Type: OVA (6 Episodes)
Video: 960×720 @ crf 20
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
FLAC 5.1 – English
FLAC 2.0 – Japanese commentary
Subs: Track 1: EngSub by KAA (modified by Elysium)
Track 2: Signs&Songs
Track 3: Commentary
720p: Torrent

This was encoded by our guest-encoder zxcvbnm6000. 720p only due to SD upscale.

63 Responses to FLCL

  1. Ametatsu writes:

    If you read the about page, you’ll see that we do all song translations ourselves. So, there’s no need to state that the song translations are by me for every single post.

    As far a modifications go, I very rarely actually modify the dialogue translations. I do all the styling from scratch myself, and that applies to all our releases, so, again, I don’t see a point in stating that for every release.

  2. Hachi writes:

    I am as saddened as I am happy about this release, this is the first CG release I just simply cannot get to work on my PS3 using PS3 Media Server, there are 18 different options and none of them work properly.

  3. amen665 writes:

    @hachi~ im am sadden for you T_T

    thx 4 releasing this….. its really pretty.

  4. bikar writes:

    hachiko try to remux it or something

  5. Hachi writes:

    Yeah I’ve remuxed it, never had to do it before but the headers were compressed and so I remuxed them to normal, even though the latest build of PS3 Media Server is mean’t to deal with such things it doesn’t.

    Great to watch this show again, and I forgot how great the music is too.

  6. Kenzo writes:

    Thanks for this release

  7. YukiKitsune writes:

    ^^ just book marked your site! The fact that you have a HIGH quality FLCL :O my new favorite place to get anime!

    Much love to you guys for your work 😀

  8. GurlLikeEggs writes:

    So there is no true hd remaster for this? Sad…

  9. krrrrrr writes:

    I think story about king’s ears is Greek mythology, not a Japanese tale