No Game No Life


Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 24-bit – Japanese
Subs: Eveyuu
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

Disc 6 was kindly uploaded. Project is finished!

156 Responses to No Game No Life

  1. PrimeUser writes:

    Thanks for the Release, but a little confused on the Title “13 Episode”?

  2. coldhell writes:

    @PrimeUser: He plans to draw an OVA for us, there is enough light novel material. Tenshi “fighto”.

    OCD question to Tenshi (please ignore it, if you count it as insult/offense or something like it):
    Okey, you said “4x the size for 1% quality difference is a perfectly acceptable” in amagi, then why you stuck to qcomp 0.60. I’m sure that you won’t be able to tell the difference between crf 13 and 14 in static on qcomp .6 for example, since the quantizers are often lower than the source, but even on crf 12 the fast motion is still bad some times. Please do some test and check it by yourself if you don’t trust me. The argument about the default settings is not an option, since crf 23 is also default settings and pretty much useless.

  3. Risq writes:

    Are the subs on this taken directly from Eveyuu’s TV release (as in 1:1 what we saw there) or did you ask them for some kind of updated scripts? I believe they are/were working on a batch…

  4. Shinji10TH writes:

    Thanks a lot, good work.

  5. Ekuland writes:

    Would somebody please give me the chapter splits for Episodes 11 & 12? They are the only two that I can’t extract correctly. (I think it’s my side, as the videos play just fine and every other episode has them.)

  6. nx6 writes:

    Thanks for the release. Been waiting to start this.

  7. Katsu writes:

    FINALLY!! MY PRECIOUS IS COMPLETE MOUAHAHAH!!!! hrmmm…. sorry got a bit over the edge there >< hehe:P

  8. goshom writes:

    in episode three it skips 20 seconds.

  9. Aran writes:

    Could someone please seed Denpa Onna 720 for a little while? Many of us are stuck at 97.2%. Thanks in advance.

  10. Nova writes:

    I love how no one is seeding… Coalgirls is great if I could get past 0.08%

  11. Ryo writes:

    I was wondering if there was a specific font pack used for these subs or something, because at times the positions of the typesetting looks correct but the font is so large (and generic looking) that some letters go out of position (and it looks really bad). I’d like to think this is a problem on my end rather than you guys.

  12. Ryo writes:

    Sorry for double post, but for example:

  13. catfood writes:

    soooooo pumped this is finally here!! ive been checking this posting for months.

    i have it all dled, but ima be seeding it to help spread it til everyone has it.

    downloaded pretty solidly at a steady 1.1mbps

    ty so very much to whoever uploading the last disks!

  14. Asianpj writes:

    It looks pretty great, but why does it say “Clammy” for Kurami?

  15. sandoe41 writes:

    @Asianpj: Clammy is the correct spelling, CR messed it up with bad “engrish” spelling.

  16. snaiilax writes:

    My computer seems to always freeze when it’s downloading this particular series – after awhile of downloading (a minute or so..)

  17. Kappa writes:

    Episode 8, 8m50s

    my PC froze 2 times due to something at this part

    It never froze so hard

    Also every single episode has multiple instances of subs blinking (or rather can’t be read at all) due to too many subs on the screen at the same time (thats the reason most of the times)

    Yes I’m using latest combined community codec pack

    never had freezes, but blinking happens a lot

  18. Kappa writes:

    ^ Correction.

    It happens on 8m12s

    Tried to watch in small window instead of full screen but the same thing happens.

  19. Dahh writes:

    Is the change on the OP’s lyrics intended? Ep. 6 and Ep. 7 has different lines on
    ‘riaru mada ni kyuusai nante iranai’ (6) -> ‘we are maverick kyuusai nante iranai’ (7)

  20. Risq writes:

    That’s when Eveyuu (the group that released the original version) updated their kara to official lyrics.

    …and thanks for providing the answer to my question from a week ago.

  21. yoro writes:

    is this the BD?

  22. Meme Master writes:

    @yoro Yes

  23. L33t on3 writes:

    Is it me or is there a error in episode 12, at the end where they refer to the “old deus” but in the subs it’s spelled “old dei”.

  24. dude50000 writes:

    are you gonna do the specials too?

