Magical Girl Madoka Magica

Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720, 1920×1080, crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs –
Track 1 – Chihiro
Track 2 – yesy
Track 3 – gg

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

Yes, I did just re-encode this entire series into 10-bit.

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  1. Muzicfreq writes:

    I take that back
    =__= I never noticed the playback help section. Works now.

  2. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    Dear coal girls,

    I recently downloaded Magical Girl Madoka Magica ep 1-3 and it was great. It worked great w/ either vlc or media player classic, but when I downloaded ep 4-6 , vlc gives out green pictures and mpc can show both audio and video, bu the video still has issues.

    I recently downloaded yosuga no sora from this site, the complete series(720 p, no issues w/ yosuga no sora because it’s really flawless) but even w/ this series w/c is also 720 p, is giving me issues on playing it. I really would like to complete downloading the whole series and I would really appreciate anyone who can help me on this problem.

    I think my p.c., specs is just fine because it can play both 1080 p and 720 p so if I just need to download a few codecs then I guess this will resolve this issue(I would also appreciate if anyone would explain to me the technical stuff in layman terms because I’m still a beginner on this whole codecs and resolution and stuff, sorry about that…). Thank you very much for your time!


  3. AnderOfQED writes:


    First of all check this:
    (the FAQs on Playback)

    if all fails make sure you have that CCCP pack installed no-matter-what, and then try Mplayer2
    (not Mplayer, I mean Mplayer2)

  4. Cmdr Brannick writes:

    For everyone who is stuck on playing this and anyother 10-bit release, just look at the FAQ – Playback, it works fine if you follow the instructions.
    It works for me, I just need to know how to convert to .avi correctly, it’s what I use for archiving.

  5. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    To AnderOfQED: Thank you for the info! I followed the instructions you provided and the video is now working smoothly(no more incorrect colors) but the only thing I noticed is that the subs for the ending theme is a bit slow/delayed but I can tolerate it as long I can watch the video properly. I’m currently downloading ep 7.

    To be honest, I never had this issue playing videos before but I guess since technology is always evolving, I also need to adapt to it to survive… but I hope(and would be great) that this site would give an option to download videos in 1o bit and not on 10 bit but that’s just my opinion but I guess this site really does not care about opinions(w/c I find a bit unusual. I guess some of you had an issue w/ CSRs before and this site serves as a reprisal/retribution).

    But I just would remind the higher ups that our opinions still count and w/o us (or for any websites/establishments/stores, etc), this site would be nothing. I understand this would be disregarded but I feel good now that I said my opinion. Thank you for your time.

  6. Lunaki writes:

    Is this the BD version? Also does this torrent include the Directors Cut of episode 12 “aka: Alternate Ending”?

    If it doesn’t, would you be willing to sub the directors cut (which is almost Impossible to find) & add it in as a bonus? It would be greatly appreciated..


  7. Radu writes:

    Still using the earlier, mistranslated ending for gg’s sub track, I see.

  8. Mieszko A.T. writes:

    Can anyone please tell me which subs would be the better choice to use…?

  9. Arachnid writes:

    I used ggs, cant say about the others… but ggs is usually well subbed 😉

    I really like this series!
    Thanks alot Coalgirls! 😀

  10. waterworld writes:

    Your video has no flags Rec709.
    Playing on renderers understand these flags (eg madVR) will Rec601.

    В вашем видео нет флагов Rec709.
    Воспроизведение на рендерах понимающих эти флаги (например madVR) будет в Rec601.

  11. waterworld writes:

    Sorry for the last comment, erroneously compared with TV.
    Извиняюсь за прошлый комментарий, ошибочно сравнил с TV.

  12. yANDERe|S writes:

    Anyone else experiencing slowdowns during the [b]ending theme[/b] (like audio turning off and so on)? It’s strange, because my CPU is low all the time, even when I’m running a lot of different programs while watching. I’m using CCCP with MPC-HC (hi10p enabled).

    Otherwise, a really great release.

  13. yANDERe|S writes:

    Embarrassing BBC-fail by me there. Amazing.

    When I wrote “the ending theme”, I meant only the dark one with the Magia-theme. The other ones were flawless.

  14. yANDERe|S writes:

    Forget it. New CCCP runs this beast with ease. Anyways, great stuff.

  15. elmoisfat writes:

    I tried to watch just the OP of this show, and it seems like the song terminated prematurely before the last few seconds… has anyone else experienced this problem?

  16. Asuna Elmarit writes:

    Thank You Very Much For The Madoka Magica ! Nice work !

    I got the 1920×1080 ver. Like LuisVII, i got problem with the OP too, I’m using K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 8.0.8 and K-Lite Codec Pack 5.5.0 x64. Also got VLC 1.1.11.

