Dantalian no Shoka

Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720 @ crf 16 (8 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
Subs: m.3.3.w (Main Dialogue), Commie (Signs)
720p: Torrent

Note: Due to large amounts of grain and dark scenes 1080s didn’t encode well. 1080s can be found here.

83 Responses to Dantalian no Shoka

  1. edgelessdiamond writes:

    You do know official subs from crunchy aren’t translated as well right? Or maybe you just don’t know any Japanese and just blindly follow the official. The only time I watch crunchy is out an about on my mobile or if I really can’t wait for the next episode to put up with the not as good translations….

  2. ika musume writes:

    found an typo in ep 2 of datalian no shoka, lets see arround 11:53 mins “bu > by”

  3. MahaiOne writes:

    u mad?

  4. brandon writes:

    Wouldn’t a 1080P 10Bit encode result in a smaller file size?

  5. Nettosama writes:


    1080p version is not a encode, its a remux, that is, the same source video was passed to the release. No encode done. Reasons for this were already explained.

  6. mascthemoney writes:

    came… just… hard… i… so!

  7. mascthemoney writes:

    hey, on unrelated another note, i always thought it was cool how each coalgirls member just takes over projects on their own. but i wonder how fast an entire series could be done with all efforts combined. or is that unrealistic to do? either way, i love seeing those Ongoing Projects get bumped into Completed.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Well assuming that all the episodes are out on blu ray already, they download at a decent speed, and the subs are decent enough now this is just my est we probably could fin a 12 episode series in 48hrs. Although we never really work together past QCing.

  8. wraithe writes:

    Yay! Thank you very much. <3

  9. Goshtic writes:

    Looking forward to the 1080p release.

    By the way, thanks for being able to share all of your large releases, Tenshi. I only see large release being a problem, if they lack the upload speed to maintain it. However, all your release I’ve acquired so far, are relatively fast. So it’s really good that you got the bandwidth to back up your release(s). Of course, thanks to other seeders as well for helping out.

  10. Tri_Edge writes:

    Grabbing 1080p, as always.
    I see that all that grain wouldn’t have compressed well without losing detail.
    Were there any extras included in the BD?

  11. mascthemoney writes:

    48 hours? that’s pretty godly.

  12. ThatHugeTentacle writes:

    Another job well done, lately I haven’t seen any hate towards your group, I miss those rage comments.

  13. SomeRandomnGuy writes:

    Thanks for the release!

    As much of a quality fag as I am 80 gigs for 12ep of 1080P is a little much for me, Im gunna have to go with the 720P This time.

  14. Goshtic writes:

    I see a few hundred people finished downloading the 1080p (including me), but they don’t help seed it. It’s bad to still see 1~2 seeder on a fresh torrent release with over 700 completed downloads. I’m assuming only the seedbox and myself are seeding it only right now.

  15. Goshtic writes:

    I’m not only going by the tracker on nyaa tho. utorrent client it self is only reporting 2 seeders total. Like I mentioned, I’m still help seeding it atm. Tho, if there are actually more seeders hidden somewhere, then that’s cool. I seeded back 138GB so far, will do to 2.0 ratio.

  16. Frollino writes:

    Why the NCOP/ED is not there?

  17. Tra!n1305 writes:

    Some of DDL’s are dead, can you please fix them (EP 2,3,4,9,12)

  18. Jaskół writes:

    Could someone seed Tenshi’s 1080p version?

  19. gobble writes:

    File size: 78.5 GiB
    I love this!

  20. Alex writes:

    Are you guys going to do the OVA?

  21. mascthemoney writes:

    can somebody seed the Tenshi 1080p version? It’s stuck at 93.3% and no seeders. thanks in advance if anybody can help out.

  22. mascthemoney writes:


  23. mascthemoney writes:

    I don’t really like spamming/triple posting/being generally annoying, but I have to ask again.
    Tenshi’s 1080p version has been stuck at 99.1% for a little over 24 hours now, and no sign of any seeders. Can somebody please fire the last 700mb for me? I’ll seed the torrent myself for a very long time in return. Thank you.

  24. mascthemoney writes:

    Thanks for everybody who helped seed! We were able to let everybody finish downloading.

  25. sage writes:

    Can anyone seed Tenshi’s 1080p version, I’ve done about 30% in a month. It’d be nice if I could have the whole thing downloaded by christmas.

  26. sage writes:

    Still looking for seeders for Tenshi’s 1080p, I’m now at 40%

  27. erejnion writes:

    I wonder if any seeders were found since sage’s last comment, as I am stuck at 40% too.

  28. erejnion writes:

    Now that I have it, if you need seed just drop me a line somewhere.

  29. Atreides writes:

    Is anyone still here ??, i know its been an age, but anyone can seed this ?

  30. Barnahadnagy writes:

    A seed on the 1080p version would be nice indeed.

  31. Anpan writes:

    Can someone please seed the 1080p version?