Shakugan no Shana Movie

Video – 1280×720 @ ~2360 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – SS-Eclipse (Re-styled)

Movie – Torrent

27 Responses to Shakugan no Shana Movie

  1. dick writes:

    wise decision, this show sucks

  2. DmonHiro writes:

    Are you sure 5.1 FLAC is a good idea? I thought support for that wasn’t very good.

  3. banger writes:

    nuts was hoping for season 1 as well…i thought that and the movie were the only good shana stuff. but im sure it will turn up elsewhere

  4. Pippu writes:

    I’ve never had problems with 6.1 FLACs…

    Anyways, the 10-bit patch is now supported in ffdshow-tryouts svn builds. Preferable to those that don’t want to install CCCP.

  5. Grumpus writes:

    1. Coalgirl is on vacation, so this must be commander’a trolling us.

    2. Yuru Yuri -be careful what you endorse. This is cute girls giving each other spontaneous nosebleeds, and ep.5 is moving that along…

  6. Scythe writes:

    Im using core AVC so do i need to turn it off in cccp settings when i play 10bit shows?

  7. nand writes:

    CoreAVC will not support Hi10P until version 3.0. Most libavcodec derivatives support Hi10P playback right now and that includes madVR, LAV Video, mplayer2, CCCP and the ffdshow-tryouts SVN.

    Of these, mplayer2 are the most highly recommended, followed by madVR and LAV Video.

    CCCP and ffdshow-tryouts should be strongly avoided unless you /really/ know why you need them.

  8. nand writes:

    Also, if you *do* want to play back 6.1 FLAC:

  9. NekoZabuza writes:

    does anyone have a link for the new cccp stable version? and i actually have both that and ffdshow installed and dunno if it is conflicting or something but when i try to play hi10 it makes my hdd freeze cause when i unplug it my comp unfreezes

  10. nand writes:

    @NekoZabuza: Use Google. And nothing should be making your HDD freeze, sounds like a problem with your hardware or OS.

    Also consider trying SMplayer instead of CCCP or ffdshow, it’s much better.

  11. Yuji writes:

    Great, there is already a nice 1080p release with 5.1 audio, finally a 720p release too 🙂

  12. Scythe writes:

    nand:So can i have cccp with mpc and mplayer2 instaled on 1 system?

  13. nand writes:

    Scythe: You can pretty much have everything installed on one system, you just need to make sure that the correct priorities are set (The CCCP Insurgent can help you with this, also prefer/blocking external filters by hand).

    mplayer2 will not conflict with any of the others whatsoever, as mplayer2 does not use DirectShow like the others do.

    mplayer2 is completely stand-alone.

  14. NekoZabuza writes:

    so does it take longer to encode using the hi10 or just about the same time? i’m just curious

  15. nand writes:

    @NekoZabuza: Hi10 takes quite a bit longer to encode.

  16. J3N0V4 writes:

    No 1080 or 1080 to come?

  17. Rai writes:

    f’d it up is what she meant to say

  18. Zalis writes:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the movie were the only piece of Shana so far that’s actually worth 720p. Even the 1280×720 TV-rips of II were decried as only being “MentarHD” while they were coming out.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Only S, the Movie, and III are/will be. I’m 95% positive II is going to be the same as I.

  19. FingerMove writes:

    This is for all guys, that hate CCCP and/or Media Player Classic:

    1. download the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 7.5.0 and the update 7.5.8
    2. install it (i always choose lot’s of stuff (7), but it’s up to you)
    3. associate all files with Windows Media Player
    4. install the update
    5. search for Win7DSFilterTweaker
    6. click on “Preferred decoders”
    7. choose ffdshow or ffdshow (DXVA) and hit “Apply & Close” and the exit the program
    8. Hi10P videos now work in your Windows Media Player!
    9. forget about the crappy CCCP or Media Player Classic interface and enjoy WMP like you always did
    10. download the newest anime in Hi10P from here to enjoy the best quality you can get at the moment!

    So that’s it, have a good day, guys!

  20. đồ rê mí writes:

    1. DXVA does not support Hi10 (not until DXVA v2.0).
    2. I hate WMP and immidiately remove it after installing windows due to its quality.
    For music, Foobar can archieve far better quality than WMP.
    For video, MPC-HC w. madVR is far better.
    3. You can use your eyes and ears to confirm these.

  21. bikar writes:

    ^totally agree

  22. asfgsfghd writes:

    @đồ rê mí

    madVR has never ran alongside DXVA in MPC-HC. If you can play 8bit 1080p with madVR, then you sure as fuck can play 10bit 1080p with madVR. For the record,

    And who actually needs DXVA in 2011? My old 2.5ghz C2D from a million years ago can play 10bit 1080p.

    Also, from the FAQ:

    >Q: Are your releases DXVA compatible?
    >A: We don’t know and we don’t care. (Probably not)

  23. dziku writes:

    If you have problems you can try shark007 codecs. I use them on win 7 x64 and everything works fine.