Seiken no Blacksmith

Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720 @~2100 kbps, 1920×1080 @~4100 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Nuke



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  1. shullu writes:

    Thanks anon-chan ,i thought that you had you wasnt going to finish the show ,glad to see it done 🙂

  2. Anonymouse Coward writes:

    There’s a bit of corruption in [Coalgirls]_Seiken_no_Blacksmith_12_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[997E6613].mkv at about 13:30. The top half of Aria’s head blurs out at the scene change.

  3. Anonymouse Coward writes:

    Sorry, that should be at 14:30…

  4. Persephone writes:

    Is Ep01 in the 720p torrent a v2?
    Because it’s the same CRC32 as v1 except with a (2) behind.

  5. Gregar writes:

    @ Persephone – If you look at the older comments you will see the following:

    Gregar says:
    June 4, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    anon-chan – Look at the file name for EP1 in the batch, at the end it has (2) there a reason for that ?
    anon-chan says:
    June 4, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    Whoops, that’s my fault. Just remove the (2). :p

  6. waleedtg writes:

    except for the quality differnece i hear the blu ray version has added scenes

    is that true or its the same as the tv version?

  7. mack writes:

    @minhtri :whats your point they all look identical ,the only difference i see is that decays looks cropped slightly and they don’t include subs on them if i remember right

  8. minhtri writes:

    my point?
    a screenshot comparison between them.
    like Coalgirls did with Eva 2.22, Clannad…

    and with my eyes, Decays is sharper.

  9. minhtri writes:

    beg for a favor here
    can some one please upload sub+font+chapter from Coalgirls here?

  10. minhtri writes:

    thank for r help
    i get all of them here. XD

  11. agit025 writes:

    Hey guys, I downloaded 1080p last few weeks and there’s seems to be some corruption with Ep 4,6 and maybe 3.

    Just a wonder, is it fixed? Anyway, Thanks anon-chan!!!

  12. MaDa2DaNe writes:

    At eps 3 [720p], 15:18-15:20 its blank… can u repair it?

  13. MaDa2DaNe writes:

    At eps 4 [720p], 19:20-19:22 its crack… can u repair it?

  14. MaDa2DaNe writes:

    At eps 12 [720p], 14:35-14:37 its crack… can u repair it?

  15. jeff writes:

    @minhtri ;why the hell do you even care about this crappy show it sucks and its not worth the effort .Just get zero raws and remux or get dmonhiros if you like the shitty brown subs that arent as good as nukes

  16. Gaarara writes:

    just to be clear,episodes 3,4,12 are the only episodes with glitches?

  17. MaDa2DaNe writes:

    @ Gaarara
    Yes, at least at my computer

  18. Gaarara writes:

    dmonhiro doesn’t seem to be planning a 720 version.
    so we might have to re-encode the 1080’s ourselves.

  19. Gnarnia writes:

    episodes 1 & 6 have glitches to

  20. Gaarara writes:

    Thanks for The Heads Up Gnarnia. 😀

  21. Zeniv writes:

    Just wondering if the glitches have been fixed yet for the 1080p torrent and also please seed! 😀

  22. Baukaka writes:

    Thanks for your sharing.
    but there is a problem in the Episode 3(720P version). About in 15:17~15:20.

  23. Darathar writes:

    Is this the uncensored version, or will it contain magical steam and light from nowhere? Sorry if it’s already been stated and I missed it.

  24. dragonsword50 writes:

    can someone plz seed the batch torrents because hardly anyone is seeding

  25. amen665 writes:

    @Darathar~ all BD’s should be uncensored….. i haven’t seen this anime but it looks like a type of show where censoring isn’t needed ^^ unless im wrong and this show has a lot of skin and bloody goodness 😛

  26. amen665 writes:

    lol… just seen the uncensored and censored comparison… LOTS of tits 😀 *big smile*

  27. Nokutisu writes:

    Can anyone explain the Difference between 720p and 1080p?

  28. joseole writes:

    Are people allowed to mirror your uploads on different forums?

  29. joseole99 writes:

    dumb fuck. if you gonna pose as me, at least get the name right.

  30. wolfang21 writes:

    Can somebody seed this? I’m stuck at 82% with 5kb/s

  31. julio writes:

    The 720p version of the third episode has a little tick. Maybe do a version 2 to correct this? It’s the scene where the obnoxious knight guy talks to the three women while swinging his sword obnoxiously.
    Baukaka also saw this. So can you please release a v2? Please?

  32. julio writes:

    Joseole99, I’ve gotta thank you man for making a dual audio release, if coalgirls does make a v2 of episode 3, can you redo it as well? Thanks!

  33. Whatever writes:

    The users who talk about some problems in the video of some 1080p episodes where right. This is from episode 4 at 19:21.
    It was tested in three different players in two different systems.

  34. ACrazyOldMan writes:

    FYI: 720p torrent URL has an extra “8” at the end

  35. Epimetheus writes:

    seed please in 720p… finally found this anime….so I humbly ask for seeders for this one…please…

  36. s©arle†_®ain writes:

    ,,ahmm..,thnx for the release.,would be glad if everybody SEED for it..=)

  37. Andrei writes:

    I’ve watched this anime when it was airing , but the quality of the video was , well bad so thx for the upload 😀 .

  38. decade writes:

    i got video problem in ep 9 to 12…am i the only one?

  39. abcde writes:


  40. Yo writes:

    Can i’ll get some seeds for seiken-no-blacksmith 720 pls.

  41. joseole99 writes:

    Fuck you! Who are these losers posing as me?! Seriously, get a life…

  42. Richard writes:

    Hey, can someone be kind and seed the 720p version?


  43. 初音ミク writes:

    need more seed!

  44. SaladinAhab writes:

    Need 720p seed, stuck at 45%