Angel Beats!

Type: Series (14 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 13
Audio: FLAC 2.0 24Bit
Subs: SS, Mazui (OP/ED/Insert/Typesetting),

Note 1 – This completes the series. Final changes include a few touch up jobs to scripts and the inclusion of NCEDs and OP.

Torrents – 1080p – 720p

180 Responses to Angel Beats!

  1. Gigi1017 writes:

    Thank You for the that info, and keep up the good work. <3

  2. Sayer writes:

    Not too sound like a whiney cunt, but is there any chance you could give us an ETA on the last episode?

  3. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Status updates can be found on my projects page.

  4. skyhack writes:

    Wow, I come to the page, write a post under Haruhi, go back to the main page, and Angel Beats is done! (720, anyway)
    On time and under budget. You guys should be programming our new radar systems!

  5. ashlee writes:

    why are each file so huge?

  6. ar writes:


    Did you fix up the ED lyrics for episode 13? There was a different verse than the TV version in it.

    This verse:

    Hitori demo yuku yo
    Shinitaku nattemo
    Koe ga kikoeru yo
    Shinde wa ikenai to
    Tatoe tsurakutemo
    Yami ni tozasaretemo
    Kokoro no oku ni wa
    Akari ga tomotteru yo

    Was replaced with this verse:

    Dokomademo yuku yo
    Koko de shitta koto
    Shiawase to iu yume wo kanaete miseru yo
    Minna to hanaretemo
    Donna ni tooku nattemo
    Atarashii asa ni
    Kono boku wa ikiru yo

    I almost didn’t notice it myself.

  7. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    I am aware of the change up, was annoying since I started scripting the SS translation then got to the change in verse. In the end I just used mazui’s translation for the ED and that only has sections after the verse in question.

  8. ar writes:

    You probably could have grabbed the updated Ichiban no Takaramono ED translation from AtsA’s (SS, Kunio-kun would have updated the TL) release.

  9. Chris writes:

    Hey guys
    I downloaded the episodes as you released them (1080p)
    now there is a final batch is it worth me downloading it (besides the 13.5 and special ep)

    Thank’s for doing this btw as it was my favourite series of the season.
    There were script fixes for typesetting for a bunch of the episodes. There were no changes to the actual encodes. If you want the new scripts just get the scripts file and mux them in.

  10. Sayer writes:

    The glitches in the intros of EP1 and 2 were fixed yeah?

  11. Sayer writes:

    Wait a minute, I just rewatched them then to see if they were actually there… I think I some how made them up. Ignore the previous post.

  12. Mr Lucipher writes:

    Nice, been a while since I watched this.
    Will grab this as soon as I free up my torrents.

  13. RoadSign writes:

    Thanks Tenshi~~

  14. Hage writes:

    Where is the patch “[Coalgirls]_Angel_Beats!_04_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[E7424655].mkv”
    -> “[Coalgirls]_Angel_Beats!_04_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[22310D5C].mkv” (´・д・`)?
    No patches, If you want matching CRCs redownload. All that changed was the subs, and those can be found via the link in the post. Just mux them in yourself if you dont want a redownload.

  15. superweapons writes:

    xdelta patches (1080p):
    Episodes 01-05 (except for 02) and 12. This patch brings those files up to the latest torrent, as of Jan. 07, 2011.
    Notes: episode 02 does not compress efficiently at all, so no patch.

  16. Chris writes:

    hey, I don’t suppose the word “obliterate” is wrong or typo.

    is it not meant to be disappear

    like “please don’t disappear” when speaking/crying to kanade at the end rather then
    “don’t obliterate on me” as it sounds wrong (to me)

    just thought I would ask

  17. JJ writes:

    Wow, “don’t obliterate on me”? That sure is some terrible English there.

  18. CC writes:

    Why the fuck is the size so large? it is just 720p and not 1080p

  19. aaaaa writes:

    anyone know where I can find a subbed version of “The Making of Episode 2”? I kinda want to watch it. thanks

  20. ar writes:

    Dialogue: 0,0:23:17.29,0:23:18.75,AB!_Otonashi,Oto,0000,0000,0000,,Don’t obliterate on me.

    This line I guess.

    He says “消えないで (kienaide)” negative -te form of kieru (to disappear) which in this case is a request and translates simply as “Please don’t disappear.”

  21. Chris writes:

    I do wonder why they didn’t put it as “Please don’t disappear.”

    tha’s what mazui (and after checking) UTW subs did.

  22. bertman4 writes:

    I just finished watching the batch. It was a great show. Thanks for your hard work.

  23. dane writes:

    Do i need to download the script if I were to download the entire batch of 1080p or 720p? Are those batches finalised?
    Yes, batches are at final version. Scripts are for people that downloaded individual releases.

