Umineko no Naku Koro ni


Type: Series (26 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
  1. gg (modified), Retail (PV 05-25)
  2. Retail (modified)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

Thanks a lot to SuperSandGuko, MashiroL, Olivier, KatanaKiwi, Mark and Dabor for their help with this release!

Video and Audio are from the Japanese BDs. NCOP/NCED are from the US BDs, but they only included the first variant of the OP as NC, so I had to use the Credited versions (from JPN BD) for consistency in the OCs. Why use OCs at all then? The OP/ED are quite bitrate heavy, so using OCs saves quite a bit of space (~8.3 GB for 1080p and ~4.1 GB for 720p). Oh, and I won’t do Higurashi, the BDs look too awful.

24 Responses to Umineko no Naku Koro ni

  1. rosanjo9 writes:

    Thanks 😀

  2. Ibi writes:

    Awesome, thanks for the release. Too bad about Higurashi looking bad, it deserves better than that.

  3. Max writes:

    Thanks! >_<

  4. Nakkinyan writes:

    Yay, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni season3 Umineko! I kept intending to OC/reencode this and never did it… I am lazy.

    Sad to hear you won’t do Higurashi, I may just have to do that one on my own since no one is releasing it subbed.

  5. Zixlon writes:

    Wow, wasn’t expecting this one. Thank you guys very much for all your work and effort. Tis a shame about Higurashi; one of my favorite series of all time.

  6. Someone writes:

    What you guys modified in the subs?

  7. goldenBitch writes:

    Probably the previews. Previews were not on tv-broadcast = not translated by gg.
    DmonHiro also released a 720p version with AAC some years ago.
    Umineko is like a fine wine – getting better releases after some time.
    Hope the 1080 is worth the space.

  8. Mark writes:

    Errors like calling a spider an insect, we debated for 10 days on that one.

  9. Bracket writes:

    Spider = Arachnid
    Spider != Insect

    Unless the original Japanese script used insect, it’s not a decision worth debating ten seconds on, let alone ten days.

    • ChrisK writes:

      The difficult part is coming up with something to replace “insects” with that makes sense in the context and is also something the character would say in that situation. And the ten days were exaggerated.

  10. Chance-kun writes:

    Two questions. How is this related to Higurashi? Also did this show have a heavy use of honorifics and if so did y’all include them?

  11. Mark writes:

    gg didin’t use honorifics, so we didn’t get that changed. I’m not sure about retail subs.

  12. Nakkinyan writes:

    It is debated that it is a different dimension in the same way that the Clamp shows are. Hence the similarity of some characters. Example: a witch in the show was just another version of Rika and looks like her.

  13. Mark writes:

    Didn’t believe someone would take me seriously, heh. It was about 20 seconds of thinking what the change should be.

  14. Gabry writes:

    Thanks 🙂

  15. Dabor writes:

    Enjoyed working on this with Mark and glad to help. Would be honoured to get to do so again.

    For anybody who likes the series, considering picking up Umineko Chiru with the Umitweak patch. You can easily skip the first half the novels and just get into Chiru and hit the ground running.

    @Mark It was a good 5 minutes combined, what with checking the original Japanese and coming back to it later to dig through our options. Don’t sell us short!

  16. Xcal writes:

    Hopefully you will reconsider about Higurashi, particularly season 2. There really are no decent looking releases for it out there. A 720p BD rip is bound to be an improvement over the bitrate starved dvd rips that exist now.

  17. bodayw writes:

    While personally I like Higurashi’s story much better, I agree that Higurashi’s BD is pretty bad: I could barely see the difference over the DVD version…Still it’s a shame to hear that you won’t do it, since I couldn’t find a good set of English subtitles for it.

  18. Nakkinyan writes:

    somehow it does not surprise me one bit ><

    Yeah, it isn't great but I still want something better than the crap I have now since it is one of my all time favorite anime. The 1111 subs were not bad.

  19. SuperSandGuko writes:

    Sorry I couldn’t finish this, due to my internet issues. Like I said in the email @ChrisK, I’d be more than happy to help you guys out again in future ventures. Thanks for the credit. 🙂

  20. Jasper van der Zandt writes:

    I feel bad getting credited for this, I was unable to do anything on the 2 days I planned because I had to help a friend move =/

  21. meau94 writes:

    I’m currently working on the Higurashi BDs despite the awful quality. You’ll find it with darkhollow subs whenever I get it done.

  22. Hank Moody writes:

    Thanks for the release I enjoyed it and for any interested the Visual Novel chapter 1 to 8 is fully translated.