Episodes – 25+6
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16, 1920×1080 @ crf 17
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs –
Track 1 – Localized (R1)
Track 2 – Unlocalized (UTW R1)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Part 3 of the 6 part Coalgirl Saturday Night Family Movie series. Use playall NCOP/ED to watch as a movie. Released early in order to compensate for download time so you can watch it tonight. 🙂

149 Responses to Fate/Zero

  1. Shinn writes:

    agreed, I worried about this project . . . its likely they dropped it without any confirmation to us, they already start to encode hunter x hunter BRay but why fate zero has not completed yet?

  2. Risq writes:

    Dear God, HxH and F/Z are projects by different people…

    It’s a BD release, so why the rush? Just watch the TV version if you can’t wait to get your fix…

  3. matthew writes:

    can’t wait for the bluray box 2!! lol

  4. Night writes:

    I hope someone would start seeding this again, i am stuck at 90%, hope it can be added again to some SeedBox.


  5. BBLKing writes:

    The Boxes have the extras? I mean, the Irisviel Q&A. I’m really into the extras of the 2nd Box…

  6. soar.sola writes:

    Hey, girls. UTW has finished Season 2. I think it’s time to start the work here.

  7. BK-201 writes:

    So any updates on this?

  8. deathstrike writes:


  9. John978 writes:

    Been downloading the 720p version for 5 days, and now I’m stuck at 99.9%, could you who I see on the peer list with 100% seed this or someone else? I’m not asking for much, only 0.1% 😛

    Thanks alot for this though, eagerly awaiting the second season to be finished!

  10. someone writes:

    If only I could find the scripts for thses. But, since this is ordered chapters, it’d probably be pointless to ask about them.

  11. poolrunnings writes:

    Unlimited Translation Works finished Fate/Zero not long ago. The quality is pretty excellent and their sub scripts are f***ing flawless. They really went over their subtitles with a fine-tooth comb.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Can I ask you what the point of this is? Are you telling me to abandon about 40 hours of work because you’re a fanboy of another group? Are you trying to dissuade people from downloading my version on my own website? Or are you trying to just troll?

      If you want to praise them, go to their own damn website you freaking leech.

  12. soar.sola writes:

    That’s all right. I watched the UTW version and it is good by the way. But I am still expecting this release.

  13. Matthew Choi writes:

    I’ll wait for fate/zero by watching Nisemonogatari and nichijou!! Thanks Coalgirls for such a nice subs!! Don’t mind some dumb ones and please keep up with your good works! 😀

  14. Bashio writes:

    I stand in awe for all’ ya hard work

  15. William writes:

    You guys can download this from ANK RAWs they have Eng subs.

  16. Rofl writes:

    just a question…. whats the localized/unlocalized playall thing o.o….?

  17. coalgirl writes:

    Playalls do exactly that – play all files without having to switch between episodes. Localized will default to track 1, unlocalized to track 2. The NoPV versions will skip all previews. After all, you’re about to see the next episode, why would you care about a preview for it? The NoOPED will skip all previews, openings, and endings (except the first opening and the last ending), so it will play like a movie.

  18. kirona writes:

    i don’t understand why some people always whining about this release , if u don’t like it, just f***ing go away or at least make some constructive critic u ungrateful noob !! >:( they do this for FREE !!!
    btw, good work coalgirl !!!

  19. Risq writes:

    I… don’t… even…

  20. soar.sola writes:

    Cheers, coalgirls.
    Finally this is finished.

  21. BK-201 writes:


  22. DxC writes:

    Is the op/ed creditless or no?

  23. mtm writes:

    best banner ever.

  24. @@@ writes:

    Oh Crap!! Ordered chapter :((

  25. Hinalover writes:

    >> Thank you so much coalgirl for your AWESOME work !

  26. Allan Petabyte writes:

    Hunter X Hunter BD and now this, I’m gonna need more bandwidth.
    Ordered chapter for the win!! 🙂 🙂
    Thank you coalgirl

  27. Darkness-Knight writes:

    Can You Please Upload a video on How to Create this Fucking Awesome PlayAll ?

    I tried my best but couldn’t reach it

  28. Joey writes:

    Wait, so what’s the difference between this and UTW’s Blu-ray release, besides the other sub track? (can’t dl both, there can only be one…)
    Also, I’m not sure if this works for a movie night, maybe a sleepover 😛

  29. magnus writes:

    whtcih sub group was used for this?

  30. Johnny5 writes:

    This is why I only come to Coalgirls. Thank you soo much for everything!!

  31. kache writes:

    Thank you very much for the “[Coalgirls]_Fate_Zero_Playall_Unlocalized_NoOPED_(1920x1080_Blu-ray_FLAC)_[BD5DC9DF].mkv”.
    Wish everyone else did it as well…

  32. Are_The_MaDNess writes:

    OVA 3.5 isnt added into AniDB, im un sure where its suppose to be since its not OVA 3. could you guys add it in the right place?

  33. iloveCoalgirls writes:

    just fin seeding 120GB of Fate Zero (well..not ‘just’, but i have been)

  34. Name Required writes:

    Didn’t like the original series, but Fate/Zero kicks ass!

  35. Shikiller writes:

    Can someone tell me if the 1080p ver. worths the extra size or if it’s just an upscale from the 720p ver.?
    I would downloaded a ep from both ver. to judge myself but I have a shitty internet connection. Hope someone can help me and Happy New Year.

  36. Mikulover39 writes:

    Could more people please seed this? The torrent is too huge for mediocre speeds
    Thank you to all those currently seeding.

  37. Lodarky writes:

    Much thanks for this release.

  38. Hoover writes:

    Anyone knows what is OVA 3.5? We got 7 OVAs here but only 6 are listed.

  39. Acerola_Orion writes:

    Can someone seed Fate/Zero 1080p? My speed DL it’s really slow after download 0.2%

  40. リビングデッド writes:

    Huh, when I use the playall unlocalized file it defaults to the localized subtitle track.

  41. bosskardo writes:

    Great work

    The playall won’t resume from last position when opening again. Is it my problem or is it supposed to be like that?

  42. meliodas.yui writes:

    great Job with all of your works!

  43. Mr.Anderson writes:

    Thank you so much for this and the other anime I downloaded from your site. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work ! P.S. : What are the ova’s about ? Can’t seem to find any info about fate/zero ova’s on google….

  44. Antonio writes:

    >10 bits


  45. silv3rblade writes:

    Thanx a lot!!!

  46. OwariNoSeraph writes:

    Must grab! Must Leech! Must Praise!, Excellent-Coalgirls!

  47. a writes: