Kanon 2006

Episodes – 24
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~2400 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1000 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – Eclipse

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

62 Responses to Kanon 2006

  1. Nero_Noctell writes:

    ok.. So.. The ONLY 1080 p Kanon 2006 I can find. So I play with VLC player and its like skipping all over the place. Is there a Media Player thats EASY to use. Something nice looking. I’ve looked all over for a 5.1 Flac decoder and nothing has changed. I don’t understand what the hell you all are saying in comments either lol. So I’m asking EXACTLY which Media Player is best to use, What EXACT files extra I’ll need and all that good stuff. Thanks

  2. anotherAzn writes:

    It EXACTLY says in their FAQ…http://coalgirls.wakku.to/?page_id=4611

  3. Gerald writes:

    Does this have both jap and english dubs?

  4. Albe writes:

    so far nobody has answered this question. Does this one have English audio or not? If not, then I’ll add the English audio in these files myself later.

  5. totoro92 writes:

    Hi, first of all thanks for the great job, i really appreciete it!

    Btw, am i the only one that can’t see the OP and the ED ??? there’s a way to fix it?

    ps: i cannot see (and by “cannot see” i mean the image and the audio keep freezing and skipping some part) nor the single OP/ED files, nor the OP/ED in each episode.

    Thanks in advance

  6. Sean writes:

    Can a coalgirl or someone who might know – tell me what the font used in the opening is?

  7. KOKO writes:

    WOW SUGOI!!!!!!! Thanks for the upload, loved this series, so i’m re-getting it in 1080p. Will seed for a year

  8. Unhinged Loon writes:

    Using latest MPC-HC, Haali splitter, madVR on a desktop with a AMD PII X4 955. Watching the 1080 version.

    I am getting some misalignments with the ordered chapters, ie the OP or the ED cut in (or cut out) slightly earlier or later than it should. For example, in EP4 after the ED, I get a few frames of the end of the episode before the preview cuts in. There are also other episodes affected (or even slight shift that can be detected aurally when the ED or OP cuts in), but I’ll just put one example here.

    Is it a timing issue in the encode, or an issue with the player/decoder? I like ordered chapters, but not at the cost of having obvious seams.

  9. Kunkkakola writes:

    please seed 720p 😀

  10. Robert writes:

    I am having all kinds of problems with the Kanon files they freeze and everything else

  11. Jasper writes:

    Has anybody found a fix for the audio skipping issues? I’ve downloaded the 1080p file.