Nisekoi OVA


Episodes – 3
Video – 720×480 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 AAC @ q 0.5
Subs – CoalOnodera, FFF (OP)

Torrent – Torrent

02 had an encoding error fixed along with a few other minor issues.

I will be doing season 2 and it is currently top priority.

Please use this patch to fix the aspect ratio on episode 2.


80 Responses to Nisekoi OVA

  1. Meme Master writes:

    Not sure about the chances of it happening, but it’d be advantageous for Shaft to get more sales for the BD

  2. Black Phoenix writes:

    Hello, when possible I have available the 3rd and last OVA.

    I can provide as last time, please contact me if interested!

  3. Raph484 writes:

    @Black Phoenix

    I’m interested in the 3rd OVA if you have it!

  4. wew writes:

    any news about Ova 3? When is it coming?

  5. Yusmito writes:

    whether anime is related to season 2 ?

  6. nx6 writes:

    Yes! Done so I can watch all three now.


  7. DevilJho writes:

    thx for the OVA 3, i wanna ask what codec you gonna use for nisekoi seasons 2? i hope you use HEVC

  8. Eruzo writes:

    Thanks! Also glad to hear you are doing S2.

    Perhaps a silly question, but is the fix still needed for episode 2 when using the batch or is it only for the earlier release?

  9. dan writes:

    Also glad to hear you’re doing s2! (I only hope SHAFT doesn’t screw stuff like in s1.)

  10. U.S. Grant writes:

    Yes, you may need the Patch. Ep02 witch is in the batch looks a bit wired.

    However, what should I do with the patch, which contains only an .xdelta file? Guidance or a batch file to use the file would be helpful.

  11. Macca writes:

    @U.S. Grant

    Use xdelta UI for the patch.

  12. firda_use writes:

    copy text below and make the extension “.bat”

    xdelta3 -d -s “[Coalgirls]_Nisekoi_OVA_02_(740x480_DVD_AAC)_[52D05617].mkv” “[Coalgirls]_Nisekoi_OVA_02_(740x480_DVD_AAC)_[B5EEA1B2].xdelta” “Coalgirls_Nisekoi_OVA_02_740x480_DVD_AAC_B5EEA1B2.mkv”

    and copy file “xdelta3.exe” or you can googling the file and download the file.

  13. ZENSX writes:

    > I will be doing season 2 and it is currently top priority.

    What a time to be alive. Thank you based CG

  14. Eruzo writes:

    @U.S. Grant
    Thanks, I checked the file once downloaded and it was pretty noticeable. Patch solved it all.

  15. ComeAndGetMe writes:


  16. Pineapple_tini writes:

    If you don’t want to use the patch, you can just change the aspect ratio from ‘auto’ to ’16:9′ with the player.

  17. Nick writes:

    Can I post a link here of an archive containing
    the xdelta.exe, the bat file and the patch (xdelta file)?
    To help others having trouble patching Episode 2.

  18. noob writes:

    There’s a typo in OVA 3, at around 18:34
    “Is is some kind of weird animal?”

  19. Soluna writes:

    Thanks for doing the OVAs 😀

  20. Hosaf writes:

    Wish someone would explain how to patch it, I wasted more than 30 minutes understanding how xdelta works and still couldn’t manage it. Shame, Coalgirls does some great job in its work but i guess i’ll just watch the 2nd OVA from another fansub. Anyways, keep up the good work people.

  21. Jeffrey Kiu writes:

    Someone make picture flow charts for xdelta patch?
    I’m having hard time to figure it out lol

  22. bd writes:

    ニセコイ 単行本21巻限定版OVA

    OVA 4 gogogo \\o/ /o/

  23. mayora writes:

    still having trouble with the patch
    anyone can help me understand?

  24. hhsquall writes:

    For the patch, this is how I made it work (I repeat: this is how I did it – not the best way though)

    Before you begin, make sure your filename and the folder name are as Coalgirls’ release (not modified). You need to put that folder, that is [Coalgirls]_Nisekoi_OVA_(720x480_DVD_AAC) containing episode 2 in your “D:\” drive.

    Now download xdelta3 from Put xdelta3 file and the patch file in your D:\ (should work in the same folder as your episode as well – didn’t check though).

    Open command prompt (type cmd in start menu) and go to D:\ ( just type D: and hit Enter) and type/Enter:
    xdelta3 -d [Coalgirls]_Nisekoi_OVA_02_(740x480_DVD_AAC)_[B5EEA1B2].xdelta

    (Optional) This will create the default filename (no CRC info). Manually rename your file and add _[B5EEA1B2] in case you want to know that you have updated your file some time in the future (or generate it with a Checksum tool – I verified it with Total Commander’s Checksum creator.

  25. ridon428 writes:

    I’m getting “The system cannot find the path specified”. Where am I wrong?

  26. ridon428 writes:

    Never mind. I overlooked the folder part

  27. guest writes:

    for the patch just use ui one (xdelta ui), it is easier. for output file you might want to copy the ova 2 and rename it with the patch file name. Click patch and done…
    no cmd thing.