Yuru Yuri Season 2


Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – R1 (Modified), CoalYui (TS 6, 9-12)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

49 Responses to Yuru Yuri Season 2

  1. E.J. writes:

    YES YES YES!!! \(^◡^\)

  2. DarkSlayer writes:

    Wait, WHAT??? YEAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

  3. Fate writes:


  4. DarkChaplain writes:

    DAMN YES! I wished that would happen ;_____;

  5. Tohru writes:

    This news makes me happy.

  6. CTS writes:

    Hmm, won’t there be a 1080p release of this as well?

  7. Swaps4 writes:


  8. Swaps4 writes:

    @CTS, Yes once the BDs come out. If you have a time machine please go to the year 2013 and tell us which dates they come out.

  9. Gar writes:


  10. meork writes:

    @CTS this post is for the TV version, duh. Hence the AAC audio.

  11. IZEROII writes:


  12. PB Curious writes:

    Now this I’ll watch when it comes out. And download the BDs when they come out too.

  13. revo writes:

    ^anyvideoconverter should work

  14. LilithiaHeart writes:

    Ehhhhhhhhhhh, does this mean full BD won’t be released until the beginning of 2013 ?

  15. Swaps4 writes:

    @LitithiaHeart, no it was just a sarcasm comment. No dates have been confirmed yet so just wait.

  16. lala writes:


  17. sayi50 writes:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Time for some more laugh! Can’t wait.

  18. blueday writes:

    MAL said the second season will Airing from : july 2012 : : http://myanimelist.net/anime/12403/Yuru_Yuri_%E2%99%AA%E2%99%AA:
    I can’t wait for this. ^_^

  19. suffersystem writes:


  20. andrew writes:

    were there many differences between the TV version and the BD version of the last season? just wondering if should wait for the BD for this season

  21. harava writes:

    @andrew Aside from delicious uncensored yuri action? Not much.

  22. ashitanokioku writes:

    on which day is the next episode going to be released?

  23. derpltonbanks writes:

    @ashitanokioku: “1. Episode 3 will be delayed approximately 5 days, and episode 7 approximately 7 days.” Simple math.

  24. Glom writes:

    Can someone please explain me how YuruYuri got so popular? No one cared about the 1st season.

  25. blergh writes:

    what going on with this?

    “Episode 3 will be delayed approximately 5 days”

    Its been like a decade. Can someone confirm this is still on its way?

  26. Y9 writes:

    I second blergh’s question. I’m curious about the status of Yuru Yuri Season 2 episode 3 up to the latest episode aired.

  27. ZEROibis writes:

    Yes can we please get some sort of verification as to what the status on this release is?

  28. Akarin writes:

    I Tought Yuru Yuri Wasnt Going To Start Again YEEEEYYY Its Gonna Be A Season 3 Or Something And I Wish I Had A Site With The Release Date Of The Episodes Thx

  29. ZEROibis writes:

    “Update – .ts for Yuru Yuri has been found. This changes plans. Encodes tomorrow, subs Thursday/Friday. KMB may be delayed until after vacation now.”


  30. Yoder writes:

    So when are the subs coming out?

  31. ZEROibis writes:

    At this point I am giving it another 24 hours and if I have not heard anything I am going to assume it really was dropped. Unless the vacation was 2 weeks instead of 1 but even so I hope we will hear something on Monday.

  32. Yoder writes:

    So what was the original hold up anyway? Couldn’t find the .ts for some episodes? Everyone other group seemed to find them just fine. After being a month late, they say it’ll be Thursday or Friday, and now they’re over a week late on that one too! Now it’s about five episodes behind. When subs do come out, will it be for all the episodes, or just episode three?

  33. Grover H. Derpington, ESQ. writes:

    I, for one, would rather just want for blu-ray releases. Use someone else for crappy TV quality.

  34. horus writes:


    Calm down, dude. Read the bottom line at left on every page here. I’m sure it ain’t personal. If you’re in that much of a hurry, pull it from somewhere else (e.g., Asuka?) otherwise, just chill and they’ll eventually get to it here without all the drama.

    (I’m sure behind that don’t-give-a-damn exterior lurks a group of dedicated individuals who want to continue bringing us more enjoyable anime’ titles as they become available. Some things just take time. Thanks for everything, folks!)

  35. grew writes:

    not doing specials thats sucks. may i ask why your not doing it?

  36. comp_ writes:

    Any chance you reconsider about the specials? 😐
    Aside from that, awesome release, will be waiting for all the eps !

  37. tYyPpI writes:

    Thanks for the BDs, also that pic:


  38. Mutsakman1 writes:

    So why do people feel so entitled when it comes to fansubs? Be thankful for what you’re provided with, rather than be angry at what is not fitted into what is otherwise, a normal human’s schedule! They’re still people, with jobs or study of whatever. This is completely optional.

    Thanks for this effort, it’s really appreciated.

  39. coalgirl writes:

    I’m trying to boil down my load to 1 new show each season. This would prevent added real life stress I’m expecting when my job starts, as well as prevent overloaded backlog, as happened over the summer during my TERA craze.

    What does that mean? It was against my judgment to pick up Yuru Yuri 2 BD’s. I was going to say “Forget it. I’d love to, but it’s too much work.” But I decided I would, on the condition that it becomes an easy BD release – aka, one with no new content. So that’s exactly what I did. No specials is better than no BD, right?

  40. grew writes:

    does this mean your not playing TERA anymore?

  41. Sakura writes:

    I want to see the CoalGirls disc 3 version so bad 😛

  42. Asobitai writes:

    we want disc 3, onnegai

  43. evilshopkeeper writes:

    give me my AKARINE TIME

  44. Nyann writes:

    Thanks! Really worth waiting for your release.

  45. Kago writes:

    Yay! Completed at last! Thanks you very much coalgirl!

  46. Hemzlor0 writes:

    So this is still posted to ‘ongoing’. Is this really ongoing or complete now? 🙂

  47. ThinMan writes:

    You guys are really knocking out the series’ as of late. Very cool.

  48. Alex writes:

    Thanks a lot!

  49. DerpshipLaz0rs writes:

    @ThinMan yeah my home and seedbox were craving some action lately. Thanks for the Yuris