Sora no Woto

Episodes – 12 + 2 Special
Video- 1280×720, 1920×1080 @ ~12000 kbps (CRF 13)
Audio – 2.0 16 bit FLAC
Subs – YuS-m.3.3.w , pwq(Insert/Episode Titles)

1080p Torrent

720p Torrent

This completes the series. I really enjoyed this show, hope you do too.

83 Responses to Sora no Woto

  1. Tatsujin writes:

    This sure is taking a while to be finished. I’m waiting patiently for it to appear on BBT or TT.
    You can blame m33w for that. As they haven’t subbed ep 13, I cant release a batch till they do.

  2. eiflem writes:

    So I thought that you would like to know that m33w FINALLY released ep13 about an hour ago (maybe less)… hope to see the batch here soon (much love from a random fan for your BD releases)

  3. banger writes:

    thanks a lot for releasing the scripts! a rare gift on this site!

  4. MaDa2DaNe writes:

    THANKS FOR THE SCRIPT… but i dont know to remux the script? may someone make it to *.EXE?

  5. pRoMeThEuS writes:

    The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.


  6. tormaid writes:

    Thank you for the release! I think this show is really underrated. Great job!

  7. mikedude writes:

    Anyone kind enough to explain how to go about updating the scripts in the files?

  8. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    To mux scripts in, download MKVMergeGUI here:
    Just drag and drop the script and the old video file. Add the fonts into the attachment section (2nd Tab). Deselect the old script. Select output file. Click Start Muxing.

  9. melfie writes:

    Invalid torrent file for both the 1080p and 720p 🙁

  10. melfie writes:

    nvm just tried again and they work… unless you fixed them in this short period of time in which case thank you for the speedy fix

  11. Bloodios writes:

    Here are some screenshots comparisons between AtsA and ♦Tenshi♦, (the screenshots are originally captured as BMP files using ffdshow and were converted to PNG files via Photoshop CS5):
    Differences in quality are minor, but you all should look at the screenshots and decide that yourselves. ♦Tenshi♦’s files are at least three times bigger than AtsA’s files, come with no chapter and use FLAC (AtsA uses AAC). AtsA’s 1080p is actually 1904×1072.

  12. Yare Yare writes:

    Tenshi has not cropped the obvious noise at the top, AtsA has not only cropped that, but he has also cropped the left and right for no reason (maybe to make the ratio close to 16:9 so that he wouldn’t have to resize), I thought AtsA was doing proper anamorphic encoding but it seems he is not…

  13. Natsu3 writes:

    If you can’t see the white lines on all of the borders, you have a serious eye deficiency.

  14. Yare Yare writes:

    @Above, feels good to be a smart-ass, doesn’t it?
    Yeah, there is edge noise on all four sides, I didn’t check properly the first time. Yet, it’s not gonna change the fact that AtsA has cropped 8 pixels from each side to remove the edge noise that is hardly thicker than 2 pixels on each side. i.e. he has cropped to nearest mod-16 instead of cropping the noise and resizing to nearest mod-16…

  15. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Between a cropping and resize to 1920, or just leaving the marginal noise at edge I opted to leave the noise. I try not to introduce any kind of encoding filters or resizes in my encodes if possible.

  16. Natsu3 writes:

    @Yare Yare
    Top and bottom are only cropped 4 pixels (1080-4-4=1072). Cropping 8-4-8-4 instead of 2-2-2-2 will result in a loss of pixels of less than 1% – from the least important part of the image even. Hardly worth mentioning.
    Cropping exactly (non-mod16) and not resizing will result in some compression inefficiency.
    Resizing cropped video is no less questionable than not resizing, it’s basically upscaling and also little different from what a renderer would do if you kept the crop.
    Not cropping “noise” at all is questionable as well.

    Iow there is no ideal solution; someone may have a preference, but not one of them is completely wrong or right.

    And your insult is uncalled for.

  17. Natsu3 writes:

    Actually there is one way that’s definitely wrong: cropping, but not cropping enough (which is probably as stupid as it sounds).

  18. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    I hate upscaling, I only barely tolerate studio upscales. This is why I hate DVD resolution it looks tiny on my 1920×1200 screen.

