Macross Frontier

Episodes – 25
Video – 1920×1072, 1280×720, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs –
Track 1 – AOGM with full karaoke effects (May lag older computers)
Track 2 – AOGM, no karaoke
Track 3 – Shinsen with full karaoke effects (May lag older computers)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Notes –

01 – Deculture uses Shinsen with karaoke as default and without as secondary.
Make sure you are using XY-VSFilter with this release for some karaoke tracks.

123 Responses to Macross Frontier

  1. Hazard writes:

    Thanks Coalgirls!

  2. jenus writes:

    hi10 ?

  3. Fignuts writes:

    I’m asking too. Hi10 faggotry?

  4. Sawa-chan writes:

    jenus, Fignuts, as the previous comments have already pointed out, these are Hi10.
    Yay, for the torrent release of the first half!

  5. Nettosama writes:

    omg, all the files changed in the first-half batch, o well deleting 13 gigs.

  6. loldex writes:

    Did they really all change for the batch? And if so, how?

  7. Nettosama writes:

    CRC is different, i think its just the scripts that got edited.

  8. CoalFan writes:

    Good that I waited for the batch ^^

  9. Macravin writes:

    You might not have to delete them, just place all the old files in the torrent folder and restart the download, some of the pieces are probably the same and will be fixed when the whole “Checking X%” thing happens

  10. xeon_1 writes:

    Thx for the torrent.
    Saves a bit of trouble with the ddl

  11. axeps2 writes:

    Hi, new to your releases.

    Do your releases keep signs etc translated if they are hardsubbed by the respective group initially?

  12. fanfanfan writes:

    thank you for release.
    However is it normal that I see episodes with pixelated smearing? Using cccp 7-30-2011 with coreavc. Last time I saw this happen was in vlc.

  13. Sid writes:

    I like this pic.

  14. Rai writes:

    I hope the pic with Sheryl in military uniform means that you’re planning to do Wings of Goodbye as well

  15. Sid writes:

    This pic looks WAY better than the actual thing, lol.

  16. loldex writes:

    Please, can I get just a sentence on what changed for the 1-13 batch? Are they just minor changes to the script or is it a good idea to redownload?

  17. Rai writes:

    @Sid, yeah it does, Movie version looks too bright., but its still the same :D. Only problem with doing Wings of Goodbye is that we have to wait for someone to sub it, which might take a few days or even a week since there is no camrip in sight.

  18. sai writes:

    first thanks for this release the quality like all your others releases is amazing , but can you please give a date for episode 23 ? im dying to watch the next episode and i dont want to use other groups .


  19. TS writes:

    Unsure if this has already been requested, but will you guys(girls) be re-encoding ‘The False Diva’ to make the series consistently 10bit?

  20. ChrisK writes:

    inb4 people asking which episodes got changed:
    01DE, 01YD, 05, 07, 08, 09, 12, 15, 20 and 22.

  21. Rev writes:

    Thank you for completing this!!

  22. Lemon writes:

    Thank you so much for completing what I think is the best Macross F release! <3

  23. sai writes:

    you have 2 episode 15 in the 720p torrent but not in the 1080p . or maybe my utorrent is crazy

  24. GoldenDarkness writes:

    i have a quick question will i need knowledge of the previous’s macross to get into this one thanks if uo guys answer

  25. Kyo writes:

    Thanks again for the release CG. Theres some emo on Nyaa spamming all of CG’s recent releases with “these gaiz suck atd encodin hur durrr”. Seriously some people are to dumb for their own stupid.

  26. Rev writes:

    I have an issue with episode 25 (720p) not showing the subtitles at 20:02 – 20:09 & at 20:38 with subtitles track 1 & 3 (track 2 works fine). Every other episode has worked fine before and my pc can handle BDs and hi10 just fine..

  27. Gar writes:

    What is the difference between all the episode 01s?

  28. murderprincess writes:

    Won’t you release batch for the episode that got changed ?
    please be mercy with my slow connection T_T

  29. murderprincess writes:

    ^ lol…. nice idea, i just forget about it xD

  30. aradvanced writes:

    Like rev says, there is a problem with episode 25 during the final battle with grace when alto meets up with ranka’s brother. but if you leave it on track 2 (no kareoke) it should be fine. with ranka and sheryll singing 2 different verses with both having their own kareoke and translations going on as well as the dialogue, seems like either my player can’t handle it or my processor.