  25. Honey Goat writes:

    Video crashes in ep 3 around the 4 minute mark

  26. Meme Master writes:

    @L33t on3 Deus is a latin word I think, words with certain suffix would have them changed in the plural form, such as ‘ium’ in single would be ‘ia’ in plural (example: Bacterium->Bactria), ‘a’ would change to ‘ae’ (example: Flora->Florae) and ‘us’ changing to ‘i’ (example: Bronchus->Bronchi) Deus in plural is Dei, but Japanese mostly leave them as is, such as Homonculus from FMA/FMAB, the subs would mostly use Homonculi as plural

  27. Reivax Spylkrow writes:

    Please encode in Mp4!, i am an AMV editor and i love your Raws but it will be nicer if have your Raws in Mp4, is lowwed sized and better than Matroska, am not complaining, im just givin an opinion XD

  28. Baumkuchen writes:

    @Risq: The subs are almost directly taken from Eveyuu’s TV release with all their flaws, such as missing fonts, style fails, translation errors, no updated karaoke for the all episodes, etc. Tenshi just shifted the subs and improved at least one sign. He also scaled the script resolution for the 1080p version. Unfortunately this affected the opening in a negative way: 1080p (bad) | 1080p (good) | 720p

    @Ekuland:Do you mean these?

    @Ryo: Tenshi improved this sign by changing the font but forgot to include it: Eveyuu | Coalgirls

    @Kappa: If you have installed CCCP correctly then everything should work fine unless your PC is an old toaster. The sign’s broken anyway due to an “@” in front of the fontname within the script: w/ @ | w/o @

    @Honey Goat: Cannot confirm this, both versions play fine on my end. There isn’t even any typesetting here, probably just a download problem, try anew.

  29. Risq writes:

    Thanks! I won’t be grabbing this release then. Will wait for something more polished, possibly with Eveyuu’s batch (should it ever get released). It’s not like I don’t have several dozens of other shows to watch…

  30. Baumkuchen writes:

    If I had been interested in this anime, I might have updated Eveyuu’s scripts myself. However, until Eveyuu has not released their batch one could just shift and mux the scripts from an ongoing BD release with Tenshi’s encodes here. According to their project page a TLC should have worked on them.

  31. Hishamaru writes:

    I can’t get it work on my samsung HU6900 Tv T_T.
    Thank for the upload any way

  32. Lance writes:

    Having problems with multiple episodes crashing or freezing episodes so far include 2, 6, and 7

  33. wessam writes:

    im having the very same problem on episode 2,6,7 my player crash idk why but when i turn off the sub i just play fine

  34. Lance writes:

    wessam is right i disabled the subs and it runs just fine anyone know a fix to this?

  35. Mizuno writes:

    I use Media Player Classic 1.77 x86 and xy-VSFilter x86, the only issue is the three mistakes in the subs of episode 2; at 9:02, 12:38, and 17:21, rest of batch itss perfect 😀

  36. anon writes:

    Can I just mux Underwater subs to this release without any re-timing? Eveyuu sucks.

  37. Sora writes:

    Anybody know what did they use to make the kara and sign?

  38. Meme Master writes:

    @Baumkuchen Teach me, sensei, how to deal with this problem, I’ve tried everything, from CCCP to KCP,

  39. Baumkuchen writes:

    I’m not a fan of codec packs so I can’t recommend any to you; instead try this or take a look at Coalgirls’ FAQ for other methods.

  40. Tenshi fan writes:

    @ Meme Master

    I have the same problem. I think its an issue with the subs. Turning them off temporarily skips the problem.

  41. silv3rblade writes:

    Thanx a lot!!!

  42. Soluna writes:

    Thanks for the release!!

  43. Kurumi writes:

    Do the blue rays have any extra content?

  44. NGNL fan writes:

    Anon wrote: 2014-09-13 at 04:19:00
    Subs seem bad. I found three mistakes on episode 2; at 9:02, 12:38, and 17:21 respectively:

    What is the correct spelling at 12:38 ?

  45. Holo writes:

    Here are updated Coalgirls subs with various fixes I made. Feel free to use in any future release or edit further. Doesn’t include a fix for the OP karaoke scaling (loading bar) but covers most of the egregious problems I came across or read complaints about. Probably could do with some more QC checking though.