  19. Natsu3 writes:

    I wouldn’t put resizing a small crop in the same category as ‘real’ upscales, it would just be silly to resize video only for the sake of it having nice and familiar resolution numbers.

  20. Yare Yare writes:

    People do not resize to mod-16 to have “nice and familiar resolution numbers”, they resize to mod-16 for maximum compatibility with the hundredth of different players.

    And yes, there IS an ideal solution, every single encoding guide goes like this:
    1. Crop all the black bars/noise completely.
    2. Resize to nearest mod-16.
    n. Enter the proper playback ratio in the container after encoding.

    Problem is, most encoders seem too lazy to even follow these “basics”, maybe with an exception of niizk’s encoder.

    If we’d wanna simply think that the overcropped data has not been important in the first place, we can as well save ourselves the headache and keep the noise (as Tenshi did) cause it’s in the unimportant part of the video as well and many people wouldn’t even see it. Yeah, there might have been just 1% of lost of data but we can also call it 20.5k pixels, doesn’t sound that small anymore, does it?

    And as for my insult being uncalled for, you might wanna check your first reply again and see who started the insulting. 😉

  21. Natsu3 writes:

    A player that is not compatible with mod16 these days (actually for the past couple of years) is a piece of junk. Supporting broken stuff is not much of an argument. Even 1080p is not mod16, pretty worthless player I’d say.

    Your solution is one of those I named and it is (also) not ideal since it includes a useless resizing step. Useless because a renderer will resize anyway on playback, and not ideal because resizing is a lossy process. It was often considered the best solution 10 to 5 years back, because the cropped amount of pixels was higher relatively to the total (dvd) resolution (even though plenty encoders would “overcrop” 720 to 704, as it was still considered better than resizing) and (divx/xvid) encoders suffered even more from non-mod16 inefficiency than x264 now.

    “Proper playback ratio” never existed in the dvd age. Read here why, if you have enough aspirin close-by: . It might not apply to nowadays full digital HD mastering even though it’s easy to overestimate the industry’s competence/care.

    If I put 20.5k next to 2m, it sounds very puny.

    99% of the encoding guides are written by dumb people for other dumb people, and not coincidentally often copied from each other. Don’t overrate them.

    Checked the reply, nothing wrong with it; just a difference of emo-factor I guess.

    PS. I think we’re getting too technical for a website about simple recoding .

  22. Yare Yare writes:

    I’m gonna sum it up with: “Yare Yare”… 🙂

  23. Natsu3 writes:

    It’s coming kind of late to me, but if you crop without resizing there’s is no need to adjust the DAR. If you display 1904×1072 as 1904×1072 (or render to an equal ration o playback) the AR is still correct.

  24. PumaDAce writes:

    I wanna to mux them but I failed to get file with same crc as files in batch :/ , can someone help? (exact settings for track options and fonts attachmensts) or if someone will be so amazing to make .bat file for lame people like me ^^ … I really dont want to down that 30gb only for that >.<; . Thanks for your help
    You won’t get the same CRC as files in the batch when you remux. Thats fine.

  25. PumaDAce writes:

    not for me 🙁 , I wanna to hash and add it on anidb (without adding new entries). Sorry for bother you, is there any chance to mux it or have I down them again?
    If you need hashes to match, no choice to but to redownload. I am not making patches.

  26. razer08 writes:

    Jo guys can somebody pls seed the torrent it would be awesome ^^ onegai

  27. theunknown writes:

    do u have ddl for this?

  28. demonicchibi writes:

    Can you please post download links seperatley please?
    Bcuz my download speed ranges from 15-40 kbps…..and I can’t download it in one big torrent.

  29. demonicchibi writes:

    Coalgirls please can you post separate DDL’s? That would be awesome because my download speed ranges from 15-25 kbps :/

  30. Adam writes:

    I know these torrents are usually large, but what the hell? 12.8 GB for 14 episodes in 720p? How does that happen?

  31. dwuain writes:

    Please Someone Seed 720p

  32. ChrisFoxs writes:

    Please Seed!