writes:

    I have the problem play eps 1 Kiss x Sis

    like audio it’s too fast than the video

    I play the file with zoom player home max ver7 and cccp 2010-08-22 and i test the mpc Hc it’s same can anyone help me solve the problem

  25. Devil writes:

    please 1-3 + OP-ED dll

  26. mehrun writes:

    it’s late but!!!yeeeeeeeees!!!that’s it!!
    thank u so much CG!!!
    and thank you S.J for MU links!!

  27. Masayoshi writes:

    The MU links for eps 04-06 1280×720 are down. Any chance of a re-up, please?

  28. miracles writes:

    I download Coalgirls BD Kiss x Sis 720p and i have problem with the file the video is slow than audio,how can i solve the problem.I use cccp MPC-HC 2010 and zoom player but it’s same,please help me solve problem

  29. Takaya writes:

    The link MU for ep. 4 and 5 is down, any chance to re-upload?

  30. Black_Raven writes:

    you mixed up ED2 720p with 1080p..

  31. Takaya writes:

    and the ep 6 MU is down too

  32. Mlmmt writes:

    Cant wait till you get the last volume done, so I can get a batch.

  33. kukkk writes:

    when will the release of episodes 10-12?

  34. LMN writes:

    They are inside the batch. Just select the episodes you want to download in utorrent so u wont have to redownload everything.

  35. miracles writes:

    I have the problem play eps 1 Kiss x Sis 1280 x 720

    like audio it’s too fast than the video

    but if I play it without OP i don’t have problem ED not have problem too

    I play the file with zoom player home max ver7 and cccp 2010-08-22 and i test the mpc Hc it’s same can anyone help me solve the problem

    Read our FAQ and disable FFDShow FLAC.

  36. banger writes:

    hmm i avoided this show but its hard to now that its complete. i even watched ladies vs butlers in full even though i did not really like it. i can’t resist a hd release like this.

  37. Pisces writes:

    Is there any change for Ep 1-9 in this complete batch ???

  38. Takaya writes:

    after see the torrent. i don’t find any word v2, and the CRC is still the same

  39. Baru writes:

    Wow, Balance Kiss Single Album Art!~

  40. Nemo writes:

    is it just me or the ending lyric seems wrong?

  41. Black_Raven writes:

    any changes in 720p batch?
    especially ED2?

  42. suiton writes:


    I actually stopped watching the Tv version and waited.


  43. asak writes:

    need MU link for last volume

  44. zero writes:

    @suiton I actually just stopped watching it after the first episode lol. Nothing to do with the release itself but all to do with the content.

  45. anon writes:

    Wonderful, any chance of DDL?

  46. jula writes:

    thanks coalgirls for br. does this have op and ed included on the same file or are they separate files like some of your releases? my bandwith is limited so i’d like to know before dling. thanks

  47. miracles writes:

    Read our FAQ and disable FFDShow FLAC.

    I have try it but it’s not have audio att all