Grisaia no Rakuen


Episodes – 10+5
Video – 1920×818 @ crf 15, 1280×544 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Chihiro

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Sorry, wasn’t expecting the last disc to be uploaded that quick. But figured you’d probably want the full batch instead of me intentionally delaying it. Enjoy!

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  1. someone writes:

    Hopefully your sub fonts won’t crash my media player!!

  2. Chaumiester75 writes:

    Don’t worry man, keep on, keeping on. Though honestly, what is going on lately with all this drama. Don’t we all love anime?

  3. pin writes:

    Surely there must be something else (video encoding?) that is different as there is a 300MB difference in size. It is sad to see a joint efforts come apart without any apparent reason. From the perspective of an user of both groups I hope that at least you don’t overlap much on future projects as that will certainly seem to me at least as wasted effort on both groups. I also hope that no bridges got burned down to the point of making future collaborations (once some time passes) impossible.

  4. fewqa writes:

    so the post that said your not doing Evangelion BD, didnt count as an announcement?
    why did you leave Chihiro as the to being with? and when did Lenmaer start her new job as leader?

    • coalgirl writes:

      1. Announcing a project with its series post. I usually only mention it by name ahead of time.
      2. A combination of Lenmaer’s insistence that our translator choose a show done by Funimation and not Crunchyroll for the summer season – even if he didn’t want to do any of the funi shows – and her insistence that I do Locodol in 1080p when it only deserved 720p.
      3. She’s been leading it, if not in name, since fall of 2013.

  5. Tenshi fan writes:

    You will always have our support. Such integrity. Coalgirl is always best girl!

  6. Dancho Dimitrov writes:

    wait wait wait, coalgirl is not the leader???? She (I assume) has no admin access? Is this not a blog where you post things you and your friends do or does this run way deeper? Are you, coalgirl, only in charge of the blog?

  7. Kei writes:

    i support u guys, just do whatever you guys want

  8. lex writes:

    Ganbatte!!! (Waiting eagerly)

  9. monkeysrumble writes:

    Wow, if what you said is true then that’s really uncalled for. Which sucks cause that means it’ll take much longer for the translation to finish on both ends. I’m not sure how I feel about Chihiro after this.

  10. Patrick Hansen writes:

    Meh, screw Chihiro. If the choice is between them and Coalgirls I’ll take Coalgirls anytime. Keep doing what you’re doing, and fuck the haters 😉

  11. MT-Switch writes:

    Bloody crisis, I watch anime from both groups and this turn of events stinks. For the love of anime what happened to the kiss and make up option.

  12. JSpaces writes:

    It is amazing that Lenmaer appears to be so vindictive. So please do not let pass associates cause you to have doubts. We are all human and make mistakes. To carry anger and hatred weakens oneself in mind and body. I wish that people could forgive and let bygones be.
    I do know how much work/time is involved in doing the scripts and can use Aegisub quite well. (I have done several series for my own pleasure since the standard dvd and bluray disk subs are usually eye cancer, Engrish is just too cumbersome sometimes or to fix glaring mistakes.) So I can imagine how much dedication you have to encode as well as doing the script modifications and package.
    I enjoy your releases and hope that you can carry on with a smile. You must know that there many fans out there for your releases. I hope for your continued activity for a long time to come.
    You have my deep appreciation and admiration.
    In fact I feel that way about all of the Coalgirls staff as well.
    Thank you.

  13. Cyras fan girl writes:

    coalgirls best girls

  14. kevinlmw writes:

    I will patiently wait for your release then. ganbatte ^__^
    shit happen sometime, don’t mind it too much. I remember your motto ” we do what we want and we don’t care what you think” so stick to it and do what you want (─‿‿─)

  15. Khendon writes:

    Hey. This may not be tha place to ask this but, whatever 😛 Will you do the second season of Durarara!! when it have been released on Blu-ray. You did the first season and it was PERFECT, the subs everything! ^^

  16. anony writes:

    Fansub drama, best drama. Are you sure she’s not just being extremely tsun?

  17. holdsh1ft writes:

    Any plans on Kajitsu BDs?

  18. Kei writes:

    Sankyuu Coalgirl…

  19. t84 writes:

    How come there are 3 files in these series?

    When the Series is supposed to be 10 Episodes + 1 SP?

  20. t84 writes:

    ^ just wondering is this the list of 10 episodes?

  21. coalgirl writes:

    Correct, it is only the first 2 episodes. The next 2 come out at the end of September and will be released by us in early October.

  22. t84 writes:

    Thanks coalgirl,

    So I see this is a WORK in PROGRESS, not a BDRip FINISHED BATCH…

  23. Sammy the Squirrel writes:

    What is the deal with this? I watched a few episodes of the GnK anime but dropped it when it became clear it was going to be shit. This is the sequel/prequel or something? Is it by the same studio? Is it also shit? If so why are you doing it?

    • coalgirl writes:

      This is the 2nd sequel. Grisaia season 1 was very poorly done at the start. They tried to squeeze 5 full stories into 13 episodes, plus the main episode, and provide fanservice. There was just too much, so it was pretty bad for the first half. After that point, they decided to slow it down and concentrate more of the story, so Makina’s was fairly enjoyable, and then the last arc was just pure amazing.

