Episodes – 22+2
Video – 1920×1072 @ ~3400 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1600 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – R1 (Re-styled, Modified)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

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  1. Noko writes:

    >Using Wikipedia
    I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

    “The official website of the Shiki television anime series confirmed on Saturday that the anime’s eighth and ninth Blu-ray Disc/DVD volumes will each include an unaired episode. The eighth volume will ship with Episode 21 and the unaired episode “Dai Futatō to Han wa” (a wordplay for “Episode 20.5”) on May 25, 2011, while the ninth volume will ship with Episode 22 and the unaired episode “Dai Futatō-ichi to Han wa” (“Episode 21.5″) on June 22. ”

    TL;DR: Read it you incompetent.

  2. AvidElite writes:


    that page isn’t listing the .5 episodes.

  3. Mokuton writes:

    Yeah, : P
    and episode 21.5 and 22 are not released here yet, right?

    Wiki is usually pretty accurate with the ep listing, and i checked the mal yesterday.

    Thanks anyway.

  4. EternalGCE writes:

    Uhhhhh… Not gonna do umee’s for these last two episodes. It wouldn’t feel right since you guys do this so well. But can you tell us when we can expect those last two? If the strike is already over that is. Thanks.

  5. GBEclectic writes:

    I was a bit curious about this release as well. In the last update you said you were waiting for the last volume (9) to come after the Canada post stuff, but I’m assuming you’ve got it by now since its up for sale with the other 8 volumes. I can completely understand if this got pushed to the back burner, with things like your real life and the Nyaa stuff taking up your time. Just wanted to know if you were still planing to release those last two episodes at some point down the road.


  6. AvidElite writes:

    I believe the last disc is out, but umee has yet to sub 21.5. There’s been no activity on their site for some time and people are starting to assume they’re a dead group.

  7. Swaps4 writes:

    Is this show worth re-picking up once the BDs are done?

  8. Pharmboy writes:

    umee just released episode 21.5, so we just have to wit for coalgirl’s news ; )

  9. AvidElite writes:

    @Pharmboy – Best news I’ve heard all day.

  10. XxanimefreakxX writes:

    PLS SEED!!!!

  11. Eri writes:


  12. Sayer writes:

    Thank you!

  13. papsi writes:

    Thank you!

  14. dick writes:

    Thank you!

  15. GBEclectic writes:

    Thanks a lot!

  16. natto writes:

    Thank you!

  17. Nettosama writes:


  18. xeon_1 writes:

    Thx for posting the last eps.

  19. AvidElite writes:


  20. liquid writes:

    Thanks for the release but I was wondering…which fansub group subs did you use for Shiki?

  21. enion writes:

    hi, i watched two episodes
    will there be a v2 script with better timinging and more typset?
    the timing is horrible (dont think that this is only my problem)

  22. Black dalek writes:

    AvidElite> umee released 21.5 @27/07/2011

  23. Akira writes:

    Thank you

    can you upload it on Megaupload ?

  24. shindan writes:

    can u upload 480p series … X)

  25. Alan writes:

    Hi I`ve been a fan of Anime since first watching 3×3 eyes on the television when i was a kid. Only recently I`ve had the time to catch up on my Anime. I found your website through nyaa torrents and you seem to be experts on this subject. My question is your dual audio or subbed or if it`s a mixture how would i find this out. Also I`ve tried Code geass flac file but the sound is there but no picture is there a movie player i should be using on my pc? Any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks

  26. kyuzo writes:

    Hi, is there a reason you didn’t use a fan-sub for this and went with the R1?

  27. fhgjhjghj writes:


    The only fansubs available for Shiki are Taka, who hardsubbed their script. Umee (the source of subs for this) are edited softsubbed Funimation subs.

    Funimation subs tend to be the best of the official subs. I highly doubt Taka are better.

  28. kyuzo writes:

    @fhgjhjghj thank you, guess that explains commie as well for me. Thx CG as always.

  29. kyuzo writes:

    Is the different style in episodes 19 to 22 subs accidental or just lazy maybe? =_= It looks you just forgot to change them to bold or something?

  30. ANIKI writes:

    Darn i forgot where I left of at, witch means I have to re-watch from episode 1, thanx for this CG d(-_^) will grab later, when I has more HD space (^_^”)

  31. Mary writes:

    PLEASE KEEP SEEDING!!!! T.T I really want to watch this…
    Thanks a lot Coalgirls!!! Though some comments I’ve read here are just to criticize you, I really want to thank you for your work. You take of your own time to do this and I really appreciate it, I think other people too. So, on behalf of all of us who like anime as Coalgirls do, THANK YOU!!! ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!!! ^^ *hugs*

  32. Kasia writes:

    Is it possible to have only the subtitles of these episodes, please? Thanks.
    (Re-styled, Modified)

  33. Edward writes:

    There’s a great post about Shiki here –

  34. Paweł writes:

    Please seed it again. Download speed is really low.
    It’s a shame for such good anime not to have even single good working torrent.

  35. tom writes:

    now, which groub did better? elysium or CG ..
    other than file size… i

  36. Mjolnersson writes:

    Subtitle size is really too big. The rest is good. Is there way to manually change subtitle size???

  37. yoshi writes:

    a question….
    but before that, thanks for the awesome quality on this series !! 🙂

    here’s 1. i never realized before, but do bluray-ver have their own preview..
    since yours have like
    “next week… ”

    pardon my stupidity