Strike Witches – The Movie

Type: Movie
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 5.1 – Japanese
Subs: Underwater (Slight Restyling)
Torrents: 1080p – 720p

Yes we are doing this.

38 Responses to Strike Witches – The Movie

  1. Korki writes:


  2. comment writes:

    Quick question, does your script restore the honorifics Underwater removed?

  3. unknown writes:

    can you put some screens

  4. Random writes:

    Is this somehow better than the Underwater one? I heard theirs had some problems.

  5. banger writes:

    does anyone know if the movie is brand new content, or is it a rehash summary of parts of the tv series?

  6. Daiz writes:

    @Random: Well, you heard wrong. And the only reason why you’d want to get this version is if you enjoy having less space available on your HDDs.

  7. BThirster writes:

    Why ar you always tryin to imply that your work is better than coalgirls ?
    True it can be but if some people say there’s problem on your realese it can be true + i don’t see the whole thing of HDD space , when you ddl you look and you keep and when you don’t have enough space you delete or buy a new hdd that’s all .
    But well it’s true that in general you do great work .

  8. Daiz writes:

    Dude, this is Tenshi we’re talking about. The only real work he does for his releases is making sure that they’re bloated to hell.

    >but if some people say there’s problem on your realese it can be true
    Except that someone only said that they “heard” there were “problems”, which is about as vague and useless as you can get. And if said “problems” actually existed and were in the subs, you can be damn sure that Tenshi would do absolutely nothing to fix them.

  9. Noko writes:

    Daiz, you sure do monitor a lot of group websites you seem to dislike. Closet fan much? huehuehue

    P.S. I <3 the bloat Tenshi, please never change.

  10. Anon writes:

    In before tenshi replies to troll.

  11. Pedro writes:

    Daiz stalks Doki too, he’s scared of the competing groups, while knowing his is all but dead and useless.

  12. comment writes:

    “No, i reduced font size, and removed alot of newline characters.”
    Oh well. I suppose I’ll still have to wait for another group then, or do it myself. I avoid Underwater as much as humanly possible.

    By the way, Daiz, the stalking is pretty pathetic.

  13. unknown writes:

    yes daiz, you’re release have indeed some problems, like for example the ranks you given the characters are incorrect, but research some more before you think its a “problem”, that is because you putted in american/europa ranks which are incorrect, if you researched it, you can see and tell that the ranks are japanese ranks.

  14. corocoro writes:

    @Random, BThirster: During playback of a short action scene I couldn’t see any differences between the encodes (1080p video, playback with LAV/madVR on a 1080p monitor).
    Comparing screenshots shows that Underwater’s encode is slightly sharper which helps bring out the detail in some scenes. As far as I could see the sharping introduced no ringing. Overall, I prefer the Underwater encode because with no effective differences, the smaller file wins.

    @comment: I think FFF was planning on doing it as well, but don’t quote me on it.

    @unknown: If you think this release will be any different, you’re in for a bad surprise.

  15. tormaid writes:

    Awesome. Another release with tons-o-banding.

  16. Solaristics writes:

    Lol people saying Daiz release had problems, okay.. His had no problems and the size is much smaller, the encoding is also better. I don’t see why you would want this unless it had major problems, which I never saw any.

  17. vgjunky writes:

    I’m just concerned about some of the grammatical errors/typos that seemed to slip through the underwater release at times

    if the script is unedited then those are probably still there

  18. tormaid writes:

    Being blind must be nice sometimes.

    Underwater’s one of the better groups, editing wise. I don’t think that’s something to worry about.

  19. Cloudstrife192 writes:

    Thank you for doing this movie! 😀
    Plus using FLAC 😉

  20. Solaristics writes:


    You must be mad, I understand.

  21. Alter Zero writes:

    Great guys, this completes the saga so far!… ^_^

  22. JG Wentworth writes:

    What’s the new banner from?

  23. Cloudstrife192 writes:

    @JG Wentworth

  24. Homura Dawg writes:

    Seeing Daiz get butthurt and complain on another group’s site is just part of the reason I love Coalgirls so much

  25. bob barker writes:

    Both groups can release whatever and whenever they feel like and more groups doing it, the better. So all you people gargling their hairy testicles in one camp or the other can take your pick or both or none at all. Stop trolling the friggin thread and watch the stuff that is released. Only make comments if there is a problem or something actually relevant to quality, like coro had. That was a positive comment.

  26. Random writes:

    Is this uncensored?

  27. daikama writes:

    I like Tenshi’s encodes. What one person considers “no effective difference” might very well be a meaningful difference to another – just like how some claim 128 bit music MP3 sounds just as good as the original CD while others insist 320bit or even FLAC (or wavpac/ape/etc.). Perhaps AC3/ACC vs. FLAC would be more relevant in this case. Adding sharpness is a personal preference as well. If corocoro prefers Underwater’s encode (not sure which version – 720p or 1080p), that’s fine, but that doesn’t mean the everyone else does… or should. JMO, but with a quality source (as in this case), I think the “best” encode is the one which most accurately matches the original.

    As for the subs, overall Underwater did a pretty good job IMO considering the amount of TL lines. UW deserves some credit. Nothing major, but I did notice a few minor errors in UW original subs (still DL this so not sure if in CG’s version. Probably the most notable is the misspelling of Eila’s last name (it’s Juutilainen). When Yoshika & Lynne first reunite aboard ship, Lynne replies “Yokatta” which is translated as “me too” rather than “thank goodness” (correct) as it was TL when Micchan says it earlier. Lastly, the subs have Lucchini stating that the gondola race is “…taking place next week!” when clearly it’s going on at that moment.

    Tenshi, thanks & keep up the good work.

  28. jake writes:

    Can you add some screenshots? (:

  29. Jim Boner writes:

    So who messed up the proper radio lingo? The sub group or the show?

  30. dario writes:

    Why do some bd releases require at least 1gb of space and some others 500-700mb if the size of the windows’s video is still the same size?
    is it because the audio’s in that big ass FLAC codec?

  31. bane writes:

    Uncompressed audio by nature consumes a very large amount data. FLAC is a lossless codec; it’s output quality is the same as the input. Using a different codec for the sound track would result in a smaller size, however if you were to compare the two audio tracks side-by-side with a high quality DAC and drivers, you would be able to hear a difference. I don’t care if your laptop has “Beats” by Dr. Dre, it’s still shit compared to a good DAC such as BMC-2 with a pair of Shure Professional headphones (I’m no audiophile, just examples that I can think of off the top of my head).

    As far as the video portion, that is entirely dependent on the content of the video. If the show is comprised of mostly still image sequences, it will encode to a much smaller file than say a show where everything is always moving and exploding. If you ever do encoding with x264, you can almost always tell what frames the action sequences are in because of how much the slower the encoder takes to process those frames. The longer a frame takes to process, the more stuff in the frame that is changing upon the next frame, and the more information that must be written to the output file.

  32. jspaces writes:

    A great release, I just got my AV system up. Top of the line Panasonic plasma 55″ and decent 20kHz to 17Hz 5.1 audio system up and running through a linux HPC. Everything looked and sounded awesome. Yes if the toys are present the quality really shows. The so called bloat just is having high quality output available. The coalgirls’ members get the job done right in my books.
    Very enjoyable, thank you Tenshi for all your hard word putting Strike Witches The Movie all together.

  33. jays writes:

    Thanks coalgirls for the uploads! I’m a fan of you guys.
    One question, I have patches of distorted colours on mine almost throughout the whole movie. This happened to anyone? Is it possible that it is corrupted from bad download?

  34. jays writes:

    Got it. Didn’t realise my codecs were ancient. Thanks.