    With K-lite, the video length are 01:26, there are pictures and sound, the only problem is the length.
    With VLC, 01:30, and no pictures, sound only 🙂

    After reading the posts above, my question is, is there any way to adjust the framerate setting in K-Lite to fix the length problem ?

    Thank you ^^

    (Already in stand by mode to remux T_T)

  17. Asuna Elmarit writes:

    I tried the solution at the F.A.Q. Playback Section, for the OP length issue.

    1. Use MPC-HC together with madVR
    – Still got same issued with length. 😀

    2. Download the SMplayer standalone
    – Fix the length issue, got pixel problem… it’s shattered… :))

    3. Grab the latest CCCP and use the player that comes with it.
    – back to play length issue… =))

    About Remux :
    I save it as the last option… :))

    Got the whole series.
    It’s a very nice anime and great release ! :-bd
    Thank you very much ! 🙂

  18. Asuna Elmarit writes:

    It also happened in other episodes, here’s the list :

    Eps. 06 24:11 – 24:10
    Eps. 07 24:11 – 24:10
    Eps. 08 24:19 – 24:10
    Eps. 09 26:12 – 25:40
    Eps. 01 24:11 – 24:10
    Eps. 11 25:41 – 25:40

    @ChrisK : Is there any other option than Remux ? T_T
    I really want to save it as the last resort, since other than the OP, the files are bigger than 1GB…

    Thank You Very Much 🙂

  19. Nettosama writes:

    @Asuna Elmarit:

    I don’t get what problem you are having.

  20. Asuna Elmarit writes:

    @ChrisK : Thank you for the answer and solution 🙂
    After remuxing the OP, the file size decrease, the file Before-remux : 95,039KB… After-remux : 95,037KB, is that ok ?

    The A-Remux OP is 01:30, it played fine… I’m just worried since the size decrease… sorry if it sound’s stupid T_T Please forgive me…

    Thank you very much for your help ! Really appreciate it ! 🙂

    @Nettosama : The OP playlength only 01:26, when it should be 01:30… so it doesn’t play the full OP, instead it stop at a few second before the end.

  21. Nettosama writes:

    My filesize also decreases, probably because a line gets removed from the header.

  22. Asuna Elmarit writes:

    @Nettosama : do you have the same problem ?
    What line get removed? and what’s the effect to the quality ?

  23. Nettosama writes:

    @Asuna Elmarit: Editing the OP with mkvmerge fixes the fps problem (and the filesize decreases slightly). There’s nothing more into it.

  24. Pieter writes:

    I am having a lot of trouble playing this series on the computer and my media center, do you have an 8bit version i can get????

  25. tryanne writes:

    there might b sumting wrong wiv my torrent dl… i’m unable to dl anything from madoka torrent and also clannad torrent. ;A;

  26. DarkdaemonPK2 writes:

    @Pieter: Nope. The files on the torrent are all 10 bit. yo may want to check the faq section on how to play 10 bit videos. It’s a painstaking task but it will works as long as you follow the instructions properly.


  27. Hamster writes:

    I have been reading the comments regarding problems with the OP’s length. Before I download the 720p version, is anyone still having problems with it?

  28. EK writes:

    Any plans for the two movies?

  29. dark writes:

    i hope you do madoka movie as well

  30. ROOMA4HELL writes:

    Yeah any plans to do the second movie? The official blu-ray releases lack subbed openings, endings, and styled subs. Much prefer a 1080p blu-ray with 5.1 with good subs.

  31. zombeast writes:

    does anyone know why there are 2 versions of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica? I mean in general they seem pretty similar i only noticed that some animations are different like the whole first scene where the anime begins is far gloomier and darker. So what is the difference?
    thx in advance

  32. blumus1k writes:

    Thank You Coalgirls keep it up and hopefully you’ll do well in everything. Which has the better sub for this anime? Please I hate making decisions and converting the anime that a little awhile. and do you guys know good converters for hardcoded subs PLEASE AND THANK YOU AGAIN.

  33. Rajput writes:

    Little bit late, but I couldn’t not cenommt.I loved this show so much. The tension is indeed awesome, as is the story-telling. This show is kind of like the Song of Ice and Fire of magical girl shows, except not crazy long.Anybody writing UF or Dark Fantasy could learn something from watching it.

  34. NeVe12p4wNeD writes:

    Episode 08 @6:38

    There’s a weird sentence on gg’s subs (I think it’s gg’s anyway, the yellowish outline and white font?).

  35. Meme Master writes:

    Why isn\’t the second opening there (where the all of them are sitting on the tower at the end) wasn\’t it included in the BDs?

  36. Xirix writes:

    Does anyone know what’s being said at about 22.02 in episode 11? There was a line added there that wasn’t in the TV version, so none of the subtitle tracks have what it says, it’s spoken too fast for me to note it down.

  37. Cerberus writes:

    no drama and special?@_@