Macross Frontier

Episodes – 25
Video – 1920×1072, 1280×720, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs –
Track 1 – AOGM with full karaoke effects (May lag older computers)
Track 2 – AOGM, no karaoke
Track 3 – Shinsen with full karaoke effects (May lag older computers)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Notes –

01 – Deculture uses Shinsen with karaoke as default and without as secondary.
Make sure you are using XY-VSFilter with this release for some karaoke tracks.

123 Responses to Macross Frontier

  1. Rai writes:

    @Akared AOGM seems to be more liberal, while Shinsen is more literal. Depends on what you like better.

    ZOMG Movie is coming out today, hope someone subs fast and I hope you’re doing the movie Coalgirls

  2. Akared writes:

    So it’s a matter of choosing what you like for subs? Liberal or literal?

    Hmmmm. No wonder coalgirls put them both.

  3. mascthemoney writes:

    50% related question. are u guys going to release macross frontier movie#2? i asked on ChrisK’s personal page on this site but no answer. thanks guys! coalgirls banzai.

  4. JBX writes:

    anyone can post MD5 for ep 22?

    Having playback issues around 9min into this ep, want to check before I re-dl it. Thanks

  5. Nettosama writes:

    ^^ Check the CRC or re-check the file using the torrent.

  6. JBX writes:

    @Nettosama thanks, CRC check is correct. Loaded into utorrent says it was only 98% complete. Then I get it to 100% but still have same issues…

    1. at 9:24 it goes to a different scene for 2 seconds (Alto talking to Klan from 2 min prior) and back to current scene where they are showing medical records of Sheryl.

    2. From that point after playback quits at various spots.

    I re downloaded the ep from FS and now only #1 issue is noticeable. I checked playback in 2 different players. Maybe that is in the source?

    Not a big deal maybe someone else can check it too.

  7. Forum Lurker writes:

    Jesus Christ. I know you guys said that “older computers may lag” but holy shit the karaoke parts lag my computer like crazy and I know it’s not possible that my computer is “old”.

    I’m running AMD X4 Phenom 955 OC to 3.9 GHz with an AMD 6790 graphics card. I also have 4GB of RAM so I’m almost 100% sure that it isn’t my computer that’s the problem. I also have the latest CCCP. I’m playing using Media Player Classic. Is there any reason why my computer is lagging at the Karaoke parts? Watching episode 25 was hell on Earth.

  8. Whatever writes:

    Put Vsfilter on in the CCCP settings. That may solve your problems. If not there is another way but i ain’t bothering with that as you may even not check this reply. If you answer i might bother.

  9. Michi writes:

    I love it, but does anyone else have trouble with the 2 karaoke versions with the subs and stuff blinking in and out (i dont have this problem on the non karaoke subs)? is there any way i can correct this?

  10. EsCel writes:

    thank you so much for this.. the quality is excellent! i will def seed for as long as possible. im just wondering about the subs, is there really a big difference beetween them? i dont know what i should be watching.

  11. Akira writes:

    I downloaded the 1080p version of this. I would just like to ask if there is a picture distortion(color changes and becomes grainy), or is it my player or something >_<;;.

  12. Kanae writes:

    The 1080p Episode 24 has some kind of video glitch that makes it impossible to re-encode into 10bit if I try it kills my encoder when it hits frame 1340 but I can re-encode it as an 8bit no problem WTF >_<

  13. corocoro writes:

    It seems like there’s a remastered version out:

    Bandai Comparison

    Is there any interest from your side to redo them with the improved video material?

    • ChrisK writes:

      They just slapped a bunch of filters on it, something that may probably have been done in our release already (maybe lighter).

  14. SnipeMeNot writes:

    anyone? please seed for just about 15 mins. ETA 11hrs speed =600kbps

  15. Pururumpai writes:

    any seeder for 720p?

  16. Pranta20141 writes:

    why Eng sub/dub torrent of this series is so f**king rare?