Episodes – 13
Video – 704×480 @ 175 MB
Audio – 2.0 AAC @ 160 kbps
Subs – SS


6 Responses to Hyakko

  1. Kimiko writes:

    Will there be a blu-ray version of this?

  2. StubbsiBoy writes:

    I don’t know if anybody else is having the same problem but there is a problem when playing it. It goes back to the very beginning after the first chapter is done. Any fixes for this?

  3. zn4rf writes:

    @StubbsiBoy u are using VLC am I right? Well with VLC you can’t fix it (for the moment). Try MPC or MPC HC with those players you don’t have that problem.

    best regards zn4rf

  4. NekoZabuza writes:

    actualy there is a way to fix it i just cant remeber how i did it at the moment so…..

  5. Christian Garcia writes:

    can you guys seed more?

  6. MrHandsome writes:

    The image really looks like from Boku no Pico. 😀