Ao no Exorcist – The Movie


Type: Movie
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720 @ crf 13
Audio: FLAC 5.1 (24 Bit) – Japanese
Subs: Hatsuyuki
Torrent: 1080p – 720p – Patches

I did the movie purely for consistancy and for FLAC.

*NOTE: Torrent has now been replaced, you will know if you have the old one that requires patching if it has no CRC in the filename.

30 Responses to Ao no Exorcist – The Movie

  1. Gar writes:

    links are backwards

    Thank you though!

  2. Megatron` writes:

    You got the 1080p and 720p links mixed up.

  3. coldhell writes:

    “I did the movie purely for consistancy and for FLAC.” – so it is not interesting?

  4. causltony writes:

    I was wondering if you can give us just the sub files smi or srt or something?

  5. wat writes:

    Patch in terms of xdelta?

  6. skyhack writes:

    Patch a hardsub? That’s news to me.

  7. NisemonogatariBD writes:

    becoz it was hardsub in hatsuyuki where the subs are from this release has no ED subs, so he will release a sub that adds softsubs, obviously, use your head for something other than cracking nuts for once will ya 🙂

  8. Derpwagon writes:

    I lol’d @ the crybabies on nyaa complaining about Tenshi using Hatsuyuki subs.

    Worth a read if you want something to laugh about.

  9. D-JPois0n writes:

    Thanks 😀

  10. JuicyTwos writes:

    Might confuse some. (Just

    “Ao no Exorcist – The Movie”
    Type: Series (25 Episodes)

  11. ferg writes:

    didnt even know there as a movie

  12. .:Acnologia:. writes:

    Hey random question is this movie even worth watching????

  13. John Liu writes:

    Just saw this a few days ago. It’s pretty good if you liked the series.

  14. Juan writes:

    is the torrent patched now?

  15. ferg writes:

    no CRC on the file?

  16. Evil Hero writes:

    what about HxH movie?

  17. Max FireHeart writes:

    How to patch the file?

  18. JuicyTwos writes:


    Take “Original” file downloaded from old torrent. Cut/Paste that file into the ‘Patches’ folder. Proceed to doubleclick on the corresponding file for the reso. you downloaded.
    I.E, you downloaded the 720p version, then drag/cut file into that folder then double click on patch720.xdelta (ms-dos window pops up, just let it do it’s thing) when that new popped up window disappears the patch is complete and you now have your newer Patches File in the same folder (Patches) as the ones you drag/cut into it. Confirm that said file is working by opening a media player skip though few parts etc, if it works fine delete the older non-patched file.


  19. coldhell writes:

    Since you probably know about the “big drama” I won’t explain in details
    Here is a patch for 720p with hatsu script v2 correctly timed to your video, also minor changes – like fixing the title light effect, and ending overlap with the credits. I have no idea is it compatible with your 1080p since your 720 has 1 frame less than hatsu (~21min after the start). If the 1080p has the same frames with your 720p script will be compatible, if it has the same frames as hatsu =then it won’t be compatible

  20. coldhell writes:

    uhh the previous has incorrect colormatrix (it doesn’t matter but..)

  21. Rewston writes:

    Thanks for the release, only question I have:
    How come there is such a size differences compared to Hatsuyukis release?
    I mean, can’t tell difference in sound/picture ect ect.

    Thanks again <3

  22. Crismas writes:


  23. Hirito writes:

    Thanks for the release! and please Re-Seed! stuck at 82%

  24. hussain writes:

    torrent stuck at 97.6% 🙁 please seed!

  25. Ovus writes:

    My torrent is stuck, can someone pls seed this again? 🙁

  26. Shn writes:

    No 320p and 420p?