Episodes – 22+2
Video – 1920×1072 @ ~3400 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1600 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – R1 (Re-styled, Modified)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

204 Responses to Shiki

  1. GoldenDarkness writes:

    just got done seeing the anime cant wait for ur BD’s

  2. Kungfupanda500 writes:

    How big is this upload going to be?

  3. yami-chwan writes:

    The previews are in tact so you got someone to sub them or are they using R1 also?

    Anyway, thanks for the release!

  4. GoldenDarkness writes:

    thanks alot for the episodes so far can u post a TV BD comparison? i wanna see the dif if possible

  5. ChaelMi writes:

    thanks! i didnt expect that half of the series will be release in one go! xD

  6. aniluv writes:

    Can u upload to ddl sites as well? Thanks.

  7. jusef writes:

    This may seem like stupid question, but if anime is screened in 1280×720, why bother doing 720p BDrips? I understand if TV version is full of commercials and QUALITY, which are absent/corrected in BD version, but there weren’t so noticeable in Shiki (maybe because of how immense show was). I’m obviously not taking file size into account.

  8. banger writes:

    because some people can’t play 1080p on their computer but still want better quality than the tv version regardless of size

  9. coalgirl writes:

    jusef, my computer can only show 720p max. Anything else gets downscaled. So I make a 720p for my own viewing pleasure, and a 1080p because it’s wanted.

  10. ojan00 writes:

    are there a NC OP and NCED?

  11. xsv writes:

    Anyone having trouble with viewing subs on the 1080p versions, specifically episodes 1 and 2? Those are all i’ve tried so far and can’t seem to view the subs. I’m using mpchc and made sure english subs were selected.

  12. xsv writes:

    I also downloaded from the ddl links if that makes a difference…

  13. TyPh00n writes:

    What’s the reason behind 1072? Why not the usual 1080p? You didn’t crop the 720p release either.

    • coalgirl writes:

      No, I did. 4 on top, 4 on bottom, leaving the right/left edge noise be. I do 1072p if there is black on the top and/or bottom since it allows me to crop it out without having to resize and blur the picture. It’s the closest mod8 resolution to 1080p that’s less than it, so that’s what I crop to.

      Left/Right stuff is cropped out for the 720p since I have to resize anyways.

  14. Ninjako writes:

    Hi Coalgirls’s team. Thank you for your quality work.

    But I want to ask you if you can upload your releases in Miroriii.

    Thanks, and good luck for the next !

  15. Akina writes:

    I was just wondering why you guys decided to use R1 subs instead of umee’s?

    • coalgirl writes:

      R1 = umee. And in fact, we did use umee as our base. But we credit the original translators, not the rippers.

  16. Ma15 writes:

    Simply, umee = edited Funi

  17. Amon81 writes:

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you for this!

    The group I was watching this seemed to of fallen off the face of the earth. You always do a great job so I sticking with you for it.

  18. bikar writes:

    “seemed to of fallen off the face of the earth”

    WAT ?

  19. McHurrdson writes:

    IMHO those guys did a good job, if we are talking about those 4 guys

  20. Amon81 writes:

    Okawari are dead it what I ment.

  21. John writes:

    What FLAC decoder do you recommend me to use to play your files? (Since I shouldn’t use the one from CCCP). The default from MPC-HC?

  22. Yukari writes:

    Seeds where are you lost? Give the download, please)
    Thanks for the release.)))

  23. Akina writes:

    I’ve always wondered, why coalgirls never does SD versions of shows from BDs? Like 848×480 h.264 AAC? I doesn’t bother me at all, because I download 720p whether you do that or not. Just curious. >_>

  24. voodoo writes:

    can u please upload to

  25. Akina writes:

    @ Coalgirl: Lulz.. I see. I wouldn’t want to either 😛

    I hate to say this but it’s the honest truth. Coalgirls do the hard work of encoding, timing, edit, typesetting, translating (sometimes), even buying the BDs themselves to bring us our FREE anime in very high quality. They even go as far as uploading each individual episode for DDL in Fileserve. When all they could do is torrents with the slow speeds they have from Nyaa, or make us leech off IRC, which is a pain. (Which I believe CGi doesn’t have bots in there, correct me if I’m wrong).

    I don’t think that the people who makes our high quality anime should also have to make it extremely easy for us to get. A little effort to get what is free will not kill anyone. Just upsets me when I see people ask “Can you please upload to [insert website here]” or when they whine about a certain issue. Yes you can let them know about an error, but I have seen people bitch and whine over what you get free..