  24. Phantz writes:

    DDL link for those needed.
    Will upload the rest of episodes later.

  25. eulenkautz writes:

    how do i mux them exactly? throw everything together or make a job for every single episode with their new scripts? and do i need to ad the fonttypes again?

  26. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    You need a program called MKVmerge GUI. From there just drag and drop the new subs and deselect the old ones. I would remove and readd all the fonts there were some new ones added in for some of the episodes for typesetting.


  27. Andy writes:

    None of the episodes work on my WDTV Live – but other Coalgirls releases do. Trying to figure out what’s different – is there some encoding settings that differ significantly? Tested working: Haruhi, Clannad, Bakemonogatari

  28. Andy writes:

    Wish I could edit my original post – tried remuxing with the audio header compressions turned off. It makes the video playable (rather than crash the player), but audio skips significantly to the point where it’s completely offsync before the opening finishes. Not really sure what settings to change at this point

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Due to the high bitrate of this release it could be that your WDLive doesn’t have the CPU power to handle this release. I recommend using a HTPC for playback.

      As for the Audio/Video compression headers, WD has released firmware updates for the Live that supposedly fix that issue. You may want to consider upgrading.

  29. Andy writes:

    Thanks for the response – sorry should have stated I’m actually only playing the 720p versions (6k total?) so I doubt that it’s a CPU limitation, as I’ve tried a bunch of other Coalgirls series at 1080p+FLAC that work (Haruhi).

    The video for 720p Angel Beats is absolutely 100% smooth as it’s fairly low bitrate, for some reason it’s just the audio that skips. I will look into the firmware upgrade, although after removing the header compression I’m not sure that’s the issue any more.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Can’t really say what the issue is with audio. I have a hatred for those media boxes, the ones I have used have come up short, hence my HTPC recommendation.

  30. Andy writes:

    Thanks for the headsup on the new firmware – the header compression is indeed fixed, although unfortunately the audio still skips. I’ll live viewing this on my desktop. Thanks for the help

  31. restart writes:

    im downloading the 1080p but it keeps “error: element not found”. why ? thanks.

  32. billy writes:

    32 GB are you crazy? This show isn’t even that good.

  33. Jjunos writes:

    Hey Andy,

    I got the same problem with my WD TV live, can’t seem to play any of the coalgirls Evangelion vids 1.11, or 2.22. Get the same message about it not being supported, but never had a problem before. Haven’t tried removing the compressed header, but I’ll definetly give it a try. pretty sure it’s not a issue with it not being able to handle it…did you find a solution to it?

  34. Buu writes:

    DDL link for those needed.
    Will upload the rest of episodes later.

    Much appreciated. Though, what does .mkv.001 and .mkv.002 mean?

  35. Kaz writes:


  36. Kippers writes:

    Are the episodes in the first post the ones with the updated scripts?

    Or do I have to download the episodes in the first post and have to update the scripts myself?

  37. Bob writes:

    Slap me know for being selfish, but do you think you could add up download links (well at least EP 11) me and Torrents dont really get along..

  38. Badger writes:

    I found a translation/sub mistake.

    Episode 4 at 12:21. It should be “Get seven runs in, and it’ll be a called game”. (Not “cold game”)


  39. Badger writes:

    My previous comment included, unless the official translation (if there is one) says otherwise, I think there are a few more episode 4 baseball related issues.

    13:57 – Likely “Four balls!” not “Foul ball!” Although the umpire raises his arms, the batter is not in the batters box and didn’t swing, so it’s hard to imagine him hitting the ball foul. The pitcher and catcher were throwing it back and forth, so I guess the umpire was giving the batter a walk.

    14:12 – “called game victory”, not “cold game victory”

    15:43 – “called game” for “cold game”


  40. Kei writes:

    Which player would be best to run this? I’m using VLC and it sorta freezes for several second and then resumes every once in a while. :3

  41. Kei writes:

    Thanks, I’ll look for it and attemp to work with it.

    The problem is the screen freezing (audio still works/continues at set part), hope MPC will help with it.

    Thanks in advance.

  42. fonzer writes:

    Kei i use smplayer

  43. Tarou writes:

    Can someone pls upload the 1080p version at fileserve?

  44. broculos writes:

    Great job! Really!

    But in fact, how come each episode is so huge? far bigger than in any other series…


  45. Bob writes:

    Is the english dub included?

  46. Bob writes:

    Can you guys upload with the english dub please? Can you let me know if you will or not?

  47. demonicchibi writes:

    Can you guys please post direct DL links?

  48. 720 writes:

    Why have the 720p torrents been so dead lately?
    Is it because of the move from

  49. mascthemoney writes:

    @720 try looking the torrents up on BakaBT. google it.

  50. Tankmen66 writes:

    are these episodes dubbed