      They they learned from their mistakes, and only attempted to adapt 2 arcs in the remaining 12 episodes worth of time.

  24. Fall in love writes:

    I will watch to see Kazami Kazuki again.

  25. king kunta writes:

    thanks for the release.. will you do cinderella girls?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Not going to lie, I was considering buying it and doing it. But, since I now need to arrange a move irl that’ll probably cost me close to $2000, I can’t afford it.

  26. Sammy the Squirrel writes:

    But you guys aren’t going to do the original GnK anime?

  27. Tim writes:

    @Sammy the Squirrel

    coalgirl did GnK with Chihiro before (when they were a member of that team or as a joint), you can find it there. After the fallout coalgirl is just continuing the series here.

  28. Arenty writes:

    why is it 1920×818 ?

  29. Barnahadnagy writes:

    Its a 21:9 aspect ratio series, so the missing parts are black bars which were cropped away.

  30. Henry writes:

    Damn… That’s messed up. I second what others have said below in “You always have our support.” Thank you for doing what you have and are doing 🙂 We ALL appreciate it. Thus us coming here of course :3

  31. nicky writes:

    Is still the serie ongoing? Just wondering since volume 3 is already released and available online.

    Coalgirls quality is top as always and always i’m waiting your release, hope you don’t drop it.

  32. CryADsisAM writes:

    It’s been quite a few months since the last release.

    I love your releases, so I’m not sure whether to keep waiting for the next release, or switch over to other third party releases… could you give me a rough estimation as to how long will it take?

  33. M writes:

    Thanks for the release. Do you plan on doing DRRR!!x2 Shou, Ten and Ketsu? I really hope you do.
    Your DRRR!! release is the best!

  34. Khendon writes:

    I agree Coalgirl Durarara!! is best Durarara!! ^^

  35. 123b writes:

    Fonts are missing.

    • coalgirl writes:

      No, we changed the OP to have a different font and effect. It’s working as intended.

  36. jon writes:

    Amagi Brilliant Park not up to date yet ^^ so not all shows are done.

  37. 123b writes:

    Amagi Brilliant Park is a Tenshi project

  38. DestinoAzell writes:

    YO whats sub with the video Length/Width?
    CoalGirls version seem to be SQUEEZED/FITTED hard. Noted that this happen across all of the episode 01-08
    - (EP5)
    Harunastu version seems more natural
    - (EP5)

    Please fix this. I

  39. DestinoAzell writes:

    Oh Damn, you’re right @ChrisK@123b I’m at fault. Sorry for wasting your time on my mistake T_T

  40. Errort writes:

    I was looking at the CRCs in the batch vs the ones I already downloaded to make sure that nothing had changed and noticed that the crc for ep 2 is different from the one that I had . Did something change or did I just screw up?

  41. blackhole writes:

    Just started downloading but would like to ask, H264 or H265 ?
    I’m just not used to your torrents being lower than 5 gigs on the lower resolution, and here I have 3,4 gig torrent. Just wondering 🙂

  42. MingLee writes:

    OH wow, already?
    Awesome, thanks.

  43. Doom44 writes:

    Holy Smith

    Thank you =D

  44. MingLee writes:

    omg did they seriously go with the fucking film boarders??


    so stupid

  45. kevinlmw writes:

    yay~ finally done, thank you very much ^__^

  46. spacecowboy writes:


  47. Sammy writes:

    What kind of resolution is this?!

    • coalgirl writes:

      The resolution it was produced in. Don’t like it? Then drive over to Japan and ask the creators themselves.

  48. WhoBeDaPlaya writes:

    ^ Would you rather they waste bytes encoding black bars? 😉

  49. Keitou writes:

    First time I’ve downloaded anything form Coalgirls below 10 Gb. Tenshi encode is the biggest. CRF 13 with placebo preset? Way overkill but I Downloaded it anyway in glorious 1080p. I think, Tenshi’s encode in comparison with Blu-Ray is just 10% drop in quality at 60% the size. Definitely the closest to Blu-Ray, but, my 1TB HDD can’t handle it cause it’s full already, had to buy 4TB HDD. Some information to share to people who want to watch 10 bit Anime in their phone. Download MX Player from the Google Play Store and in the decoder section of the setting, scroll dowb to Software Decoder and set the color format to YUV (may not work on lower specs phone), set the number of core to the maximum number of core available (in my case is 8 core) and then tick the ‘use speedup tricks’ option. With this option my Tab S 8.4 can play virtually any 10 bit you throw at it. Tenshi’s encode is an exception though, occasional stuttering every 2-3 minutes or on fast moving scenes or grainy scenes. Anything else like Nisekoi, Majutsu no Index, SnK and ton else plays lag-free in my Tab S 8.4 even though it’s Exynos 5420 which doesn’t support 10 bit hardware decoding compare to Snapdragon 800. Oh, and 1920×1080 video in 2560×1600 truly brings out the quality of Coalgirls encode and combine with the Super AMOLED Display, the best anime experience.

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