    I’m sorry voodoo not much of this rambling on has to do with you. Actually only one sentence does. Just I have seen comments like that so many times that I felt obliged to express me opinion.

    –On a side note to Coalgirls, I really appreciate your hard work you do for us.

  26. ene13 writes:

    holy crap, this anime is actually really good. The story draws me in and wont let me stop watching. Havent had this feeling in a while

  27. Grizzly writes:

    @ Akina, I’ve done a little bit of sub timing for some of the series I have, (taking subs from tvrips and adding them to BD raws). I haven’t done it all that much since I tend to be really lazy, but it’s relatively easy with aegisub and one other app that reduces file sizes that someone else had pointed me to called staxrip IIRC. If your computer is able to handle video encoding those’ll help you alot if you’re looking to reduce file sizes and rescaling the resolution 🙂

    The few times I used them they worked wonders.

    And thanks again to coal girls for the BDrips! Out of curiosity, with the two extra episodes coming on the blurays, are their going to be any issues as far as available subs go? As far as I’m aware you guys use existing subs to do them for the bluray versions, similar to some of the stuff I’ve experimented with. Just curious is all.

  28. Akina writes:

    Hmm, I would like to reduce the font size in the Openings/Endings of Shiki, and I have aegisub installed. But I am just too lazy to learn how to use it. Mostly because technology loves to just crash around me. Don’t ask why. >_>
    I’ve never heard of staxrip IIRC to reduce file size. That would be very handy considering I only have 80 GB left in my external 1TB 🙁 I desperately need to buy a 2TB but I will not have the money for it anytime soon. So reducing file size sounds very nice. <3

  29. voodoo writes:

    thank you coalgirl, I really appreciate your hard work and I apologize for what I ask you before

  30. kojika writes:

    @ John

    I have tried a number of FLAC decoders, yet I still find the best results are obtained by using the ffdshow Audio Decoder with libavcodec enabled for FLAC.

  31. arba writes:

    Ep. 18 (1080) has 4F62AF95 specified as CRC in filename, but actual CRC is 7B85F22D. Does this mean, that CRC in filename is incorrect? (coincidentally ep. 17 and ep. 18 in 1080 have the same CRC in filename)

    • coalgirl writes:

      It means I didn’t hit CTRL+C hard enough when copying 18’s CRC from rapidcrc.

  32. Nettosama writes:

    Thank you. u said something about 2eps per disk from some point onwards, when is that going to happen?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Right now. See, this is a 4 phase project.

      Phase I – February – 12 episodes in 1 month
      Phase II – March-April – 3 episodes per month
      Phase III – Late April – 2 episodes per month
      Phase IV – May – June – 1 episode + 1 OVA per month

  33. Sayer writes:

    ^That’s so frustrating..

  34. Sekai writes:


  35. mada2dane writes:

    What is correct CRC for eps 18 1080p ?

  36. cpires writes:

    There’s something wrong with episodes 16-18 (1080p), my popcorn hour crushes and on my PC both VLC and KMPlayer are “exploding” every time i try to open one of these episodes.
    Can you help?

  37. bikar writes:

    thanks for BDMV

  38. ttmuathu writes:

    can’t wait XD

  39. Illicit writes:

    Thanks for this for sure. I couldn’t stand watching the web rips so I stopped…now I can finish the series happily. much respect.

  40. Nettosama writes:

    any news on this? 😀

  41. Yukari Sekai writes:

    And when you lay out a series of 19 to 20?
    Thank you.)

  42. $0.02 writes:

    Episode 16, ~00:37

    “She lived in a fashionable werstern-style house.”

  43. obedience writes:

    Episode 20.5 has been subbed by umee, so now have to wait on your encode!!!

  44. XxanimefreakxX writes:

    pls, finish the blurays as soon as possible, i really like this show!T_T

  45. belmontzzz writes:

    FYEAH, umee subbed 20.5 and planned to do 21.5 as well

  46. CaptainAwesome writes:

    Fuck you, Canada Post.

  47. AvidElite writes:

    CoalGirls is Canadian?

  48. asdf writes:

    Postal strike is over, now the wait for the delivery and encode.

  49. yaro writes:

    >Postal strike is over, now the wait for the delivery and encode.
    best. news. ever.

    seriously, I am looking forward to the final two episodes.

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