Macross Frontier Movies

Type: Movie, 2 Parts:

  1. The False Songstress
  2. The Wings of Goodbye
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 15
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 5.1
Subs: Movie 1: /m/ Seto Otaku Edit (Dialog), Doki (Songs)
Movie 2: Commie
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

The scripts of both movies were heavily fixed/modified. The SO-script got a bunch a scene-bleeds and some small typos fixed. Commie’s got also various fixes as well as fully \k-timed romaji karaoke and honorifics. Both movies have chapters named after the songs performed in them and are styled matching to our series release (which you might want to watch beforehand).

Big thanks to MarukoM, who had no idea what he got himself into when I asked for “some help with karaoke-timing a Macross Movie” and still pulled it through.

37 Responses to Macross Frontier Movies

  1. Ben writes:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. Asuno writes:

    This is 8bit right?

  3. Shirayuki writes:

    Thanks. I’ve been waiting for your release. 🙂

  4. Asuno writes:

    so it’s 10bit anyway thanks for confirming ChrisK 🙂
    (DOWNLOADING) And good choice of subs specialy on Movie 1.

  5. Details writes:

    I’ve noticed that looking through various versions of this movie, I could see scan lines in black spaces. Is the source interlaced? If so, is that why encoders sometimes provide 720p only (Coalgirls included)? I’m still learning about encoding etc so I was just curious, thanks. And thanks for the release.

  6. Details writes:

    erm my bad, after getting your answer and looking into it deeper i realized that it was my laptop screen that showed the scan line effect… i didn’t notice cause i don’t watch enough space anime (as in dark but not completely black space) it seems… soz for nubbing it out… least i learned something. thanks 😉

  7. Ridley writes:

    Nice release, but since 10bit will not work on my system, I will be waiting for another group to release it.

  8. anon writes:

    Fuck yes! With karaoke l can finally memorize and sing the new songs with out trouble!

  9. Michael writes:

    thankyou so much for this!!!!

  10. Swaps4 writes:

    Thanks alot.

  11. g30 writes:

    O.O … Thank you very much.!!!

  12. miracles writes:

    IT’s this movie 1 and 2 10bit or movie 2 only 10bit?

  13. Bertman writes:

    Thanks for the release. I ran into a problem. 1:11:47 into Wings of Goodbye (1080), the playback become jerky and video/audio becomes unsynched. It happens with VLC Media Player and Daum PotPlayer. I’m using the latest CCCP. Anyone else have a similar problem? The problem happens at that point regardless of whether I play through or skip forward to it. Also, if I skip past that point, the rest of the film is fine. So I don’t think it’s a general player problem or codec problem.

  14. chronos02 writes:

    Try switching to MPC-HC and using the madVR system which CG kindly explained inthe Playeback section. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the movie or the player you use, but you might get some light out of it by doing so, better trying than wondering, that’s what I think.

  15. Goshtic writes:

    @Bertman, it’s most likely your computer unable to handle that part of the scene. Try disabling subtitle animation and see if that part play smooth with video/audio in sync.

    My machine, CoreDuo2 @ 3.3ghz-OC’ed, 6GB of ram and Nvidia Geforce 465 GTX couldn’t handle smooth playback of the 1080p in quite a few scenes where video bitrate is high (aka the battle scenes) with subtitle animation going on in the background. The real-time simple karaoke effects. I
    had to disable that to retain a smooth playback.

  16. Anonymoose writes:

    >Not using superior Central Anime subtitles

  17. :) writes:

    really needs more seeders..

  18. lolz writes:

    im spiking to around 120kbsp and then drop back down to like 2kbps. my download speed tracker is almost a cosine graph…

  19. Your Future writes:

    Can’t play 10-bit 720p on my system!

    I will be waiting for an 8-bit release.

  20. miracles writes:

    anon says:

    Fuck yes! With karaoke l can finally memorize and sing the new songs with out trouble!

    what do you mean?I think in the coalgirls release it have karaoke except strike withces S1 but karaoke effect i don’t know… 😀

  21. Ray writes:

    Any advice on how I can get Quicktime to play these on my Mac?

  22. Ladon writes:

    Getting some weirdness in the scene in the second movie starting around 1:11:43 and just wondering if it’s just my system or if the scene was supposed to be like this.

    The entire scene has a lot of noise and the bitrate goes through the roof as a result. My Core-i7 machine didn’t care much but it made my Core duo HTPC cry like a bitch. Looks like there was some frame corruption toward the end of the scene as well.

  23. Rai writes:

    @Ray try MplayerX

  24. Kyprioth writes:

    My comp, I7 930 / 6gb ram/ gtx 580 was stuttering and completely freezing up, but only near the first 2 minutes of playback on the second movie, and it hasn’t done it with any other file from you guys. Using MPC-HC and madvr as listed on the site as well. Not sure what’s up, any ideas?

  25. Whyyyyyyyy writes:

    I’m loving it so far. I have no idea why this is happening. 🙁

  26. Takorax writes:

    Hi guys, the scene bleeds in The Wings of Goodbye annoyed me so I went ahead and fixed them. Feel free to remux using this script, there were about 22 timing changes to get rid of those bleeds and one grammatical change for the line at 30:11 (Analyze it, – changed to Analyze it!).

    Since I don’t know anything about patches and don’t want to break things, here’s the script by itself. The changes were done for the 1080p copy but I don’t see why the script wouldn’t work for the 720p version as well.

    When I remuxed I got a CRC of 9BC03525.

  27. VGJunky writes:

    I get the same desync/stutter issue about an hour into the movie. It’s the same spot every time, and then some weirdness in a similar spot near the end

    everything else is flawless

  28. VGJunky writes:

    Ah, 1080p release by the way. I’ll grab the 720p as well

  29. Zadir writes:

    I too get the same desync/stutter issue about an hour into the movie. Do you think perhaps Ive made something wrong and downloaded a corrupt version or something?

    everything else is flawless

  30. Luizk writes:

    thanks good quality

  31. Alter writes:

    Please reseed 1080p.

  32. Crismas writes:

    Thanks you so much

  33. Pike writes:

    Can someone seed 720p , thank you