selector spread WIXOSS


Episodes – 12
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – ASenshi

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent


31 Responses to selector spread WIXOSS

  1. king kunta writes:

    is this the surprise project you mention?

  2. Nino writes:

    Thanks, but … What’s with the NCOP and NCED?

  3. Max writes:


  4. Yami writes:

    Amazing, going to re-watch the series just for this 🙂

  5. Who's This writes:

    Wooo awesome!

  6. Ningen writes:

    would be interested in the BDs

    willing to pay 20 Dolllar, plus 5 Dollar shipping

  7. Assurhaddon writes:

    I’m interested in the BDs, are you willing to ship overseas?

  8. Kreygasm writes:

    I rarely drop anime, but I dropped this piece of shit (season 1).
    A freaking card game that doesn’t explain rules. I think it doesn’t even have rules?


  9. Tenshi fan writes:

    woot! woot! coalgirl is the best girl!

  10. anon writes:

    Why would the anime need to explain the rules?
    This isn’t Yugi-Oh, where the whole story revolves around card battles.

    Wixoss is about a girl who wants to battle for fun, but struggles because she knows she’ll hurt others by playing. It’s about girls who are willing to sacrifice their dreams to have a chance at reaching it.
    It’s a psychological anime, not a battle one.

    It’s like you’re watching Detective Conan and expect Dragon Balls just because Conan has to beat the bad guys sometimes.

    If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But calling it a piece of shit just because you don’t understand it… that’s just dumb.

  11. Kreygasm writes:

    ^ lol what are you smoking?

    Main part of the anime revolves around the card battle.
    How can you watch something where one player is clearly cheating by playing 3 turns in a row lol

    They have names for cards and all that, yet no explanation at all

    Just because its not ALL about card battle doesn’t give them excuse not to explain how one of the main parts of the anime works

    ” But calling it a piece of shit just because you don’t understand it… that’s just dumb”

    How does one understand something which is not explained at all? Lel

    Its half of an anime

  12. LZZ writes:

    I don’t know baseball rules, but I loved Cross Game. And I’d say Cross Game is about 60% baseball. WIXOSS is 15% card game, at most.

  13. anon writes:

    It’s as @LZZ said: Wixoss is at most 15% about card battles.

    The main part of the anime revolves around the main character NOT WANTING TO BATTLE.
    How can you NOT understand this after watching the anime? Oh, wait, you DIDN’T.

    So what if the cards have names? How many cards were actually named besides the Lrigs?

    Here’s the plot twist, in case you missed it: card battles AREN’T the main part of the anime.

    You clearly don’t understand what the anime is about.

    Next you’re going to claim Nisekoi is about Japan’s criminal underworld, just because the 2 main characters are the son of a Yakusa leader, and the daughter of a gang boss. LOL!

  14. Kreygasm writes:

    the level of stupidity is too high

    Card battle is much bigger than 15% and comparing it to yakuza in nisekoi is idiotic, but even they explain who the boss is and what he does

  15. Kreygasm writes:

    I’m dumb for trying to argue with blind fanboys… Silly of me.
    My bad.

  16. Walker writes:

    @anon @Kreygasm
    I don’t know where i should start, but i will make it simple as possible…
    i think what make anime interesing are:
    1. every anime has it own good and bad sides at their way. like or not, it depends on people who watch it.
    2. there isn’t animes, that are same. so comparing is not quite best way…

    then, that is not wise to argue with harsh word, people have different perspective, tho.. let’s learn how to critics and accept it in a good way. also, its better if you give less bad opinion to animes, respect..

    i will not say who wrong or who right and not support one of you.. i just hate seeing people like you two, lol…
    just you know, i’m an author and i have many exp to animes and its story.. 🙂

  17. anon writes:

    “just you know, i’m an author and i have many exp to animes and its story..”

    As an author, you certainly know how to lose all credibility in one phrase.

    It’s too bad you hate me, because I love you, bro.

  18. anon writes:


    I showed you what was wrong with your argument and even gave you counterexamples, you didn’t.
    But it’s okay, I don’t expect a blind man to be able to tell who’s blind and who isn’t.

    You obviously don’t like this show, so what are you still doing here? Just move on already.

  19. S1 writes:

    About the card battles: There are 13 important battles in the 12 episodes of season 1.
    Among those 13 battles:
    – 4 were interrupted mid-battle without a winner.
    – 2 were never shown.
    – 1 was shown only very briefly.

    The battles that were shown lasted ~ 5 minutes on average.
    Of the 5 minutes shown every battle, ~ 2 – 3 minutes were spent talking on average.
    This leaves us with maybe 2 – 3 minutes of battles spread across 11 battles. 22 – 33 minutes in total.
    Considering each episode lasts 24 minutes, 21 if we remove OP and ED, that gives us 252 minutes in total for season 1.
    Mathematically speaking, the battles make up ~13% of the anime.

    Now that’s out of the way, why don’t we all stop fighting?
    Those who enjoy this show should just enjoy it, those who don’t should enjoy some other show. What’s the point in arguing here anyway?

  20. lol writes:

    Haha why are you faggots arguing about a card game in a cartoon?

  21. Minisungam writes:

    Thank you!! Now I feel like I can finally start this series, lmao

  22. Walker writes:

    yeah, i don’t want to be looked like perfect guy or old geezer, lol

    and, yea… lets enjoy the show, then. thx coalgirl

  23. random writes:

    if is not just a recap will you do Selector destructed WIXOSS too?

  24. cryea writes:

    LOL @ the arguing about this being a “card battle” show. It’s not. The card battles are just a flimsy setting for angsty girl DORAMA.

    And it was pretty entertaining. Hope the movie is new content and 1000% more wincest.

  25. pokeslap writes:

    I just wonder if it’s ever possible to get a magical girls only anime that DOESN’T have yuri undertones.

  26. Sabberzombie writes:

    Even if it doesn’t have them, fans will add it in fanon.
    E.g. I didn’t think Madoka had yuri undertones, looked more like regular friendship to me. However, when I watched the movies, it seemed like the creators had caught on to fans making “girl couples” and kinda added in dem undertones (at least that’s the feeling I got). Because sex sells!

    Btw… the name of this show is so LOL!!! But I guess only if you’re German… XD

  27. Tsun writes:

    “I just wonder if it’s ever possible to get a magical girls only anime that DOESN’T have yuri undertones.”

    Good Lord, I certainly hope not. Thanks for this Coalgirl(s)!

  28. Hermocrates writes:

    Hey Coalgirls, since you have access to the selector spread BDs, would you also happen to have access to the Music Particles that came with them? I’ve been dying to find them online, but they never even showed up on U2 as far as I know. So if you do have them, any kind of upload would be most appreciated. Thanks!

    • ChrisK writes:

      Sorry, we never ripped those and already sold the Blu-rays. Apparently FFF is buying them again/as well, so you could try your luck asking them.