Angel Beats!

Type: Series (14 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 13
Audio: FLAC 2.0 24Bit
Subs: SS, Mazui (OP/ED/Insert/Typesetting),

Note 1 – This completes the series. Final changes include a few touch up jobs to scripts and the inclusion of NCEDs and OP.

Torrents – 1080p – 720p

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  1. Adam Buchheit writes:

    can someone start seeding at a reasonable rate please. My current edt for this is 7 weeks… :\

  2. akpends writes:

    Same here, looks like I came late to the party and I would really appreciate a few more seeders. Gomen, gomen.



  3. ludaguanren writes:

    some seed please!

  4. Luizk writes:


  5. keone2703 writes:

    Good file, however does anyone know how to put tick marks in VLC Media Player? It has it in Code Geass and other anime, I miss being able to skip to a certain tick mark so I can skip certain parts.

  6. darkfawwaz writes:

    pls reseeding this torrent

  7. Massacre_chips writes:

    Thank You so much for this ^^

  8. Ahmad writes:

    one of the best shows EVER!!

  9. Alexander writes:

    Very much so enjoyed this series! I was so touched by the ending, I had to watch it again and then my friends convinced me to watch Clannad… So many emotions, so little time.

    Will try to upload until no one cares anymore! (Like Mirai Nikki)~

  10. writes:

    10 bit’s ?

  11. Axeshizzle writes:

    So why does this one, not have any chapters?
    Also megaupload doesn’t exist anymore so the scripts are unavailable.

  12. ArcticWolf writes:

    Can you fix the download link please? :3

  13. Tenshi fan writes:

    lol, posted by Tenshi.

    Definitely my second favorite Key production, right after Clannad After Story.

  14. Nomad writes:

    Link for Scripts @ Megaupload is down.

  15. Tenshi fan writes:

    I am downloading the 1080 version. It looks like you got the numbers in the file names of Another Epilog and Stairway to heaven mixed up.

  16. Ore writes:

    Please reseeding this anime .Tq

  17. cgfan writes:

    Can you please upload the updated script ??
    The old megaupload site doesnt work anymore.


  18. Moof writes:

    Thank you to those who are seeding! Much appreciated!

  19. Yagami_Raito8920 writes:

    I was shocked after seeing it has over 30GB. But I guess the release must be godlish 🙂
    Thanks anyway.

  20. silv3rblade writes:

    Thanx a lot!!!

  21. mohsen writes:

    the scripts megaupload link doesn’t work. plz fix it.

  22. Noman writes:

    Please SEED!!!! I’ll be grateful… (If possible, seed with a seedbox.) I just need 4 days, Please!!!

  23. Noman writes:

    p.s. I meant the 720p version, so please seed the 720p version!

  24. Sneaky96 writes:

    I’m seeding for you guys, cheer.