Kiddy Girl-and

Comparison – TVBD
Episodes – 24
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1350 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~3000 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Anbu

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

49 Responses to Kiddy Girl-and

  1. chronos02 writes:


    Didn’t expect this =9. Yay!

    But isn’t the work load a bit too much O.o? How do you manage to do it all?

    Aniway, thanks for the happy notice.

  2. coalgirls writes:

    There’s 2 of us each doing 1/2.

  3. philip writes:

    Sweeet, i was planning on watching the TV series today, but I’m going to just wait for you peeps to do this.

  4. cking-sama writes:

    i have a somewhat selfish request. Thora released all 12 episodes of ef: A Tale of Melodies (BD source) in 1080p. but the worst part is, they stopped releasing 720p eps at episode 6….soooo ^_^ (btw i wasnt sure where i could ask this so i just commented on your latest project post). Thanks again coalgirls

    No. Get chihiro’s Blu-Ray and mux in Menclave’s subs if you want it.

  5. Persephone writes:

    Went to ANBU to ask them if there will be a batch and any v2.

    Got the following ~
    There will be a batch. Depending on how tired/lazy I feel, there might be v2 files to fix character names.

    I haven’t seen it so I wouldn’t know, if they are referring to changing it to the official names.
    Unless you plan to fix the name change.
    Referring to the official Site or ANN would be good.

  6. hunter writes:

    Another nice surprise, thanks 🙂

    PD: please, don’t use ordered chapters.

  7. itsmeMARIO writes:

    Thanks for your hard work!

    @hunter Why would you not want ordered chapters? From what i’ve seen its all upside…

  8. Animexplorer writes:

    That is a nice surprise 🙂 Coalgirls & Thora are probably my most favourite fansub groups. Pitty Kickassanime is no longer with us 🙁

  9. itsmeMARIO writes:


    My thoughts exactly! I visit Coalgirls and Thora’s sites everyday! I remember how awesome kickassanime used to be… really is a pitty they aren’t releasing anything anymore. I still have them bookmarked though.

  10. Gaarara writes:

    Hahahahaha!!!!! 😀
    I couldn’t help,I knew it would show up here 😀

    and the guy asking for Ef Melodies 720’s.
    since Thora completed their 1080’s just ask someone who has them for the ssa subs then retime them to Chihiro.
    I’ve already done that for the first 10 episodes for My Dual Sub Ef Melodies,I only need Episodes 11-12 ssa now.

  11. Underground Meatstick writes:

    PROTIP: Don’t even think about doing the Kiddy Grade BDs. They are by far the worst ones I’ve seen yet. So bad I think it’d actually be better to use the old DVDs instead, which is a shame really, since I very much adore anything gímik.

    I’m not doing Kiddy Grade. I didn’t know they even had them. I’m only doing Kiddy Girl-and.

  12. Fayaka writes:

    Woo, I was waiting for Basquash, but this might not be too bad.

  13. philip writes:

    thanks for the release, but for ED2, ANBU’s karaoke was way too awesome for me to give up, so i guess i’ll just keep your releases and all of ANBU’s tv releases lol

  14. rds writes:

    Thanx, Nghia.

  15. drago writes:

    Thanks for posting DDL!!

  16. thk writes:

    Any DDL for episodes 4-6?

  17. deadFreak writes:

    I have a question, ¿the 1080p version is an upscale of a 720p master, or it has excellent details?

  18. masachan writes:


  19. English writes:


    Google Translate sucks.

  20.    writes:

    But you can understand what he’s trying to ask, so it doesn’t suck that much, now does it?

  21. thk writes:

    Hi Nghia. Do you mind if you can upload episode 7-9 to megaupload as well? Thanks a lot!

  22. Nghia writes:

    ok, will do eventually, sick for 3 days straight, terrible…

  23. David writes:

    kiddy girl and was originally titled kiddy grade 2. They changed the title for some reason

  24. aniluv writes:

    Thanks Nghia. Pls keep 10,11 and 12 coming. =))

  25. Nghia writes:

    I got 10-12, will start uploading for sure although I cannot promise that I will do it now, better get the torrent now while it lasts.

  26. galmi writes:

    @Nghia thanx so so much for the links

  27. rds writes:

    Nghia, thank you

  28. Anonymous writes:

    Could you do a comparison with TV stretched to 1920×1080 and compare it with the bluray 1080p?

  29. LMN writes:

    Looks like you seem to have bad weather. Well, it sucks for you – but it’s better for us :O

  30. thk writes:

    Waiting for DDL 13-15… Haha
    Thanks anyway!

  31. philip writes:

    Their typesetting and karaoke is legit!!!!

  32. rds writes:

    Thank you, Hu Ge Ge !!

  33. thk writes:

    Can somebody please upload episode 16-18 to mega as well?
    Thanks a bunch!

  34. banger writes:

    make the file sizes real big so they won’t take down anbu’s

  35. suiton writes:

    Are there any plans of doing Kiddy Grade BluRay?

  36. reculeor writes:

    1080p upscale or not?

  37.    writes:

    Thanks for doing this.

  38. ChaelMi writes:

    @suiton: i think they will not do it!

  39. anyone writes:

    any plans on ddl for eps 16-24? that would be very appreciated 😉

  40. anyone writes:

    Pretty please, ddl for eps 16-24 720p …

  41. anyone writes:

    Thank you very much, lilly_938.

  42. anyone writes:

    any ddl for eps. 19-24 720p? please …

  43. Daniel writes:

    Please the Torrent 720p Seeden