Kill Me Baby

Episodes – 13
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – Mazui-UTW


Episodes 11-13 are 16-bit FLAC as the 24-bit areas in those episodes were 0-byte fillers.

Next project to catch up on is Suite Precure. Not even thinking about Idolm@ster or F/Z until that’s out.

35 Responses to Kill Me Baby

  1. Rekki writes:

    No way! Really? Oh God, thank you so much.
    This show deserves more love.

  2. mangamuscle writes:

    I suppose but I need to ask, does the OP/ED were not included with the 1st BD?

  3. BThirster writes:

    Iwould like to know why in 720p but not 1080p ?

    BD being so bad ?

    But thanks great release ^^

  4. Th3avatar writes:

    J.C.Staff… That’s why

  5. PBCurious writes:

    It’s sad to think that this counted as a “Meh.” show for me – and to realize that spring really does look worse.


  6. someguy writes:

    hoping you would do this

  7. skyhack writes:

    I love this show.
    I love Coalgirls.
    Life is good.

  8. phunixid writes:

    I like this show
    it’s so funy
    although the art is just for three (maybe five) character
    but the story is really funny, that I forgot about all the others non existant art

    but the picture
    it’s really good one

    I quite remember manga about spy
    too bad, I really forget the title so I can’t search for it anymore
    it’s just look like this anime, very funny and refreshing with more character
    anyone could help me with the title, I will very appreciate it

  9. DmonHiro writes:

    KILL ME BABY!!!!

  10. amen665 writes:

    *stabs dmonhiro*

  11. Baphomet writes:

    >the spring looks terrible
    Gal has shit taste.

  12. waqasj writes:

    Will u guys/girls also do Another?
    it was an amazing series. I hope you guys will also pick it..

  13. Shahi writes:

    THANKS for doing this!!!!
    The German groups already canceled this show so i’m glad that you’re doing this!!

    oh baby… PLEASE KILL ME!!! 😀

  14. mwomwo writes:

    >spring looks terrible
    Christ you have awful taste.
    Though I doubt any of the few good shows will be lacking in subs anyway.

  15. Havoc10K writes:

    Seriously ?

    I would say something about picking this up, but I don’t run this group, nor work for it, but still.


    Out of all the shows planned, I am still hopeful for one 🙂

  16. Kitty writes:

    >people thinking that people who say spring season has shit for anime are shit
    >same people are shit

    yeah, sounds about right. very legit.

    honestly, i can’t fathom how people say there’s a lot of good for spring season. seriously.

  17. Kitty writes:

    doesn’t seem to have any comments in a while

    oh yeah, correct me if i’m wrong, but
    22:06 >Of ninjas and cherry blossoms.
    i hear inu there, so is it “Of dogs, ninjas and cherry blossoms”?

    • coalgirl writes:

      I have no idea. I just go with what UTW has because I don’t know a lick of Japanese.

  18. Kalegrim writes:

    It is a pity that bitry small was would like 3000

  19. CoalFan writes:

    Box suggestion :

    – Top o Nerae! 2 also know as Diebuster or Gunbuster 2.

  20. yawgse writes:

    Is this project still ongoing? :/ I’d love to see this finished.

  21. guy writes:

    please finish this. The other release by Ruell-Sub is awful. So there’s no good Kill me Baby except the TV version.

  22. mangamuscle writes:

    *poke* *poke* *poke*

  23. Nitzkie writes:

    Hell yes.

  24. Inco writes:

    I hope you don’t lie about Suite ><
    BTW thx for KMB 🙂

  25. Gestus writes:

    I’m probably wrong or not up on policy, but this didn’t show up in my usual distribution channels. They draw from Nyaa, and I didn’t see it announced there. The last 3 nyaa’s were Hunters and Tari, so I guess you aren’t boycotting nyaa.

    Just thought I’d mention it, in case.

  26. iRoxxor writes:

    Thanks 🙂

  27. skyhack writes:


    All my love.


  28. LoliconSuspect writes:

    Thanks! 🙂

  29. Atrahaxis writes:

    Cool! the force is strong with Coalgirls, I hope you release Nisemonogatari, and to say thanks for the awesome work you always do and provide… by any chance, what are the odds of doing Maria-Holic Alive, I just watched your previous job on Maria-holic and was wondering if you will post that one as well… anyway, thanks.

  30. Akgoh writes:

    Can someone seed a little bit because my download speed is just only 1kb. Please hlp me, thanks.

  31. Hazu writes:

    Excellent release, thanks so much! The assissin girl can be a bit too cruel some times, but it was a fun series and the outro sequence is so great.