Dantalian no Shoka

Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720 @ crf 16 (8 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
Subs: m.3.3.w (Main Dialogue), Commie (Signs)
720p: Torrent

Note: Due to large amounts of grain and dark scenes 1080s didn’t encode well. 1080s can be found here.

83 Responses to Dantalian no Shoka

  1. KIO writes:


  2. Anonymous writes:


    pick up the bad series and leave ones I want to others :((

  3. 1337 writes:

    damn, would be nice to get this in 1080p..

  4. random writes:


    No thanks. Their editing wasn’t very good for this show and their translation is inferior to Niconico (which is used by Commie and Whine-Subs).

  5. mascthemoney writes:


  6. Nettosama writes:

    Maybe use 2 sub tracks? Not that it will increase the filesize too much.

  7. anon writes:


  8. wraithe writes:

    Thank you!

  9. tormaid writes:

    I wouldn’t bother doing the 720p release, that grain compresses so terribly it’s bound to look terrible.

  10. Dal writes:

    1.6gb for a 25 minute episode?! It’s as if Coalgirls are mocking themselves…

  11. 1337 writes:

    no you are mocking yourself lol, ur HDD is prolly only like 32GB XD

  12. IZEROII writes:

    Nah 1337 you’re just retarded for blindly smiling at nearly 2GB 720p episode

  13. tormaid writes:

    Actually, the 720p encodes would have to be closer to 3gb to remain transparent with the source… another reason why you should just get the remux release…

  14. Index writes:

    can i conclude that dark scenes in Dantalian is heavier than Gosick?

  15. NoOne writes:

    m.3.3.w has a translation mistake in episode 11 at 19.31. “Nein. Es ist das Ende” is translated as “No, Jesus. Easter Sunday has already ended.” Correct would be “No. It is the end.”

  16. jKaito writes:

    Did anyone find this show interesting or at least enjoyed it?
    I kind of did but towards the end. Unless I’m getting mixed up with another show lol. I hope it gets another season because I want to know more about the other Biblioprincess. I only kept watching this because Dalian reminded me of Victorique ^.^

  17. miracles writes:

    Due to large amounts of grain and dark scenes 1080s didn’t encode well,it’s dark scenes and grain very bad for video quality?

  18. DmonHiro writes:

    No, but grain and dark scenes do not compress well. So they need more bits to look good.

  19. Nettosama writes:

    @jKaito : I enjoyed it too, unfortunately, Japan didn’t (crappy sales), so I doubt it will get a 2nd season.

  20. Julio writes:

    Another terrible show that doesn’t deserve a BD rip, keep it up.

  21. alex writes:

    I liked this show once it hit the last few episodes. A shame, I think it could have been much better if it had a bit more time. Oh well.

  22. solid_encoder writes:

    >6 eps
    you went full coalgirls on this one

  23. Nettosama writes:

    It’s a remux.

  24. anon-niisama writes:

    >6GB an episode
    Wha….. how…

  25. Shandris writes:

    Thank you so much for this, I was sick of waiting for Hatsuyuki

  26. hmkay writes:

    They used crf16 so no reason to blame them for bloat. The encoder increased the bitrates on its own to maintain the same quality level. Only emporal denoise could’ve helped but that goes against the policy of staying true to the source.

    Transcode the audio to AAC if you want to save space.

  27. fulun writes:

    You people are never gonna even try to learn how to encode, are you?

  28. Shandris writes:

    If you don’t like it, no one forces you to download it. File sizes are between 1-1.5 gb which is almost nothing compared to hdd capacities now days.

  29. Gyzome writes:

    I remember when 700MB was a lot for a 80GB HDD. Now I laugh when I see people whine at 1.7GB releases when I have a 2TB disk sitting here and a 4TB upgrade is coming as soon as HDD prices drop again.

  30. mascthemoney writes:

    the people who complain are mostly 12 year olds who have to ask their parents to buy them computer parts, which is why they throw such a bitch-fit.

  31. blackice85 writes:

    I think for many people it’s not disk space that’s the issue (which is quite cheap) but available bandwidth

  32. someguy writes:

    should have done it in 10 bit

  33. Pink writes:

    HDD’s haven’t been cheap since the Thai flooding.

  34. tormaid writes:

    @above comments
    1.) 10-bit doesn’t increase compression much on heavily grained sources.

    2.) In a few months HDDs will be back to their previous dirt-cheap costs.

  35. Tri_Edge writes:

    Yeap, can’t wait for them cheap HDDs. 🙂
    I need 8TB more.

  36. corocoro writes:

    The promised DDLs for the remux:


    Due to the amount of links (47 x 4) as a paste. This is going to kill space on the backup server like no tomorrow. o.O

  37. XiThau writes:

    Thank you for that comment. Even though I agree (since my bandwidth caps at 115kbs), I still get Tenshi releases.
    But for people who complain solely due to low space, why in the world would you download Anime if you don’t even have enough space available for it?

    As for the other people still complaining: you know how I get by the huge releases I’d rather not get? I ignore the post and move on. So should anyone who doesn’t like it, rather than complaining about the huge file size every time. With that all said, I’ll be grabbing this.

  38. pablo writes:

    Why don’t you just denoise?

  39. dingbat writes:

    because the day that happens, coalgirls will be releasing anime in 360p xvid and 64kpbs aac. kinda nice watching something in near original bd quality, no?

  40. Zalis writes:


    Right, because the only possible alternative to “no denoising” is to go back to 2003 encoding paradigms.


    I’m fine with sacrificing a few random/irrelevant details for big savings in file size. Which is why I’m watching m33w’s 480p TV release instead of DLing Blu-Ray rips.

  41. Einsteinium writes:

    Can I have a screenshotcomparison between your 720p version and your remux version, Tenshi?

  42. 1337 writes:

    o nice 7-8 already out, but gonna wait for the 1080p version of that.

  43. mascthemoney writes:

    @1337, not totally sure if they have 1080p of this translated, judging by the “note” on the blog entry.

  44. 1337 writes:

    the remux is 1080p, i already have 1-6 from the torrent, just need 7-8.

  45. Peorth writes:

    I liked Dantalian no Shoka but skipped the BD rips because of the huge file sizes.

  46. godwhy writes:

    Why did you use m.3.3.w? Most awkwardly worded release for this show… “Heaven in the pot”… PULEEZE

    Whine-subs actually is finally releasing their batch for this show… with their fuckups fixed. Just going to watch it even if it is broadcast quality only.

  47. Bret Easton Ellis writes:


    He’s saying Coalgirls would never use denoise…

  48. Kalegrim writes:

    I hope will alter the first 5 series, and that weigh much

  49. Sib writes:

    You’ve probably been asked before, but why not use the official subs that horrible ripped from crunchy?
    I don’t see the point of not including official subs when official ones are available.
    Put em both in if people must have speedsubs as well I guess.

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