Guilty Crown


Type: Series (22 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (24bit) – Japanese
Subs: Commie (Modified) – English
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

175 Responses to Guilty Crown

  1. Baka writes:

    Finally! Thank-you! <3 My Favourite Anime! #1

  2. paolo writes:

    yes! thanks a million! Do you plan on releasing a dual audio version or will this be it?

  3. JDMxAddicted writes:

    Man that ending though……I can see why some were dissapointed by it but personally it was ok.

    I’ll give this anime overall 8/10 and that’s being generous.

  4. Rsx2310 writes:

    Is this a 10bit release?

  5. Allan Petabyte writes:


  6. Rsx2310 writes:

    Thanks. Can I conclude all new releases from Coalgirls are 10bit?

  7. Rsx2310 writes:

    Ok. Well I guess that explains why [HorribleSubs] releases are so popular, as they are still releasing 8bit video.

  8. Someone writes:

    horriblesub release what Cruncky R0II makes. If the last changes to whatever bit, so will HR.

  9. razki writes:

    thanks for this coalgirls !!!

  10. Nitsu writes:

    Just 1 Question. Why i got a DL-rate of 1.2 kb/s? >.< It's only on this torrent. :/

  11. jyonkheel writes:

    good stuff, thank you very much, ima seed for you, that much i can do

  12. ;iohdf writes:

    That 1080p file size omg

  13. ;iohdf writes:

    oh and i get almost all of your shows, love ya 😉

  14. Grimm6Jack writes:

    Does this have the openings and endings?

  15. Okarus writes:

    no OVA tho

  16. Bruno writes:

    The dl speed of Guilty Crown is pretty low. ChrisK, can you do anything to up the seeds? I can download it on 2 nights at max speed. Please help me get the file. I really want this collection on my archive.

  17. Droid writes:

    Hi there,

    Can you guys please reseed the 1080p torrent?

    Thank you.

  18. Xerxes Break writes:

    Is the 720 version Blu-ray?????

  19. lordris writes:

    the 720p version shows seeds but they are too slow, im only getting 1-5 kBps.
    can someone with decent internet seed this
    p.s. and no my internet is not at fault i other torrents work just fine

  20. JORDANFELIX writes:


  21. PLSSEEED writes:

    Can someone reseed the 1080p?

  22. Delgon writes:

    Here you have 1080p version