Soul Eater

Type: Series (51 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
FLAC 5.1 (English)
Subs: Retail (Modified)
Torrent: 720p

Thanks to MarukoM (timing 14-39), Alucryd (timing 40-51) and Nettosama (QCing everything).

169 Responses to Soul Eater

  1. Jay writes:

    I’ve got to say.. not really complaining but, the subtitles are kinda bad, lots of grammatical errors and unfinished sentences, some too literal in translation. But Oh well, the audio and video is good… But if anyone would download this wants to understand the story of soul eater they maybe a little disappointed like I am of the subtitles.

  2. Sexy Coal writes:

    are the subtitles bad ?

  3. trademark2 writes:

    I have to say, the subs are not bad. that guy that says they are bad is full of bullshit. they are very good subs.

  4. Brandon writes:

    Yes!! I can finally update my shitty SD version. Thank you Coalgirls.

  5. Sean writes:

    Is this also dubbed? My gf isn’t very good at keeping up with the subtitles. xD

  6. Malik Addas writes:

    Can someone please upload the scripts?

  7. Dashing766 writes:

    Just a note guys, Episode 35 has 2 english subtitle tracks instead of one being the signs/songs for the English Dub. I fixed it myself though!

  8. yunh writes:

    how good is the encode compared to the bdmv is there blocking

  9. Mitha writes:

    Well I have the English version no sub & its nice, now waiting for season 2 if there will be one.

  10. thasinwasif writes:

    is this dubbed