Ladies Versus Butlers!

Type: Series (12 Episodes, 6 Specials)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0
Subs: Doki
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

96 Responses to Ladies Versus Butlers!

  1. suiton writes:

    so i guess we should wait for the “real” complete batch with the specials and the fixes..


  2. banger writes:

    the crc should be upper case

  3. YamatoBomber writes:

    In the 1st episode in 14 min 16 sec is plenty of black pixels in a 1080p version

  4. thk writes:

    Can somebody please upload episode 5 to 12(final) onto megaupload or some other DDL? Thanks cause i have been waiting for this but unfortunately i am unable to use torrent.

  5. thk writes:

    Well i manage to obtain a copy of episode 5 to 12, but it seems like there is a problem playing these video files.
    Any advice? I am using K lite codec anyway.

  6. Mjk- writes:

    Ep 03 have some issues with subs. Desync at around 09:00, 18:15 and 19:30.

    Any1 confirm?

  7. GeneralTao writes:

    I have the same problem with ep 03. Sub is out of sync.

  8. HaloGuy writes:

    I’m facing problem in playing episode 5-12. Media player stops responding after opening the files. I’m using K-lite mega. Pls help!

  9. ChrisK writes:

    Use CCCP.

  10. Mjk- writes:

    I’ve fixed timing of subs in ep 03.

    Here is the link for the fresh made patch for the 720p version

    Personally i don’t have 1080p version of the file. So, here is the link for the fixed subtitle file


  11. SharkBit writes:

    If you have problems, close the VSFilter (DirectVobSub), open splitter properties, choose Compatibility-Autoload VSfilter and set it to Yes.

    Also, if you have vorbis sound and playback is wrong after seeking in the file upgrade to latest CoreVorbis.

  12. Phoenix writes:

    Why CCCP is able to play the files but K-lite can’t? What kind of codec did you guys use??? I wanna stick to K-lite because CCCP doesn’t work perfectly with my pc.

  13. suiton writes:

    I have no problem with CCCP, and most anime rippers and fansubbers suggest CCCP. If you have hardware issues that prevent you from using CCCP, I suggest you get better hardware, or just don’t expect to watch any HD content until you do.


  14. suiton writes:

    Basically, what I suggest you get hardware that’s at least close to at the range of a:

    – Intel Core 2 Quad
    – 4 GB DDR2 or DDR3 RAM
    – 1 GB Graphics Card
    – 500 GB Hard Drive

    That’ll ensure that you’ll be able to watch BluRay rips fine without any issues.

  15. LMN writes:

    So, what kind of fixes did you do? Any V2s?

    Oh and BTW, the links are mixed up.

  16. ChrisK writes:

    Ep. 1 – 4 got reworked subs.

  17. chris writes:

    have you guys fixed the issue mentioned by YamatoBomber?
    “In the 1st episode in 14 min 16 sec is plenty of black pixels in a 1080p version”

  18. YamatoBomber writes:

    Link to a problem with the first episode:

  19. NanohaxFate writes:

    In the 720 torrent, Specials 3-6 are actually 1080s.

  20. ChrisK writes:

    > In the 720 torrent, Specials 3-6 are actually 1080s.
    New torrent coming …

  21. Lexxicon writes:

    Is this censored or uncensored?

  22. ChrisK writes:

    uncensored, of course.
    btw. THESE are the final batches.
    DDL of 720p:

  23. Irish writes:

    [chris says:
    September 16, 2010 at 6:06 pm
    have you guys fixed the issue mentioned by YamatoBomber?
    “In the 1st episode in 14 min 16 sec is plenty of black pixels in a 1080p version”]

    I just downloaded the 1080p from both the torrent and DDL and both still have the issue that YamatoBomber pointed out at 14min16sec.

  24. Phoenix writes:

    What are the changes in the episodes 1-4 (720p)? I have the files from megaupload but the CRCs are different in the batch torrent.

  25. leolifoiol writes:

    The thing is that ep 1 is fine on the 720p version, so the mentioned issue (that I get too) at least seems fixable, if they want to / have time to.

  26. Klite writes:

    For k-lite problem, just download haali media splitter, install and unchecked internal mpc haali and gabest, work fine.

  27. leolifoiol writes:

    was the issue that yamatobomber pointed out fixed after all?

  28. black_lightning writes:

    1st 4 episodes great, 5-12 can’t play, causes crash on my TVs media center box and my PC’s MPC. So what exact advantage was there in changing codec, besides causing mass incompatibility with users? Now I have to DL thora’s…

    You probably have a buggy FLAC-Decoder. Check your settings. Codecs are the same, just different settings.

  29. leolifoiol writes:

    mmm, seemas they don’t care after all, they didn’t fix the issue mentioned by YamatoBomber…

  30. james99 writes:

    Those with problems with ep 5-12 of the 720p
    is because they uses an odd reference frame number which is 11 frames instead of the usual 8 or 16 frames
    CoreAVC just wont play with it

  31. ForceField writes:

    The specials really got me like “WTF?”. But now I’m wondering: are there any other anime (hentai/ecchi) with striptease scenes? Thanks for the info in advance.

  32. james99 writes:

    Hmm my mistake
    It is madFLAC that is causing the problem
    not CoreAVC
    Just Enable the FFDShow FLAC decoder and it should work.
    Sorry m(_ _)m

  33. xninja23 writes:

    so how would I go about to play 5-12, as the previous person to mention it just says to enable it, but when I go into FFDShow Audio config, I can’t enable anything.

    Or what do I have to do?
    I have core i5, 512mb Graphics Card VERY CAPABLE OF PLAYING HD CONTENT, enough ram and HDD space.

    I have KLCP installed, not CCCP. And this is on MPC.

  34. xninja23 writes:

    Nvmind, Got it working, at least Ep5.
    Installed madFLAC (, v1.8)
    And it should work.

    Thanks again for awesome rips!

  35. lb999 writes:

    use cccp, i’ve used k-lite before and i don’t know why but it has problems supporting bds properly,

    i also reccomend using mpc star, it’s a redone mpc used by bitcomet it fixed alot of the playback issues i had myself playing bd vids on other players, including no sound and the black screen, it also features moveable subs so u can align them where you want them

  36. Kite writes:

    Hello, I have a question to you : can you give me your Subtitle???
    Because i started a new German Fansub group and would transate it

  37. Kite writes:

    lol auch noch deutsch sprechen wie unerwartet xD kannst du mir den link zu der gruppe dann geben???

  38. Aradi writes:

    Seed Please

  39. foke writes:

    It seems like the torrents are dead, My bad =C

  40. Shiki writes:

    Hey could some more ppl seed this? Thnx.

  41. German writes:

    this is 10bit?

  42. lalalili writes:

    Need seed for the 1080p pls~

  43. John writes:

    Thank you