Grisaia no Rakuen


Episodes – 10+5
Video – 1920×818 @ crf 15, 1280×544 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Chihiro

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Sorry, wasn’t expecting the last disc to be uploaded that quick. But figured you’d probably want the full batch instead of me intentionally delaying it. Enjoy!

67 Responses to Grisaia no Rakuen

  1. Some would say that the “movie effect” adds to the drama of the series. Some say that it’s just the studio saving money. I say: Holy crap, a coalgirls release under 3.5 gb. My hard drive can live another day…

  2. fewqa writes:

    “movie effect” what the fuck does that even mean?? when ever i watch a movie and it has black bars, i just get pissed off at that wasted screen space. black bar in videos needs to die.

    • Dabor writes:

      It’s at the resolution that movies are at when playing in an actual cinema. I always have black bars in videos due to a 1920×1200 monitor. It’s just something your media player fills in when your display is taller than the video.

  3. OwariNoSeraph writes:

    I noticed it’s 1920×818 why not 1080p? just wondering.

  4. lebula writes:

    its still the normal 1080p/720p width, just not the height. If they made it 1080 pixels high, it’d just shrink back down to 818 on your monitor anyway.

  5. ardalan writes:

    sorry to bother but is this a BD version or not?
    i mean is it censored or uncensored????
    i need to be sure before downloading it…have some traffic issues (~*_*)~

  6. Tetsuo writes:

    Amazing you claim to like Japanese media but just steal and steal.. Laugh you people complain about quality and if blu ray or whatever. But not one of you can even speak my languge or are even asian. I know only hate will come to this comment but just had to say you people are stealing like its no big deal shame.. oh yes sorry to say all subs and dubs are way off japan does not direct translate to english.

    Westerners or gaikogujins will never understand us, they never have and never will. All japan is to you people are anime, sushi and playstaion.

  7. sauced writes:

    Tetsuo, as a westerner I feel the need to apologize for our deep and pervasive lack of understanding of the rich cultural heritage of your country’s pornography