  31. cdryik writes:

    It’s a problem with the media player your using, I got the problem with media player classic HC but not with SMPlayer. Seems like mpc-hc (using madvr for decoding) don’t use effect correctly. Can’t find how to fix it, maybe it’s a problem with madVR (if you’re using it).

  32. coalgirl writes:

    From what I saw, this problem is a combination of RAM and VSFilter. I had the same issue in some other episodes (12 was particularly issue prone). The best solution is to:
    1. Buy a better computer
    2. Use a setup that does not rely on VSFilter (See our playback guide)
    3. Use track 2.

  33. sunfizz98 writes:

    1920×1072? Also, any noticeable difference between the 720s and 1072s?

  34. Nukah writes:

    thx for the release,

    just out of curiousity are you going to do “Gekijouban Macross F: Sayonara no Tsubasa” ?

    kind regards

  35. Gar writes:

    What is the difference between the episode 01s?

  36. shinigamidaiko writes:

    Can someone tell me which series did CG release in hi10p so far and what are the planned ones to come?

  37. Rai writes:

    I use K-lite which uses MPC-HC’s internal subtitle renderer, the subtitles don’t show at the same areas where rev has stated, and at 14:13 (or any area that there are two karoake’s going on at the same time) the subtitles either flash, lag the video if sub picture buffers is set to ‘0’, and are fine when i set sub picture buffers to an integer with no animation effects. None of these tweaks fix the disappearing subtitles

  38. Rai writes:

    Oh and btw, the latest unstable build of VLC eliminates these problems…strange huh

  39. Old Man writes:

    Thank you for doing this series in particular. It’s a pleasure watch high quality subs of a Macross series lie this. I watched the original Macek Robotech butcheries, when they first aired on TV, and spent a over a decade hunting down the actual Macross series. This series is almost nostalgic for me to watch, after so many years. So, thank for the time and effort put into this.

  40. CoalFan writes:

    What a pitifullest Nya´s trolling , keep going the trolling and you will save Anime … at last … or whatever …

    On the topic, the best MF relase so far, top notch subtitles, congrats and thanks ^.^

    Long live CoalGirls ! and long live Anime !! \^o^/

  41. NiCk writes:

    My screen keeps coming up green when I play the video files. What should I do to remedy this?

  42. Frillo writes:

    Thank you so much in particular for including shinsen subs in your release! Although preferring Lunars translation myself I still feel that Shinsen did a very good job and it saddens me that Menclaves at times awful result is the one endorsed by most release groups and fans. That a decent translation snuck its way in somwhere, even if it’s just in third place actually brought a smile to my face.

    That beeing said there is a typo in shinsens subs at 8.57, “ears” instead of “fears”.
    Also, the subtitles didn’t display correctly for me at 20.01 during Breras advice about aiming, though I could find nothing wrong in the subtitle file itself.

    Again thanks for offering alternatives!

  43. Frillo writes:

    I was refering to episode 25 btw.

  44. akinari-kun writes:

    Hmm…this encode appears extremely blurry on my computer. I watched the show via Thora’s 720p encode of MF, but this 1080p looks extremely extremely blurry almost to the point of being unwatchable. Anyone else getting this?

  45. Rai writes:

    If I’m not mistaken, Thora’s encode has a bunch of sharpening filters, if you’re really that bothered, that can be fixed in MPC, by activating sharpening shaders

  46. Evil Midnight Lurker writes:

    Thanks! I’d lost hope of ever finding a complete Shinsen run of Frontier, and here y’all are. 🙂

  47. sunfizz98 writes:

    still wondering if I should go with the 720p or 1080p release…

  48. Akared writes:

    What’s the difference between AOGM’s subs and Shinsen?

  49. memaverick writes:

    I just recently finished downloading this and man, I really appreciate the way you did this series. from the style to font, timing to presentation, I love it. It was awesome. You guys rule. Thank you and keep up the good work. Expecting more awesome release from you guys.

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