Cardcaptor Sakura

Episodes – 70 + 2
Video – 1440×1080 @ crf 19, 960×720 @ crf 18
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – R1 (Heavily Modified, Re-styled)

Torrent – 1080p – 720p

We had two options. We could either release the movies in 8-bit or re-encode the entire series to 10-bit using BDMVs instead of raws this time. We chose the latter.
Thanks to Techguru for providing fixed scripts (which we changed back to our own style).

353 Responses to Cardcaptor Sakura

  1. Dhruv writes:

    which one should i download
    this is a pretty old series so the 1080p isn’t much different from 720p
    hmm what to do..
    suggestions please 🙂

  2. exha writes:

    I don’t believe it, I don’t have enough space on my HDD… I’ll buy a new one just for this, my childhood is in this anime.

  3. Anonymous writes:

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned before but for the 2nd CCS movie the subtitles are behind by around 1 second for the last segment involving Kero-chan being the main character. Sorry if this was mentioned before but I’m not bothered to go through 310 comments either. Thanks for your releases Coalgirls.

  4. Repliica writes:

    YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I AM TO FIND THIS. Normally I don’t take the time to comment (or continue torrenting as my Internet is limited) BUT I WILL TORRENT THIS FOR AS LONG AS I CAN. Thank you soooooooooo much!!!

  5. Cesar writes:

    I’m trying to dl the torrent but I keep getting an error saying that the torrents are corrupt. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. kusha writes:

    it’s amazing!!! Please can you put Hamtaro too for dl?

  7. Cracksy writes:

    have OC? i wanna add the latin audio and if have ocd i’ll can’t do it 🙁

  8. animeforever writes:

    WOW!! Thank you Thank you so much for this release, I love CCS and seeing it in HD is even more amazing to experience 😀
    Um, random question though, why isn’t Movie 1 in 5.1 Surround sound like everything else?
    Thank you

  9. arilando writes:

    So for the first ed the subs kind of fuck the video, slowing it down and making it out of sync with sound, anyone else having this problem?

  10. kukicha writes:

    ok..guys thank you so much. will seed this as long as i can keep the space on my hdd.

  11. sh1v4 writes:

    could anybody provide method or patch to change the 8bit to hi10p
    i already download the 8bit version of 1080, and if possible i want to change it to 10p, without downloading all of them again…..
    any help please??

  12. Linkmstr writes:

    Sadly, I only have stereo so I don’t have surround sound for the 5.1 audio…
    Whenever I play a video, during the opening, my left speaker will be clearer than my right speaker…
    Currently, I use LAV Audio Decoder. If there’s any other decoder that could, can you reply back? =O

  13. TaintedMaiden writes:

    There aren’t seeders any more… Please SEED. I beg you. I really want this series. It’s a part of my childhood. T^T

  14. TraR writes:

    This version should be on Bakabt, not that 720p

  15. ZH writes:

    May I request for the separate subtitle files?

  16. Michel writes:

    CCS 720p – Direct download links are down. Would you mind reuploading please?

  17. Keyarihen writes:

    please do seed ~ thanks 🙂

  18. Matt writes:

    I still have the Pioneer DVD releases of the series. If I ripped those, and if you guys would be so kind as to provide your scripts so I don’t have to download the whole 66gb (for the 720p) to demux them myself, would I be able to remux them into my DVD rips?

  19. Anon-kun writes:

    Somebody please seed.

  20. Glens writes:

    Is this supposed to be letterboxed or there’s spmething wrong with my player setup

  21. Jon writes:


    I had the same problem. Open up MPC, click the “view” tab and scroll down to “options”. Now click on “external filters” and in the box on the right double left-click on “lav audio decoder”. Now click on the “mixing” tab and then check the box “enable mixing”. Click “apply” and then “ok”. That fixed the problem for me.

  22. Ang writes:

    Please seed….. this is my childhood anime. Even though I’m a male, I don’t care, I love this series soooo much. Please seed, I promise I will keep seed. Thank you!

  23. daisukae14 writes:

    Is there any idea why this isn’t working on my Boxee Box? When I play it, the subtitles show up and the sound works, but the video doesn’t show up. Any clues?

  24. Aki writes:

    What’s the difference between:
    I know they have different CRCs but in quality, what’s the difference? Also, I got one from the torrents and the other from a bot in irc. Would have wanted to seed but it doesn’t match with the torrent.

  25. Valhalla writes:

    Sakura, my first crush… No really, when I was 9 she was! 10 years later now and if I said I still had a crush on her I would be labeled a pedo. 🙁

  26. dokebu writes:

    I was only like 10 the first time I watched this. As a male, I enjoyed watching it… heh heh.

    Omg that size though!

  27. chenpai writes:

    Could someone upload eps 1-6 because it got corrupted and i wasnt able to retrieve these episodes T.T
    I did check for torrents but the file was not available anymore
    Would really appreciate if anyone will leave me a link. Thanks a lot!

  28. chenpai writes:

    never mind my previous comment. i forgot that i can download the whole thing by picking the eps i need XDDDD

  29. Angel writes:

    Seed Slow… Upload Speed Up Help!
    Download receive three weeks …;;

  30. Angel writes:

    1080p Upload Speed Up Help!

  31. BHI writes:

    Still looking for peers [:/] Help!!

  32. Anon writes:

    Hi! Has anyone been able to torrent these recently? I got up to episode 21, but no luck downloading the rest. Either that, or another place to find subbed CCS episodes?

  33. Something writes:

    I will start downloading this. Seeds anyone? Thanks! Will keep seeding as long as possible after I dl.

  34. Random writes:

    Thank goodness just when I was look around to see if any one have this old classic.
    Thank you

  35. doko writes:

    What is the difference about OP1a and OP1b? What episodes ranges do these openings belong to?

  36. gam writes:

    doko: As far as I can tell the only difference is 1a has the father flipping a pancake, and 1b replaces it with Li brandishing a seal after episode 8. 1b seems to be used from 9-35, but I’m not sure if 1a is used again somewhere in there or not.

  37. sakura writes:

    TL note ep 8, anyone know the original context of kero’s dialogue?

  38. Shiina writes:

    What is the “SP” episode? I cant find anything on google about it.

  39. Myra writes:

    How come it is only audio?

  40. rubius writes:

    are these dual audio?

  41. Nathanpei writes:

    Hi there, can I have this folder of these incredible subs? Please?

  42. Hrishikesh writes:

    I am new here and searched on the google for this series fot long time and this is the best torrent and seeder i have ever seen fot this series.

    Love you my friend from Anime Fan ✅🔥❤️
    Appriciate your work.

  43. Camille writes:

    I never had the chance as a kid to see the whole show and I wanted to fix that. A comment on reddit sent me there and it’s perfect and couldn’t have found better elsewhere. Thank you for the amazing work ! 🙂

  44. kd writes:

    ngl i was skeptical at first about downloading this because my browser gave me a warning upon clicking the torrent link but i was so desperate to finally get the complete series because this was and still is my favorite anime of all time and it did not fail me at all!! it even came complete with the 2 movies which i am sooooo happy about!! thank you so much for your hardwork!! i’m so excited to binge watch from the beginning!