Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Second Season


Episodes – 13 + 3
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1080, crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – Evetaku (Re-styled), CoalKirino (ED1, ED9)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

99 Responses to Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Second Season

  1. Goku1085 writes:

    First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS SERIES!!!!!! 🙂 I love it!!! I have one question please. Do you plan to also include the specials in your release? Thank you very much for your time!! 🙂


  2. Mario writes:

    All of the bd raw’s are out.

  3. shizu writes:

    Thanks was waiting for this a long ass time. But why no NCOPS & NCEDS?

  4. firda_use writes:

    as always, thank you coalgirl

  5. ars writes:

    nice to see you back, coalgirl.

  6. s0beit writes:

    >no subbed specials

  7. Axeshizzle writes:

    yeey thanks

  8. ShadowVlican writes:

    thanks again as always!

  9. StmMchn writes:

    I think there are no NCOP/NCED files in this release because each episode’s OP and ED change in subtle ways to reflect the show at that particular episode. In other words, there would be 16 different versions of the OPs and EDs, so it wasn’t worth it. That’s just what I suspect, though.

  10. Max writes:

    Thanks for having finished subbing this amazing series! >__<

  11. spartacus writes:


  12. toma writes:

    No extended episodes this time like S1, right?

  13. tatsujin writes:

    Thanks, coalgirl.

  14. fumichan writes:

    the true ending route was great, but the ending was meh, imo

  15. BiasedOtaku writes:

    >breathing intensifies

  16. jaysaints writes:

    THIS is why Coalgirls rock! You guys deliver! Thanks a bunch!!

  17. Dhruv writes:

    Thanks, although i don’t like the show.

    Would you be doing the new Ano hana movie?

  18. grew writes:

    well this is a good day

  19. Ranka writes:

    Coalgirls really know how to SURPRISE people!! And especially NO ordered chapter!!!!!!!! Maybe Shingeki no Kyojin bluray will pop up full someday soon.

  20. ChrisK writes:

    You can find the Vol. 8 specials subbed at Ziddy’s YouTube channel. They’ll eventually release a torrent with proper typesetting.

  21. Hoover writes:

    Omg what a surprise! Thanks!!!!

  22. gar writes:

    Love you for doing this. Not sure if I want to DL it based on how this season turned out though XD

  23. Nyx writes:

    EP12 07.25 i guess wrong translation (… is yours truly) while kuroneko say watashi…

  24. Nyx writes:

    EP12 12.47 onward “study” keep translated to “work”

    i just randomly play the episode and found some mistake in translation, hope can get the patch for whole series if there any mistake @ others episode too, love u coalgirls.

  25. Nyx writes:

    EP 14 18.27 i guess another wrong translation (… shall be granted by yours truly!)

    • coalgirl writes:

      All 3 are liberal translation, and keep the meaning. However, translations are not our business. We choose what we deem to be the best translation and use it. None of us knows Japanese. We simply are an encoding group.

  26. Nyx writes:

    i see, because at previous EP using “study” that’s why i think it was wrong translation, but in EP 12 a sentence is quite weird start from 7.21 – 7.25 (the person who makes senpai food is yours trully) while kuroneko point at herself

  27. Nyx writes:

    i see, thanks now i get another new literal in my dictionary, coz i only know common english and japanese

  28. Jane writes:

    Thanks a lot, currently seeding but story not good as season 1 >.<

    @ChrisK: explain to someone is fine but no need to be so harsh, because not everyone known literal in english ^.^v

  29. Knwtmsyn writes:

    Was there no ‘Extended/Full OP’ like there was from season 1? It would go for the length of the full song.

  30. yinyan writes:

    Love this show, hope there be a third season and forth.
    Although this was not as good as S1 I’d like to see a follow up.
    Thanks CoalGirls, you make the best encodes as usual.

  31. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    @Jane: They are just encoders and not customer service although it wont kill them to be nice right?
    If coal girls are just encoders, then where do we send our feedback to what ever team is doing the translations? I may not be fluent in Japanese but for ep 2, dorobo neko (w/c thieving cat) was mistranslated to “house wrecker”.


  32. Encrypto writes:

    @DarkdaemonPK2: it states the subs source in the info about the torrent. Any issues/suggestions should be directed at those groups. They may or may not care, but one can surely try.

  33. yuanzongli writes:

    It’s said that the text which says “There’s No Way…” is using font called “Squick” (screenshot here: http://puu.sh/amEZA/2e3442321f.png) but when I search on Google I only find Squick Plain and Squick Small, and they don’t match that one because they differ a lot, especially if you look at the G.

    Would you mind sharing it to me?

  34. Wongsinthink writes:

    Thank you! this is great.
    Just curious why you don’t use EveTaku KFX, since I really like them.

  35. Shady writes:

    What is this madness, I can’t even play the episode, VLC error pops up *Name is too long*
    Can someone tell me what happen, I don’t wanna download 12gb of data again D:

  36. Shady writes:

    NM guys, fixed it, apparently the folder name was too long. Just have to change the name of the folder and the file is playable again.

  37. ichigo writes:

    Thank you~

  38. Kei writes:

    reseed please…